The Bloodline System

Chapter 255 Wanted By Maniacs

"Is she dead?" Angy asked while staring at the unconscious body of Maltida, which was still without any movement on the ground.

Angy checked if Maltida was breathing and found out that she wasn't. Angy still checked for her pulse, but there were still no signs of life.

Angy stared at Gustav, whose face was still as uncaring as ever, "You didn't have to..." Angy didn't even know what to say.

She understood how everything got to this point, but she still felt conflicted because this was someone who had ties to Gustav.

Gustav turned around and started walking away.

"Recheck her pulse," Gustav instructed as he walked forward

Angy didn't understand why he said that, but she decided to do as instructed.

"Huh?" She suddenly felt pulse movement from Maltida.

Twitch! Twitch!

Maltida's eyelids twitched twice, proving that she was still alive.

'How? I clearly felt no pulse from her a while ago?' Angy checked again to be sure and even placed her fingers underneath Maltida's nostrils. She had started breathing once again.

Angy stared at Gustavs's back with a look of astonishment, wondering what he did.

Unbeknownst to her, Gustav never intended to kill Maltida. He knew so well about mixedbloods anatomy, so he had applied pressure on the part of Matilda's neck that cut off her oxygen supply for a few seconds. It also caused the throbbing of her pulse to slow down.

Angy had thought she was dead due to all these.

Gustav questioned Angy about the situation so he could get as much info as possible to deal with the threat at hand.

She explained to him all that had happened so far, including how her group ran into the silhouette and nearly got wiped out. She also told him how Maltida and Glade came to her rescue, which led to the current scenario.

However, when it came to the current scene, which led to the battle between Gustav and Maltida, Angy was just as clueless as Gustav.

The only thing she could mention was that whoever was controlling the mind of Maltida wanted her for an unknown reason, and now Gustav knew that the unknown person also wanted him.

The question that plagued their minds now was, "Why?"

For what purpose would that person be after them?

Gustav started drawing out possible reasons and plots in his mind. Nevertheless, without more information, he couldn't narrow down the thousands of possible reasons this would be happening.

However, one thing Gustav was sure of was the fact that whoever was doing this is definitely an alien inmate. His reason for thinking this way was based on the level of strength of every inmate he had met so far. Every inmate was within the serial rank, but when it came to aliens who didn't have the same power system as mixedbloods, their strength varied. The Kilapisole and Archinades were proof of that. They were way more powerful than the mixedblood inmates.

Gustav could tell that it would be impossible for a mixedblood on the serial ranked level to control multiple minds simultaneously. Since the person mentioned that they would be sending more puppets after Gustav, it was safe to assume they controlled more participants aside from Glade and Maltida.

Although this wasn't a very useful fact, it made Gustav prepare his state of mind for whatever was going to come next.

'Around five hours left,' Gustav said internally while staring at Angy and Maltida, who was still unconscious on the ground.

He would have liked to ask Maltida about the being that inhabited her mind, but time was of the essence. He couldn't wait for her to regain consciousness because he could tell that whatever this was, carried more danger than the silhouette.

"You're gonna stay here with her Angy, I'll have to deal with this on my own," Gustav stated as he started walking forward.

"No, we're going to deal with it together!" Angy voiced out with a look of determination while standing up.

At this point, her injuries had healed completely. However, a look of fatigue could be seen on her face. Even though she had healed up due to the meds, her energy had almost been completely depleted. She and the group had been battling the silhouette for a long time, and the meds also made use of her energy to grant her healing.

Gustav paused his footsteps and turned around to stare at her.

[God Eyes have been activated]

"It's not up for a debate…." Gustav voiced out before turning around to keep moving.

"Take care of her and hide out somewhere till I'm back…." Gustav instructed before dashing forward with speed,

Angy wanted to follow, but she remembered that Maltida was still unconscious behind her, so she stopped herself.

Gustav was out of sight in no time.

"Please wake up soon so we can go help Gustav," Angy hoped with a low tone while squatting to lift Maltida up.

Gustav had already arrived in front of Glade and the silhouette's battle scene, and to his surprise, he could still hear the sounds of attacks as he closed in on the area.

He paused thousands of feet behind and watched Glade engage the silhouette masterfully.

According to Angy, making contact with the silhouette wasn't an option but what he saw made him doubt that claim.

Glade was currently engaging the silhouette with her bare hands. Although the silhouette was obviously stronger in terms of strength, the expression of disbelief was still noticeable on the silhouette's faceless face area.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

It made contact with Glade repeatedly, but she was unaffected by its touches.

"Why don't you join me, and I shall restore you back to your full glory once I have gotten what I want?" The same voice heard from the mouth of Maltida could be heard coming from Glade's mouth also as she engaged the silhouette.

"Hehehe, slurp! I don't care about all that, slurp! I only want to eat," The silhouette responded with this while increasing the force of its attacks.

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