The Bloodline System

Chapter 175 Competitors

He landed on a small rock in front and took in a breath of fresh air.

His clothes and hair dripped of water giving him a kind of radiant look.

He had been holding his breath for more than thirty minutes.

"Finally I passed that region," Gustav muttered while turning around to look back.

The attack underwater happened to be one that poisoned living things it made contact with.

Gustav had noticed this when using God eyes. For a moment he could see the other plants within the vicinity drying up instantly. This made him realize just how deadly the black substance was.

His clothes were still okay because the substance only affected living things but if he didn't have toxin immunity, his clothes would probably be the only thing escaping that region in one piece.

He let out another sigh of relief and turned around to stare at the green ball of light up ahead which was now very large at this point.

It looked so much closer and brighter than before.

"I think this is the last region I need to cross before getting to the ball of light," Gustav stared at the landscape ahead with a smile.

In his line of sight was a landscape filled with rock beds.

Rock beds of different colors could be seen up ahead on both sides of the paths.

The path ahead was wide enough to fit ten people walking side by side.

Several thousand meters towards the left and right were other paths that also led towards the green ball of light.

The paths were what separated the rock beds if not the entire place would be a field of rock beds.


Gustav wasted no time before dashing forward once again.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sounds of battle rang out as a young man with aqua-colored hair faced two machines that were built to look like anthropods.

Both were up to three meters tall. Their height contrasted with that of the boy who happened to only be five feet tall.

Sweeei! Sweeei! Sweeei!

He dodged some silky thread-like substances that they shot out and moved towards their back.

A red blur was formed due to his intense speed.

He arrived behind the anthropoid-like machine on the right and stretched out his hand to grab the leg of the machine.

'Composition acceleration...' He said internally as his eyes glowed a bright red color.

Half of the machine's leg instantly lost color and aged.


As the machine turned around and placed that leg on the ground, it instantly began to crack and started crumbling altogether.

The machine started falling forward but it quickly placed another leg in front to support itself.

This gave the boy a chance to go deal damage to the other one.

He leaped upwards while stretching out both hands which were coated in red.


His palms made contact with the head of the second machine and it started turning old some part of it crumbled into dust.

He immediately reached out his right hand and grabbed onto a round blue object hidden deep within the body of the machine.

Glurt! Glurt!

Wires and some green liquid spurted out as he ripped out the object and jumped down from the creature.


The lights on the body of the machine immediately turned off and it fell to the ground.


The boy jumped backward dodging some whitish stream of liquid that shot towards his left side.

The other machine that lost one of its legs shot this out and pushed itself forward with the rest of its five legs.

Of course, it was way slower so the boy was able to dodge every single one of its attacks easily and arrived behind its legs once again.

He reached out his hand and touched another leg.

The same thing as earlier happened. The mechanical leg of the creature aged instantly and started crumbling the moment it tried to lean on it.

The boy dashed around the body of the creature repeatedly for a minute.

By the time he was done, the creature had no other legs to walk on and fell to the ground.

The boy finished it off in a few moments and looked dashed forward.

He was currently closing in on the edge of the forest area he was currently in.

After a few minutes, he arrived at the end of the region and stared at the bedrocks up ahead.

"Good thing I didn't rest throughout the entire night... I should get to the ball of light after this region," His face suddenly lit up with a smile.

"I will be the first to arrive there," He muttered before dashing forward into the distance.

In another part of the test floor, a green-skinned girl holding a sickle conjured from red energy swung it out fiercely at three AIs decapitating them in one go.

Even after doing that, the AIs were still headed for her but their lack of visuals slowed them down.

She conjured another sickle and threw both of the ones in her grip.

Skrryhh! Skrryhh!

They spun vigorously and pierced the chests of both AIs in front.

They instantly powered down.

She wasted no time in dashing forward towards the one on the left while stretching out her palm.


A dagger made out of red energy shot out of the middle of her palm and pierced into the chest of the AI also.


Surprisingly the AI was still moving even after she did that but she wasn't done yet.


Her palm slammed into the butt of the red dagger pushing it further inside.


The AI immediately powered down.

Four AIs with incomplete body parts could be seen in her surroundings.

She had successfully dealt with all of them that attacked her.

She wasted no time in moving forward leave the region she currently was in.

Several hundred feet ahead a landscape filled with bedrocks could be seen.

"Damn it, even underground these bastards still came for me!" A loud voice could be heard within a dark space.

A boy with spiky orange hair could be seen standing on a circular piece of rock that protruded from the ground.

This piece of rock was moving him forward at extreme speed and there happened to be two large walls of rock covering his back while he controlled the walls blocking his front to part ways, creating a path for him as he moved along.

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