The Bloodline System

Chapter 174 Saved By Immunity

He could see lots of small rocks and plants underneath the river as he was swimming. He had to swerve left and right to dodge some rocks that extended high up from the bottom of the river.

The river was more than nine hundred feet deep. However, Gustav could still see clearly with his God's eyes.

He kept God's eyes activated while swimming because he didn't want to miss anything.

He knew the power of God's eyes was limited since it couldn't see through everything. Nevertheless, it had helped him in sighting many things earlier. So, there was no way he'd decide not to use it here.

'Those plants ahead have a huge amount of energy points... They must be like the ones that first appeared,' Gustav noticed some purplish and red plants up ahead that formed a kind of web underwater.

His body could pass through the spaces within the gaps, but Gustav decided not to do that.


Gustav swam upwards and leaped out of the river. His body ascended more than fifty feet above the water surface while traveling forward with speed.

"Hmm?" Gustav felt something and looked down at the river as his body traveled across mid-air.

Thwish! Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!

Six thick purplish and red plant roots shot out of the river below towards him.

Each root was as thick as half the body of a fully grown person, and its tip was very pointed.

Twirl~ Twirl~

Gustav's body twisted and turned while in mid-air, causing four pointy roots to miss his body. Due to the sudden twist, his body was directly falling towards the two roots shooting upwards.

Gustav stretched out his hand and grabbed onto the body of the first root he dodged.


He forcefully pulled his entire body forward using the root.


The two roots missed him by a few centimeters.

After dodging all the six roots, Gustav straightened his body and made himself descend faster into the water.


He fell back into the water and kept swimming forward with speed.

Thwish! Thwish!

Even though Gustav had given the plants behind some gap, it still sent out multiple of its root, all in a bid to reach him.

Gustav moved crazily fast underwater, but he could not go faster than these roots that seemed like they could extend infinitely.

Even after crossing a distance of seven hundred feet underwater, the roots were still in pursuit and were slowly catching up to him.

Gustav still kept swimming forward because he knew that there was no way the plant roots wouldn't have a limit of extension.

Sweeei! Sweeei!

He dodged some of the plants' roots as that shot towards him from behind.

'Good thing I learned breathing control,' Gustav said internally.

He was glad that he bought the training technique from the system and learned it because he wouldn't hold his breath for this long without it.

Gustav felt going above the surface of the water would make him lose mobility. Also, he wouldn't be able to sense the plants coming from behind him.

Swweeii! Swweeii! Sweeei!

Gustav successfully dodged the roots repeatedly.

As he kept swimming forward, he noticed that the roots were starting to reduce in number, and the remainder had reduced in speed.

'If only I was able to absorb energy from plants, I'd have killed this stupid thing,' He thought.

Gustav didn't want to waste time which was why he decided to evade it.

Fighting underwater wasn't something he had tried before, so he knew it would take some time to deal with the plant completely.

After a few more minutes, Gustav had passed the range of the plant's root.

He slowed down his speed and turned around.

He noticed that the purplish and red roots were being retracted.

When he was about to continue moving forward, he noticed something moving at fast speed headed towards his location.

At the time Gustav noticed it, it was only a hundred feet away. The roots had disguised its movement with a certain object.

It was a black substance, and from the way it vibrated as it traveled forward, it was obvious that it was liquid, but unlike the water, it was thicker.

With its speed, it only took another second to arrive in front of Gustav.

Gustav felt that something was weird within this black ball-like substance, so he swung out his palm while activating atomic disintegration.

White light coated Gustav's palm as it traveled towards the black substance.

Immediately Gustav's palm penetrated it...


The black ball-like substance exploded, dyeing the river black.


A radius of over one thousand feet underwater was turned pitch black due to this substance explosion.

[Underwater Toxins Detected]

[Toxin immunity has been activated]

Within the dark, Gustav heard the notifications ring in his ear.

'I was too careless,' Gustav said internally as he swam upwards within the darkness.

He wasn't in any way harmed by the explosion due to toxin immunity activation, which prevented the liquid from burning his

Gustav's sense of direction was still pretty solid even though darkness surrounded him.

He deactivated God's eyes immediately after the explosion. His reason for this was that God's eyes kept showing negative energy points all around him, which distorted his vision.

Even though God's eyes could see through the dark waters, Gustav was at a disadvantage. The negative energy points covered every part of Gustav's line of sight, not giving him the chance to see anything.

He decided to deactivate it and just make use of his senses alone.


Gustav's head poked out from underneath the river above the surface.

He finally opened his eyes and stared at the darkened river around him.


Gustav swam forward after confirming the right path.

In a few seconds, he swam past the affected areas.

[God's eyes has been activated]

Gustav breathed in a sigh of relief as he spotted the end of the river over three thousand feet away.

After two minutes, Gustav arrived at the end of the river and leaped out of it.


He landed on a small rock in front and took in a breath of fresh air.

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