The Bloodline System

Chapter 126 Trying Out Bloodline Acquisition Without The System

His speed was still faster than theirs so it looked as if a phantom was moving across the place.

His body was moving like the wind dashing from place to place as he hacked down the solar worms one at a time.

He was using atomic disintegration to coat his claws while slashing at them which made it easy for him to penetrate their bodies.

After dealing with the eleventh solar worm within the vicinity, Gustav dashed towards the east side.

He had inhaled a lot of that gas and now his body was starting to feel numb.

After distancing himself from the previous battle site his body started regaining feeling again.

The worms that climbed up the tree earlier along with the rest in the vicinity had started chasing after him once again however the temperature in the surroundings had decreased significantly after killing eleven of them earlier.

'Sigh! What a waste of good EXP,' Gustav lamented internally.

The system upgrade was still ongoing so he couldn't get any EXP from killing these mixed-breeds.


Gustav stared behind him and noticed another stream of silver-like liquid headed towards him from behind.


He swerved towards the right dodging it but that wasn't the end.

Twoosh! Twoosh! Twoosh!

Several more solar worms fired those streams at him and he had to dodge repeatedly.

Swoooshhh~ Swoooshhh~ Swoooshhh~

Gustav was able to dodge them by moving sideways occasionally until about nine worms fired the stream from their mouths at the same time.

Twoosh! Twoosh! Twoosh! Twoosh! Twoosh!

Gustav sensed it coming from behind him and discovered that it had covered a large amount of space so it would be impossible for him to dodge sideways this time. He wasn't quick enough to pull that off.

As the streams of liquids closed in on him Gustav suddenly squatted slightly while running. His leg muscles bulged intensely before leaping upwards with as much strength as he could muster.


A small cloud of dust scattered across the surroundings from the point where he leapt upwards.

His body ascended to twelve meters in the air as his arms reverted to their normal state and he grabbed onto a thick branch of a tree with his palms.

He used the force generated from leaping upwards to spin backward while holding onto the branch with both his hands before swinging his entire body in the opposite direction.


His body traveled across the air, towards the solar worms.

The silver liquids had missed him by traveling forward underneath his body that was flying across the air and since the solar worms just spat it out one moment ago they couldn't use it at the moment.

In mid-air, he transformed his body into the mutated bull causing the dropping force of his body to increase exponentially due to his weight change.


His feet which were coated in white light landed directly on the upper body of a solar worm that was about two hundred feet away from the tree he just swung out from.


The upper body of the solar worm was pierced through by Gustav's entire lower body.

He found himself inside the body of the worm after this had happened.

The internals of the solar worm stuck to his body like a piece of clothing.

He placed both hands on the body of the worm and pulled himself out of the hole he created with its body.

The body of the creature fell limply to the ground creating another massive pool of molten-like blood.


Gustav immediately jumped towards the side dodging another stream of liquid that slammed into the corpse of the solar worm he just killed.

The liquid pushed the solar worm's body backward slamming it into a nearby tree.


Gustav had already dashed out again after dodging this attack.

He didn't transform his body back into that of the bloodwolf's, he was still in mutated bull transformation mode.

He threw his fist towards the face area of the worm.


The worm was sent flying and crashed into several other worms behind but no severe damage was done to them.

Gustav did this on purpose to throw more than one worm off balance so he wouldn't be attacked by so many at a time.

He quickly transformed back to the initial form blood wolf form he took at the start of the battle and charged towards them again.

If he decided to keep using the mutated bull, it would take a while for him to deal with them since its only attribute was strength but strength wasn't what was needed to deal with the worms since the thickness of their outer covering was high. This is why he had been using the bloodwolf's form all this time.

Coupling it with atomic disintegration was the easiest way to penetrate their thick skin.

Swoooshhh! Slash!

Gustav arrived in front of one again and slashed out several times.

His claws tore the solar worm's body into several pieces of meat causing weird shredding sounds to ring out in the air.

Gustav didn't pause for a second, once he was done with hacking one into several pieces he would move to the next one and do the same.

Swoooshhh! Slash! Slash! Swoooshhh! Slash! Slash!

In a few minutes, only two solar worms were left in the surroundings.

Gustav's body was covered with dry blood. He had gotten some of their blood on his body when killing them.

The hot blood tore open his body at that time but he was able to endure the pain and keep fighting them without backing down for even a second.

'Physical pain is nothing compared to what I faced for years,' Gustav said internally as he darted towards the remaining two.

Even the solar worms hadn't expected to encounter someone so crazy in their entire existence since other mixed-breeds were scared of messing with them due to the corrosion of their blood.

In a few seconds, Gustav shredded them to pieces.

"Huff! Huff! Huff! Huff!" Gustav breathed in and out profusely while transforming back into human form.

His bare chest expanded and reduced occasionally.

This was the first time he was in a fight against multiple mixed-breeds.

It really drained his energy to keep it up since he had only been facing one at a time in the past.

Also, the energy points from the system were locked at the moment so he was using his original stamina which happened to be lower than the energy the system provided him with.

Gustav looked at the disaster around him.

Shredded red flesh in different areas. Some on the trees and others on the ground.

The ground was also scorched black in some areas.

Some trees even had small holes in them and some had black spots.

Gustav walked forward towards the shredded body of one of the solar worms.

'The best way to infiltrate that cave without having to fight them in huge numbers would be to look like them,' Gustav analyzed internally as he arrived in front of the incomplete corpses.

He squatted and reached out his hand to touch the corpse, "Let's see if I can make use of bloodline acquisition without the system,"

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