The Bloodline System

Chapter 125 Incomplete Information

The solar worms' bodies suddenly started glowing a reddish-brown color.


The temperature of the surroundings started increasing rapidly.

Gustav first thought was to engage the second solar worm that was closest to him but upon feeling the intense wave of heat that permeated the environment, he changed his mind.

He initially thought it would be nothing serious since there were only about twenty solar worms in the vicinity but now he realized just how wrong he was.

His upper black clothes were burned off in an instant revealing his small but well-toned muscular frame.

The environment became so hot and dry that Gustav felt, ten times the hotness of desert couldn't be compared to it.

He immediately turned around to head towards the west side of the cave.

He felt stinging burn pains already across his body while escaping the AOE.

His skin had already turned beet red.

Sqquueeee! Sqquueeee! Sqquueeee! Sqquueeee!

The worms chased after him crazily from behind but were unable to catch up.

Some were slightly faster than others so Gustav wasn't able to shake them off but the slower ones got left in the dust.

'What's with this incomplete information I keep getting?' Gustav had the urge to facepalm while running within the dense woods.

The information on the Solar worms that he sourced, stated a particular amount of temperature that each worm emits.

He calculated the rise of the temperature in the surroundings based on the combined temperature of the twenty-plus solar worms and concluded that he would still be okay if they were to activate the power of their bloodline but to his surprise, the temperature was way higher than that.

He wondered how it would have felt if they were more solar worms in the vicinity.

The trees and other things that could be found in the environment were unaffected because they had adapted to this habitat.

The current state of the solar worms served to further enrich them.

Also, some of the solar worms had speeds that were higher than dash, unlike the information he saw on the web.

There were a lot of skills he couldn't use with the system unavailable and sprint was included.

Gustav reckoned that this wasn't the first time such a thing was happening. He still wondered why the information given wasn't up to standard and decided that next time, he would source for information on mixed-breeds from a more secure site.

Gustav got to a particular part of the forest and leaped upwards.


He grabbed onto a tree branch, which bent a little due to his weight before catapulting him further up.

The worms beneath paused in their tracks and slightly raised the upper part of their body to stare upwards.

They could see Gustav ascending the tree at a rapid pace.


The worms immediately darted towards the tree.

To Gustav's surprise, they started climbing upwards with speed. This was another piece of information that wasn't added and Gustav thought it would be impossible for them to climb a tree since most mixed-breeds can't retain a lot of the properties that existed in the animals they originated from.

Just like the solar worms were originally worms and a worm would be able to climb up a tree while a mixed-breed that seemed to have originated from that wouldn't have those basic properties.

At this moment only about seven solar worms had caught up with him while the rest were still far behind.

The temperature had reduced to a bearable amount now.

He kept jumping upwards heading from lower branches to higher branches.

This tree was about fifty-seven meters tall and each solar worm was around three meters in length so they weren't too big to climb it.

Gustav got to a height of over fifty meters and stared at the worms climbing up with intensity.

When they were close to getting to the branch he was currently squatting on, he jumped down.


His body traveled downwards with speed for about five seconds before he landed on the ground.


Gustav landed and looked around him. Only about six worms were in the vicinity, five had climbed up the tree while around nine of them were still behind, trying to catch up.


Gustav dashed forward with Intense speed and swung out his claws which were coated in a whitish glow.


The side of the worm was cut open with hot blood spilling out.

Gustav dashed backward to dodge the hot blood that was jetted out.

Another worm had leaped towards Gustav when he attacked the first one so when he leaped backward, he was leaping towards the worm.

He extended both his arms in separate directions while in mid-air and slashed down in an 'X' format. The solar worm was completely severed into four different parts.


Blood blasted in all directions and some of them fell on Gustav's chest.


Some thumb-sized holes were burned through his flesh and penetrated deep into his body.

"Ugh!" Gustav landed on the ground and dashed towards the side while holding his chest.

The hole in his chest showed his blood vessels.

"Damn, I should be more careful," Gustav muttered with a look of pain.

Although the blood really hurt and did damage when it fell on his body, his regenerative ability kicked in so his chest was starting to close up at a fairly rapid pace.


One of the worms on the left spat out a silver-colored liquid towards Gustav.


Gustav dodged it by a hair length and dashed towards the creature while brandishing his claws.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

He hacked at the solar worm several times turning its body into shredded pieces of meat.

The liquid shot out earlier had eradicated some fallen trees in the surroundings.

It had a powerful corroding ability but it also released a kind of gas into the atmosphere that puts the human senses to sleep.

So even though Gustav was not hit, it was slowly starting to affect him.

Gustav knew about this but he still had to deal with the solar worms in the surroundings so there would only be a few left when the ones on the tree and behind caught up with him.

He moved from place to place slashing at the Solar worms.

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