The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 904 - 904 Words

904 Words

The two families had never liked each other, to put it simply. However, now, they had no other choice but to work together on this matter.

The two patriarchs stood in front of the door, stroking their beards as they glared at each other from time to time. They both believed that this wouldn’t have happened if not for the other man’s child.

As soon as Qin Hao heard their words, he quickly opened the door.

“Please, come in!”

He waved his hand.

The Xiao Family Patriarch shot his companion a glare one last time before taking the lead.

As soon as he entered the room, he immediately felt another presence.

It was as if someone was glaring at him from the side. When he looked up, he was greeted by an intimidating man standing by the bedside.

The Head of the Yu Family also saw him.

As soon as he glanced over at Cheng Yan, envy clawed in his heart. This handsome man had so much potential. He could’ve been a member of the Yu family.

However, their attention span quickly switched over to their tied-up disciples. The sight of them made their hearts ache.

The Yu Family Patriarch held back a sigh.

The Yu Family had never treated their children and grandchildren unfairly. As such, they would give them everything they had. That’s why Yu Chen, who had gone out for their first trial, also carried their family treasure with him.

Upon seeing him tied up, his stomach lurched.

“Well? What do you want?”

Perhaps they could negotiate somewhere.

The Xiao Family also felt his heart stop upon seeing his daughter all tied up. While these people appeared to be an even match, he needed to know why they were there.

IF they were to attack them immediately, they’d pay a heavy price.

Wei Wei didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. “The scenery here is quite beautiful, and the air is even fresher. It truly is a treasure.” The smile on her face appeared to be mocking as she crossed her arms. “Kind of like a farm, now that I think of it.”


They were obviously going to stay there for a long time.

The Valley only accepted its own people, so the fact that they were here was a conflict in and of itself.

The Head of the Yu Family gritted his teeth.

What the hell was this?

What did she say?

A farm?

The two masters wanted to blast them into eternity. However, one look at their patriarchs and they calmed down almost immediately.

They took a deep breath.

The Xiao Family Patriarch was the first one to speak up. “I think we can sit down and talk about this,” he said lightly. “There’s still some time to discuss what you want to happen.”

If it could be resolved peacefully, then that’s what they should use.

Anything for Xiao Bing to not be caught in the crossfire.

They would give them anything, whether it be their martial arts scrolls or their money.

Anything that they need, they would deliver.



The Yu Family Patriarch snorted. “Do you think that they’ll just have a good chat with you? You’re obviously naive to the situation.”

“How dare you? Aren’t you afraid that we’d besiege in now where you stand? If you don’t want to die today, then I suggest you let them go.”

“Our valley is not to be trifled with!” he snapped.

The Yu Family Patriarch turned up to glare at them.

They had obviously insulted them by kidnapping their children. Did they really have the time to have a good conversation?

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