The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 903 - 903 Negotiations

903 Negotiations

As one of the best disciples of the Yu Family, he believed that Yu Chen had a better future ahead of him. Now that he had also been kidnapped by this group of people, he knew he had to work immediately.

His white hair glistened silver under the pale light as he looked up at the man beside him.


The Head of the Xiao Family snorted, shooting him a glare. “Everyone knows how capable my daughter is. The only reason that they’re here in the first place is that boy Yu Chen! I’ve always known he’d be troublesome.”

Both of them weren’t willing to let their child suffer the blame.

While the truth had been unclear, they knew just how important this situation was.

Right now, they had to work together.

After all, both their children were involved in this.

Once they were saved, they could investigate in the truth of this matter.

The Head of the Xiao Family pursed his lips.

When he had heard that his own child was held hostage, he also knew that the group of people also requested a room. That was where they were now.

That room was located in the East District.

What they didn’t know was that the Xiao Family had set a formation, trapping anyone inside the room.

If they could trap them, he believed that there is a high possibility that Xiao Bing could be saved.

To their surprise, however, nothing happened. The group even sent for a doctor to treat them, and the room had not been silent—filled by their mutters and mumbles.

More than an hour had passed, and he couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

The Xiao Family was already out of options, that’s why he had brought the Yu Family patriarch over.

Only by bringing them over would they be able to negotiate.

They couldn’t just let them be.

After all, their disciple was also in there.

However, their relationship had always been rocky from the start.

The Yu Family believed them to be too old-fashioned.

While the Xiao Family believed them to be too lazy and laidback.

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