The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 901 - 901 Unconscious

901 Unconscious

However, it wasn’t like she could do anything! With this reason, Qin Man decided to stay silent.

At that moment, Yao Rong and Jiang Wan were far too worried about another child they had chosen to adopt—Yao Hao. Like the others, he had always been very filial, he’d carefully put it upon himself to prepare his grandmother’s gift.

But this year, he didn’t show up.

Jiang Wan placed a hand on his shoulder. “We’ve always kept their identities a secret to protect them,” she whispered. “Now, we just have to trust them.”

Their children were all grown up now. Even if they wanted to protect them all their lives, they couldn’t stay under their wing forever.

Besides, if ever they were truly in danger, they could always come back.

“That’s true, but still, we should still make sure that he’s okay.”

Yao Rong nodded.

He had also watched him grow. That’s why he couldn’t help but be protective over them. In fact, they were almost the same age as his other children.

If something really happened, it would be best if he could help them.

“I’ve already sent people down to investigate. There would be news soon, also on him. I’m sure if there really is a problem, he’d be able to solve it himself. He had always been resilient.” Yao Yan looked ahead as a sincere smile slipped into his lips. He had always admired his brother.

“Let’s hope so….”

Just then, a thought crossed his mind, and he frowned. What happened to his other daughter then? Yao Tang?

On the other side of the city, Yao Tang was lying on soft bed. She appeared peaceful with her eyes closed and her arms folded.

She hadn’t woken up yet!

The doctor had even checked up on her, only to see that she was in great condition. He didn’t know why she still hadn’t woken up.

For now, she was still sleeping soundly.

“If everything is as you said, why hasn’t she woken up yet?” Cheng Yan asked the doctor beside him.

He wasn’t at ease with this doctor.

Unfortunately, as he wasn’t as talented in medicine, he also didn’t know what exactly was her condition.

The man who had been carrying the first aid kit frowned. He had put his education to good use in examining her, but he still couldn’t find anything wrong.

“Everything appears normal.”

He just didn’t know!

Qin Jing bit her lips.

All of them were still in the valley, and Yao Tang had yet to wake up. Unable to wait any longer, they had no choice but to ask the doctor for his help.

Cheng Yan had utilized the two tied-up hostages—Yu Chen and Xiao Bing—to be able to communicate with the other people in the valley.

However, at this point, he was considering exiting the valley to get help somewhere else.

That’s what the people of the valley had done.

The people had opened the formation and allowed them inside.

When the Xiao Family heard that their daughter was captured, they hurriedly cleaned up the guest room to make way for them.

Xiao Bing was one of their children. She was also an outstanding member. If something were to happen to her, how could they face the others?

As soon as Qin Jing had managed to enter the valley then, she realized that there were so many people here.

They were all divided into different territories, with one family supervising a parcel of land.

However, she knew that this wasn’t the time to look around. After all, her best friend was still unconscious!

Lin Xin’s eyes were red. She was seated at the foot of her friend’s bed, grabbing hold of Yao Tang’s hand. “Sister Tang,” she said urgently. “Wake up! I’m sorry, I don’t want to tour around anymore! I just want you to wake up!”

It was all her fault. If she hadn’t insisted on going into the forest, this wouldn’t have happened.

Her eyes were bloodshot.

She struggled to suppress her tears.

“It’s not that she doesn’t want to wake up. It’s just that she can’t. I just don’t know why…”

The doctor appeared helpless, sighing.

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