The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 900 - 900 An Ordinary Employee

900 An Ordinary Employee

Although he was an orphan, Yao Ling had managed to become a general with his own wit. Furthermore, he must’ve been raised quite well by the Yao Family. As such, they were interested in meeting up with him.

Their words echoed across the room.

At that point, Old Madam Yao waved her hand. “It’s not like that,” she quickly said. “The child we’ve spoken of is not a general, but a working employee. This must’ve just been prepared from one of his company’s staff. Qin Man must’ve heard the name wrong.”

Her face was cold and her voice was firm, which stunned everyone present.

“What? Is he really not a general?”

“But Madame Yao had said it with absolute certainty? Besides, if he were just an employee, how could he afford something this expensive?”

The precious Ming Dynasty porcelain bowl was there for everyone to gaze at.

Even Qin Man furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Impossible!” she snapped. “The gift isn’t something that a small employee could have prepared himself. Perhaps you’re suffering from a bad memory, Mom.”

She hurriedly snapped to refute.

The person who had greeted them was in army uniform. If he was a regular employee from a certain company, how could he have his subordinate wear such a thing?

No one believed it either, but no one dared to refute the old lady.

Yao Rong hurriedly glanced at his son. “This gift was actually not prepared by him. In order to make my mother happy, he had decided to ask for Yao Yan’s help. It didn’t really cost that much money as you guys think.”

Yao Ling’s identity had to be kept a secret per his request.

That’s why he had thrown his son’s name out.

Everyone knew that he had his own company anyway, so it wouldn’t be that difficult for him to prepare a gift like this.

Yao Yan didn’t say a word.

Their eyes widened.

While a small-time employee wouldn’t be able to get such a treasure, a CEO could. And Yao Yan was one of the most successful businessman in the city. There was no way he wouldn’t be able to acquire this.

It was definitely impossible!

The person who had held the porcelain must’ve sold it to them at such a low price in fear and respect of Yao Yan’s identity.

Everyone slowly understood the situation.

However, at the thought of having no general, they couldn’t help but feel a little empty in their hearts. It seemed that their plans were shattered once more.

“It’s still rare to have a child so filial. Your second grandson must’ve also achieved so much to have been able to think of this. You have truly educated your grandchildren well.”

“That’s right,” another spouted. “The Yao Family has produced educated and talented children like Director Yao and Yao Ling.”

“Yao Rong, your family’s greatness is truly just around the corner.”

Everyone took the opportunity to compliment them.

Jiang Wan simply smiled, nodding from time to time.

Seeing this scene, Qin Man clenched her fists. She never thought that the fame she thought she would garner would pass onto the other family!

Could it be that all of this was attributed to the Second Branch?

Originally, she wanted to use the General’s name to garner everyone’s favor. Now, she didn’t even get anything.

Damn it!

She definitely hadn’t misheard this!

Could it be a trap?

Otherwise, receiving this gift couldn’t have been a coincidence!

Thinking of how this had all been planned, her stomach stirred.

All the guests around her were now complimenting Jiang Wan and Yao Rong. Their words were as sweet as honey as their smiles were as wide as a cat’s. Qin Man scowled.

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