The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 51 - The Acupuncture Treatment

Chapter 51: The Acupuncture Treatment

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He took a deep breath and tried to stifle his anger. “Cheng Zhou, just give Yao Tang an hour. There’s no rush for the old lady to undergo such a delicate procedure.”

“sixth Uncle!” Cheng Wei blurted out and glared at Cheng Yan. “What do you mean by this? Do you realize that you’re taking a gamble with Grandma’s life on the line? Even I am not sure that she will recover. This girl is clearly spouting nonsense, nothing more! Do you really believe that Grandma would

recover in two days after suffering a stroke? No one in their right mind would!”

She whirled at Yao Tang and sneered. ‘Girls nowadays just do anything to climb on the social ladder. How despicable!

Cheng Zhou, on the other hand, peered at Yao Tang. He couldn’t help but be impressed by how unfazed she was. Her eyes had remained clear since the beginning.

He stared at her for a few seconds before turning to the housekeeper. “Get Miss Gu the best acupuncture kit there is. And be sure to stick around to treat Grandma later in case something goes wrong.”

“Of course.”

The housekeeper dreaded this situation as much as anyone in the residence. She definitely put more trust in Miss Cheng Wei compared to this young girl who had appeared from out of nowhere.

Even so, the Third Young Master had given his orders.

“Third Brother!” Cheng Wei wailed, her eyes flashing with rage. “Are you saying you’d rather trust an outsider instead of your own family?”

‘What kind of drug did this wench give to Sixth Uncle and Third Brother for them to support her like this?!”

By all rights, they should be listening to her—their own blood relative, and a neuroscience expert at that.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Yan turned to glower at his niece. “Just admit that you’re not capable of curing the Old Madam. Don’t blame your incompetence on other people or, worse, the heavens.”

Cheng Wei gaped in shock.

A few feet away, Yao Tang raised an eyebrow. Cheng Yan’s seemingly unbridled trust in her was rather surprising. Perhaps this man’s tastes weren’t so bad, after all.

As for the military doctors, they all lowered their heads and kept silent. They all knew whose word carried the most weight within the Cheng Family. They couldn’t afford to offend the young master of the house.

“Fine!” Cheng Wei snapped through gritted teeth. “I want to see exactly how this girl cures Grandma with a bunch of stupid needles!”

She underlined her challenge by glaring at Yao Tang as she spoke.

As a woman of science, she couldn’t accept that a massive stroke could be treated with a bunch of sharp steel sticks.

It was utterly preposterous!

Yao Tang pulled off the red rubber band around her wrist and used it to tie her long black hair. Then, she fished inside her backpack and took out a black, canvas pouch, which looked to be a rolled kit of some sort.

Without another thought, she threw her backpack haphazardly to the side.

Yao Tang set the kit on the bedside table and spread out the cloth, revealing a row of glistening needles.

First, sterilization. And then—

Bai hui, ren zhong, nei guan.

Yao Tang’s movements were swift and precise, her technique undoubtedly sophisticated.

Even so, Cheng Wei rolled her eyes, thinking that the girl was only pretending and playing up the theatrics to convince her brother and uncle.

How many acupoints were involved to cure a hemorrhagic stroke, anyway? Was that even possible, to begin with?

As far as licensed and professional doctors were concerned, acupuncture was just another form of quackery. It had no scientific basis, and could even endanger a patient’s life if not done properly.

A few minutes passed. Yao Tang had stuck a total of 12 needles into the old woman’s vital acupoints. Slowly, she plucked them one by one.

Almost instantly, all the 12 points began to bleed.

Cheng Yan quickly rushed over at the sight of blood. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Before he could come close, however, Cheng Yan turned and stepped in her path. He gave her a cold, stern gaze.

Despite herself, Cheng Yan was frozen to the spot.

“sixth Uncle! How many times do I have to tell you that Grandma had a stroke?! Now, she’s bleeding on her hands and feet. Why aren’t you doing anything to stop this madness?!”

Cheng Yan drew closer and spoke in a soft voice, her lips curving upward ever so slightly. “Tell me, niece, do you know me to be a patient man? Maybe I should remind you what happens when my tolerance is being tested.”

In the blink of an eye, the air in the room became heavy.

Cheng Wei almost choked on it as she looked into her uncle’s dark eyes. Goosebumps rose all over her back, and she felt herself shiver against her will.

She couldn’t tell which emotion was prevalent at that moment—fury or fear. Eventually, she managed to muster her courage and squared her shoulders. “You’re playing with Grandma’s life here, Sixth Uncle! I cannot allow a swindler to behave so impertinently in my own home and disrespect my elder like


With that, she pushed forward and reached for Yao Tang.

She hadn’t even made contact when slender, white fingers suddenly grabbed Cheng Wei’s wrist.

Yao Tang had finally looked up from the patient’s bed. She now directed her bottomless, black eyes on Cheng Wei even as her grip tightened bit by bit..

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