The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 50 - Two Days

Chapter 50: Two Days

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Cheng Wei’s brows furrowed as the unknown voice rang out.

She turned to see Yao Tang’s pretty face. Her eyes flashed with ire, but it disappeared in the next second. “Who do you think you are to be telling me what to do?” Cheng Wei demanded.

She looked at Yao Tang up and down as she spoke. Where did this idiot come from? She wasn’t even wearing any brand on her person; how dare she challenge Cheng Wei’s medical skills?

But Yao Tang only pocketed her hands and fixed her eyes on the old lady.

“Two days,” she said after a while, her tone flat and unbothered.

Cheng Yan instantly heaved a sigh of relief. Yao Tang was saying that she could treat this illness in two days, and he believed her.

“Cheng Zhou,” he said. “You heard her. Yao Tang needs two days.”

This prompted Cheng Zhou to study the girl carefully.

She obviously had a straightforward personality. Her confidence was practically overflowing, too, though she wasn’t particularly haughty in her ways.

“Will she really wake up in two days?” Cheng Zhou couldn’t help but ask.

The old madam had been ill for almost a year now. The Cheng family had exhausted their resources to find a cure, and medical experts from around the world had come and gone through their home, all to no avail. She was hovering near the critical condition at this point, yet all they could do was wake

her up for a while every now and then before she slipped back to unconsciousness.

Yao Tang finally raised her head to look at them. “I need one hour to treat her and two more days for her to fully recover.”

Cheng Zhou narrowed his eyes at that, and his jaw clenched with tension.

‘Fully recover?!’ Cheng Wei thought furiously.

She was still seething over the insult of being ignored, and this girl was already spouting even more nonsense.

Cheng Wei burst out laughing. “One hour to cure her and two days for recovery? Excuse me, Miss, but even the simplest craniotomy procedure takes more than an hour. I wonder what sort of witchcraft you’ll be trying on my grandmother to back up your ridiculous claims.”

“Acupuncture,” Yao Tang replied without missing a beat.

She leaned back and put all her weight on one leg, looking like a lazy delinquent playing hooky for the day.

“Acupuncture?” Cheng Wei scoffed. “That’s nothing more than pseudo-science, it’s not even globally recognized as a medical practice. Are you saying you can cure my grandmother by sticking needles all over her body? You must be joking!”

As if to echo her sentiments, the military doctors looked at Yao Tang with similar expressions of disdain.

“Two days to recover from a year of illness? Does this young miss think that medicine is child’s play or what? Even the most esteemed and elusive neurosurgeon would not dare to profess something so outlandish.”

“Exactly my point. Sure, it’s not wrong to want to make a name for oneself, but you can’t go around gambling people’s lives just to stroke your ego. Especially not Old Madam Cheng’s.”

“And to think that she’s planning to use a treatment method that has long been abandoned by the entire medical field. What era do you think this is? Acupuncture, my foot.”

“Young people these days are only becoming more and more ignorant of the ways of the world. They just keep on dreaming big without even trying to be humble and human first.”

“More importantly, our Miss Cheng is touted as one of the most brilliant experts in the field of neuroscience. This girl, on the other hand… Who even is she? I don’t think we’ve ever seen her anywhere before. How could she question Miss Cheng’s decisions as if she knew better? It’s outrageous.”

They didn’t hold themselves back, and each remark was more cruel and scathing than the last.

They were all convinced that Cheng Yan was only trying to split the family fortune in his favor. Bringing this girl here was probably another futile attempt of his to fulfill his goal.

Cheng Wei raised her chin and crossed her arms over her chest. “Don’t think that your paltry knowledge in medicine is worth showing off,” she mocked. “Open your eyes and take a good look around you! Everyone here is a medical expert. You’re already beyond lucky to be standing among us today.”

“Miss, please don’t make a fool of yourself any further,” one of the doctors said condescendingly. “We’ll be taking the old madam to the operating theater now.”

Cheng Wei couldn’t even be bothered to spare another glance at Yao Tang. “If you truly want to break into the medical field, you need to have the skills, first and foremost. My grandmother is not an experimental subject for your inexperienced hands.”

Cheng Yan scowled at the four people in front of him. His chest rose and fell rapidly with barely-contained rage.

What a waste of time and effort, to even try to talk sense to these fools!

Anyone who could possibly be better than Yao Tang’s medical skills might not even be born yet.

“These fools have no right to speak as if they’re better than Yao Tang.’

Yao Tang was heaven incarnate!

If she really upped and left, he could guarantee that this would be the last time these so-called experts would enjoy such a title..

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