The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 25 - Tricked by the Girl

Chapter 25: Tricked by the Girl

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The cashier immediately took the card as if she had won the lottery, and she swiped it. The words flashed across the screen. Her breath hitched. Just as she had thought, this really was the black gold diamond card.

The disbelief vanished from her features, and she bowed her head. “We thank you for shopping with us,” she said respectfully. “Being our prestigious black gold diamond member, you can take all of these for free.”

“Ah.” Yao Tang tilted her head curiously. “I’ll pay for his water bottle too then.”

The cashier nodded, not even bothering to look at the black card in Cheng Yan’s hand.

While the black card was also quite prized, it was nothing compared to the diamond card she was holding.

Cheng Yan nodded slowly as he shoved his card back into his pockets.

Even Qin Hao couldn’t believe what was happening. “And if she wants to empty this place, what then?”

“As long as Miss is willing, she can do it.”

The cashier was close to jumping as the giddiness washed all over her. She immediately held up a piece of paper. “Miss, please fill in your address. We will send everything you’ve ordered right away!”

If the cashier could reach the skies with that smile of hers, she already would’ve

Yao Tang took the form in her hands and frowned.


Now, that was a problem. After all, she still couldn’t find a place to stay yet. It’s not that she couldn’t afford to buy a place now, but it’s just…she wanted to find a place that was perfect for her–that’s it.

“I’ll only take what I need for today,” she said simply as she took the tablet and computer from the countertop. The rest of the things she had bought were temporarily left in Tian Run City, which the cashier had promised to send as soon as the address was given.

Only when they had returned to the car did Qin Hao realize the mistake he made.

He had known Cheng Yan for so many years, and the man was always being surrounded by those gold diggers. How the hell was he supposed to know that this high school girl would turn out to have an even more prestigious financial background than his friend?

The things she had brought…it cost a million! A million!

Of course, he had heard of the Black Gold Diamond Card membership premium in Tian Run Mall. Who didn’t? But there had not been a single living soul who have used it, so he had simply assumed that there weren’t any takers.

Yet here’s this woman who had pulled it out as if she was pulling out a tissue.

How could this be?

Cheng Yan held a small cake box that he was going to give to Yao Tang. “You already bought me water, so why don’t I treat you to dinner?”

“It’s already very late.” She gazed up at the sky. “Maybe some other time.”

“Shall I send you home then?” After a pause, he added, “It’s already so late. It wouldn’t be safe for a girl to walk alone at night.”

She didn’t refuse a second time.

With a nod, the car started and cruised across the street.

Yao Tang’s expression was indifferent, as usual. Her back was slouched as she leaned forward, focusing on her phone.

She leaned against the car door with one hand on her phone. Her other hand, however, was resting on her lap. As the soft music played in the background, her fingers slowly tapped to the beat–something she didn’t notice.

Cheng Yan, however, couldn’t help but glance in surprise.

What an interesting girl.

Even if she didn’t realize it, she looked like she was playing the piano.

A multitasker.

Interested, he leaned forward. “You’re preparing to rent a house?”

“Yeah.” She paused. “But the house I’m looking for isn’t easy to find.”

“Oh? Why don’t you tell me what you like in a house?”

“Big and peaceful, for one–no honking cars or bustling crowds,” she started. “I also want a balcony and a swimming pool. It should also be close to No. 1 High School.”

Although it seemed simple, it was easier said than done. There was no such house around the area that fitted her descriptions.

Despite this, Cheng Yan leaned back. “What a coincidence. I have a friend who’s renting out a house that might fit your needs. Why don’t I ask him for you?”

She blinked in surprise. “That would be nice. Thank you.”

“I’ll need your number.”

Cheng Yan immediately took her contact information, and even added her on WeChat.

Yao Tang glanced at her screen. His name was H, and his profile picture looked to be a proud-looking cat. Not really minding as much, she clicked to accept and leaned back against her seat.

“If you need any help, feel free to send me a message.”

This time, however, no one answered him.

“Yao Tang?” He looked to the side, only to see that the girl had already drifted off to sleep with the phone in her arms.

She looked much softer in her sleep–more age-appropriate. Her loose hair strands fell to the sides of her cheeks, framing it so angelically that he couldn’t help but stare.

She really was asleep.

Was the music that bad?

Or was he too boring?

Cheng Yan stared at her, amused. “Turn down the volume,” he ordered the driver. “Also, turn up the air conditioner here.”

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