The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 24 - A Diamond Card?

Chapter 24: A Diamond Card?

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Yao Tang stopped in her tracks. Glancing at her phone, her eyebrows knitted over in annoyance. “Excuse me, I have to head to the bathroom first,” she murmured.

Entering the cubicle, she closed the toilet lid and opened her phone.

1587: [Sister Tang, have you seen the stock market? You’ve made a fortune!]

1587: [That’s amazing!]

1587: [You really are amazing! I can’t believe you bought it for 2 Yuan and sold it as 112–it’s a hundred million in two days. I have to give it to you–you’re great!]

1587: [Any secrets you could share?]

1587: [Sister Tang, you know the money in your account makes you the richest person in the country, right? How do you think everyone’s going to react if they find out who you are?]

Tang: [Or you can mind your own business and earn your own share!]

Yao Tang suppressed the urge to roll her eyes as she returned to the mall. It didn’t take long for her to choose the things she needed. “I’d like to check all of these out, please,” she stated, and the salesperson nodded.

Cheng Yan followed her to the counter as the salesperson listed all the items one by one. The cashier didn’t seem too surprised as she glanced at the final amount.

“Total is 1.63 Million.”

Qin Hao almost spat out his drink.

Wasn’t the amount too high for a high school student? Even if he had gone to the mall dozens of times, he wouldn’t be able to match her receipt. Hiding his disbelief, he glanced at his friend.

It’s like everything he had seen before.

Yao Tang would pretend to pay. However, just when it was time to hand in the card, she’d have no choice but to accept Cheng Yan’s kindness. In the end, he’d pay for everything while she thanked him.

It wasn’t that he looked down on her.

It’s just that, he had already seen too much.

As he had expected, Yao Tang silently lowered her head just as the cashier was waiting for the payment. She didn’t say another word as she continued to search, and he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Here’s my card.” Cheng Yan handed his card over to the cashier.

Unlike what Yao Tang had bought, he only bought himself a bottle of imported mineral water. It cost a little bit over 200 yuan–while expensive, it was nowhere near what she was about to buy.

“Of course, Sir.”

The cashier glanced at the girl in front of her as understanding flashed in her eyes. Qin Hao stood behind them with pursed lips and furrowed eyebrows. Just as he had expected–

“There’s really no need.”

Yao Tang raised her head.

Qin Hao cocked up an eyebrow. What the heck was this girl doing now? Was she just being pretentious? Why did she need to offer again when he had already handed over his card?

Wasn’t he going to pay in the end?


However, just as he was about to comment, Yao Tang pulled out a card from her wallet and handed it over to the cashier.

It was a black card with diamonds graved into it. It flashed under the glistening lights of the shopping mall, capturing everyone’s attention. It really wasn’t just any ordinary card.

In fact, Qin Hao immediately assumed it was a black card–just like Cheng Yan’s.

However, upon a closer inspection, he could see a few differences between Cheng Yan’s card and Yao Tang’s. “What kind of card is that?” he asked curiously. “Where did you get it?”

She shrugged. “I forgot.”

Who was the person who had given it to her again? She had only remembered someone telling her that she should use this card if she was at Tian Run Mall.

“But the card’s not from Tian Run Mall. Do you think you made a mistake?”

Qin Yao motioned to Cheng Yan. “He’s the one who has the real black card here.”

Yao Tang, however, didn’t seem like she cared. Instead, she glanced at the cashier. “Do you mind using it here?”

“Hm.” The cashier didn’t even glance at the card the woman had brought out. Her gaze was already directed at the Cheng Yan’s black card. After all, it wasn’t every day she’d pay witness to one.

What card did she have that would make her accept this?

The cashier had been so surprised to see the black card. However, she was rendered speechless upon seeing the card in the woman’s hand. Her jaw dropped.

Tian Run Mall was the largest shopping mall in the country. As such, it had one of the largest membership systems in the country. They offer memberships to their highest spenders, where they’d be able to enjoy high discounts and other perks.

The membership cards were divided into ordinary white cards; silver cards, special gold cards, and supreme black-gold cards.

The highest level was the black gold diamond card. However, it was so rare that everyone had assumed it to be a myth. No one had ever seen one before. She didn’t really think that it existed, until now.

Now, she could see the legendary black gold diamond card with her own eyes! It was real!

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