The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 13 - Here to Attend School

Chapter 13: Here to Attend School

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Yao Yuan’s brow furrowed and his heart quickened its pace.

For the first time, he really looked at the report card, only to see the page dotted with zeros. The big, red marks practically blinded him!

Butler Shen had indeed mentioned that Yao Tang had rather poor grades. At the time, he had been so busy that he hadn’t paid much attention to it, much less checked the report card.

Needless to say, he had never imagined it to be this bad.

Shame almost consumed him, especially given the dean’s look of disapproval. Unlike Yao Tang, Yao Ran’s grades had always been among the top in her class, in the whole school even. Yao Yuan had never experienced such humiliation before.

“Ah,” he stammered awkwardly. “You see, this niece of mine grew up in the countryside and didn’t have access to proper education. Her parents asked me to find her a good school, but I never expected… That is, to say, I was also in the dark about this.”

He was sporting an ugly expression, and his pain was palpable in the air. Anyone would have believed in his words. He couldn’t think of any other way to salvage the situation.

“It’s all right, Mr. Yao. It isn’t your fault that they purposely hid this from you.”

The dean’s serious look had changed into one of understanding, but when he looked at Yao Tang again, he made his disgust known.

He had encountered many students of this type in the past. This girl probably wanted to ride on her relatives’ influence to achieve success with little effort. She was still so young, yet she already had this kind of despicable mindset. At this rate, she was only destined to fail.

“At your age, you should be doing your best to study very hard,” the dean reprimanded in a sharp tone. “It would do you no good to use shortcuts and curry favors. You will realize sooner or later that this will get you nowhere in life!”

Yao Tang averted her eyes and said nothing. Yao Yuan was glad that he had decided to hide her true identity, and he also took comfort in the girl’s perceptiveness during this sensitive time.

The dean soon ushered them out of this office. As they exited, they happened to meet the school principal, who was just passing through the corridor.

Yao Yuan eagerly went up to the man and gave him a warm greeting. “What a pleasure it is to see you, Principal Kong. I am Yao Yuan. We previously met at a ceremony.”

The principal had no recollection of Yao Yuan at all, but he still nodded politely. When his eyes drifted over to the girl, however, his gaze instantly brightened.

He began to have a nagging suspicion that he might have mistaken her for someone he knew.

He was still pondering this unexpected development when Yao Tang nodded at him mouth and said, “I’m here to attend school.”

With her voice calm and refreshing, she seemed not the slightest bit fazed as she looked up at the highest authority in this institution.

Around her, however, the two other men’s eyes bulged with incredulity.

The dean sneered openly, thinking that Yao Tang must be courting her death.

Yao Yuan, meanwhile, was lamenting his decision to bring the girl to No. 1 High School in the first place. This just might be the worst decision he would ever make in all his life.

This principal of No. 1 High School must be a big shot out of his league.

When he had greeted him a while ago, he had really only wanted to say hello, and then bring Yao Tang home.

But this young girl was much too audacious!

How dare she talk to the principal as though they were mere neighbors passing each other in the backyard?

Yao Yuan mustered a smile even as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. “Principal Kong… I — This child…” In his panic, he couldn’t even string a single coherent sentence. He could only hope that the principal was a magnanimous man.

At that moment, a shiver was running through the principal’s body. He had been shocked at first, and he had to pause to fully digest Yao Tang’s words.

When he finally did, his eyes lit up with excitement. “All right, then! Let’s not waste any time and settle your admission today!”

Yao Yuan was stunned speechless, but in the next second, he was preening. He wasn’t sure when and how he had caught the principal’s regard, but he would certainly take advantage of it.

The dean had no other feelings besides surprise and confusion, though. “Mr. Kong,” he exclaimed, his voice raised. “You were mistaken just now, weren’t you? Are you aware how bad this student’s grades are?”

President Kong chuckled in response, but when he spoke again, his tone brooked no argument. “Do as I say, and do it immediately.”

He was clueless about Yao Tang’s grades, and he didn’t care. All he knew was just how special this kid was. If he let her get away this time, he would definitely regret it until the day he was buried in his grave.

He wasn’t about to make that mistake.

Yao Yuan stepped forward then, his smile turning apologetic. “Principal Kong, please excuse my niece. She was raised in the countryside, you see, and has yet to learn basic etiquette. Don’t worry, she didn’t mean what she said at all. A child’s words do not count on such serious matters. Since her grades are less than ideal, I’ve decided to enrol her in a private school instead. Once she graduates from high school, she will be sent abroad for further studies.”

In his mind, Yao Yuan was telling himself that he couldn’t afford to endanger Principal Kong’s impression of him by asserting Yao Tang’s admission. After all, he still needed their good favor in order to ensure a better future for Yao Ran.

Principal Kong glared at him. ‘What? He’s going to snatch this treasure away from me just so he can send her to some private high school?’ he thought furiously.

“Are you saying that my No. 1 High School cannot compare to some private institution?” Principal Kong demanded in a displeased tone. “Director Luo, go and take care of this child’s admission right this instant!”

Yao Yuan immediately shook his head in earnest, denying his own words. Realizing that he had provoked the principal, he made a mental note to never mention private high schools in his presence again.

“Yes, of course,” the dean replied in a low and defeated voice. He was lost in his own thoughts as he contemplated the extent of the Yao family’s power in the city. How was he supposed to treat them in the future?

As far as he knew, this was the first time that the principal had accepted a student on the spot, without even bothering to look at their grades. It seemed that Yao Yuan’s connections to this school ran deeper than he had thought.

Not once did it occur to the dean that Principal Kong’s decision might have nothing to do with the Yao family at all.

“Mr. Yao,” the principal said, his expression turning aloof again as he turned to the other man. “If you have no further business with us, you may leave. As for Miss Yao here, we will take care of all the necessary arrangements.”

Yao Yuan nodded and looked at Yao Tang. “I will be back after school to pick you up.” He made an effort to appear the loving and devoted uncle as he patted her back. He then left the premises with a satisfied smile on his face.

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