The Bigshot Shocks The World When She Backs Home

Chapter 12 - Rotten Sister

Chapter 12: Rotten Sister

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Yao Yuan’s expression softened after seeing that Yao Tang still had some common sense. “You’re currently in your third year of high school, right? I’ll bring you to a new school tomorrow and process your admission.”

“I’ve decided to enroll you in No. 1 High School. Make good use of this opportunity and don’t waste your time on nonsensical matters.”

Yao Tang perked up after hearing that. She almost blurted out, “There’s no need for that!” But she was able to stop herself in time when she heard the name of the school.

Qin Man only kept her head low. In the end, she had missed the timing to tell anyone about Yao Tang’s exam results she heard from the butler.

Now, after hearing her husband’s words, she could barely keep her bitterness in check.

She hated the twist that fate had played on this family, and the fact that her biological daughter couldn’t even measure up to the one who wasn’t related to them by blood.

Qin Man’s heart trembled with resentment as she launched a tirade on Yao Tang.

“Once you’re admitted to No. 1 High School, you must take care not to attract any unnecessary attention. We’re not asking you to become a student achiever, but please, do not make any trouble for the family. Don’t do anything that might cause us to lose face in public, do you understand?”

“Especially since you’ll be attending the same school as your sister. Don’t give anyone any reason to mock her for your blunders.”

Yao Yuan could hear the disdain in his wife’s voice, but he did not stop her from berating their daughter. If anything, he looked on curiously at the girl.

He wanted to see how she would react this time around.

He would have expected any other girl her age to feel embarrassed, or humiliated even. Yet instead of hanging her head in shame, Yao Tang remained aloof and indifferent, as if Qin Man’s words meant nothing at all.

Yao Yuan pursed his lips and scoffed inwardly. Once again, he remarked to herself just how heartless this Yao Tang was.

After a while, he took out a bank card from his pocket and lay it on the table. “This will cover your pocket money and other living expenses. The Yao Family is never short of money, but don’t think for a second that you can afford to be extravagant. Spend your allowance wisely.”

Yao Tang glanced at the card without taking it. Then, she baffled everyone by putting her utensils aside and pushing her chair away from the table. “Please take the card back. I have no use for it.”

“What do you mean, you have no use for it? Are you planning to go hungry?”

“I still have some money left over. It’s enough for my everyday expenses. Don’t worry. I won’t have to live on air or anything like that.”

Yao Tang swept a cold gaze over similar expressions of shock and outrage. “Will that be all?” she asked calmly. “May I be excused?”

But she was already on her feet, tucking her hands into her pockets as she waited for permission. She had that same defiant look in her eyes, the one that had always irked Qin Man.

Understandably, the woman flew into a rage. She raised her hand and made a shooing motion as though she was chasing away a bug. “Leave if you want to. No one is forcing you to stay.”

Qin Man had had a very strict upbringing, and thus, she expected the same rigid manners from her own children.

Indeed, if Yao Ran had ever been half as irreverent as Yao Tang was, Qin Man would have punished her a long time ago.

As for Yao Tang, however…

Qin Man could only scowl and nurse her disgust.

If she had any say on the matter, she wouldn’t have bothered with Yao Tang at all.

Qin Man was a businesswoman, through and through.

It was not her nature to waste her time on anything or anyone that yielded no advantage to her. As things stood, she didn’t care about Yao Tang, as long as she didn’t do anything that would risk the family’s reputation.

Yao Tang said nothing as she turned on her heel and walked out of the dining room.

As soon as Yao Tang left, Qin Man instantly turned to Yao Ran. “Did you see that, Ranran? Your sister hasn’t been taught properly during her early years, and she has grown far too rotten for her own good. I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do to change her into a decent young lady at this point. It’s too late for that now. Mom only has you now, so you must be careful not to mimic your sister’s attitude. Just concentrate on your studies and enjoy your school life. If possible, don’t interact with her at all.” After saying this, Qin Man frowned in the direction Yao Tang had left, though the girl had long gone.

“Okay, Mom,” Yao Ran nodded. “I won’t fail you, I promise.”

True to his word, Yao Yuan drove Yao Tang to No. 1 High School early the next morning. It was reputed to be the best high school in the city, as it boasted of having the most outstanding learning resources any institution had to offer.

But more importantly, Yao Yuan was on very good terms with the school’s dean. Naturally he would expect the dean to make an exception for his “niece.” If the matter of Yao Tang went smoothly, perhaps they could even deepen their relationship even more.

Yao Yuan led his daughter to the Dean’s Office, where the two men chatted pleasantly and caught each other up for a while. The atmosphere was light and cheery.

Finally, the dean turned and looked at Yao Tang. She was sitting quietly to the side this entire time. The man smiled at her and asked about her exam results. It dawned on Yao Tang then that she had never been made to take any exam.

And so, for the results that the dean was asking…

Yao Tang’s eye twitched, but she bit her tongue and said nothing.

Yao Yuan intervened then, handing over a printed copy of her report card across the dean’s desk.

The smile faded from the dean’s face the moment he saw the marks indicated on the piece of paper. He heaved a deep sigh before glancing at Yao Tang in disbelief.

Then, he looked back at Yao Yuan with a solemn expression. “I apologize, Mr. Yao, but I’m afraid we cannot accept your niece. I am truly sorry about this.”

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