The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 46 - She is the Key Grooming Subject of the Company

Chapter 46: She is the Key Grooming Subject of the Company

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The word ‘dear’ stunned him a little but looking at Lin Che’s greedy face, he returned to his normal self.

All because of money. This Lin Che, could she not show more humility?

“I’m serious. I wouldn’t tell a single soul even if you committed arson or murder. After all, we’re in the same boat, aren’t we?” Lin Che said excitedly.

Gu Jingze glanced at her, “I feel like strangling someone to death but because of laws and ethics, I can’t.”

“Huh? You can’t be that violent. Who makes you want to do that?”

His gaze engulfed her whole body.

No matter how dumb Lin Che was, she quickly understood.

It was her…

She knew that her existence had prevented him and Mo Huiling from being together, but there was no need to harbor such evil thoughts about her.

“Gu Jingze, why are you in such a hurry to kill me when there’s no point? Think about it. If you kill me, it’ll be irreversible and you’ll become a criminal. If we live peacefully now, I’ll get to go my own way and you’ll go yours in a few years. Then, you can be with your Miss Mo happily ever after. Isn’t that better? There’s no need to go through all that trouble, right?”

Gu Jingze took a deep breath and looked in front of him to let the chauffeur know to pick up the pace.

If he continued talking with Lin Che in this confined space any longer, her stupidity might drive him mad.

Upon reaching home, Gu Jingze hurriedly got out of the car. He watched as Lin Che struggled to get out while the chauffeur hastily took out her wheelchair. He shook his head and forced himself to calm down as he walked back to helped her into the wheelchair.

Later that night, Lin Che sat in her room looking at her phone and reading the news that was already reporting on Lin Li’s engagement party.

From the report, the party looked amazing and enviable.

Lin Che read the comments below with many saying how beautiful Lin Li looked and how handsome her husband was.

She sighed and turned off the comments. Lying down, she checked her Weibo.

It was always filled with discussion, so Lin Che turned off the topic. However, she came across the latest Weibo thread which was unusually long and active.

She opened it to see…

The thread began with a message saying, “Although I do not think you deserve our Gu Jingyu, he likes you. So as Yu Feathers, we will give you our blessings.”

Everybody knew that Gu Jingyu’s fans called themselves Yu Feathers.

Lin Che was puzzled. What did it mean that he liked her…

Another comment followed, “Are they really together? Congratulations.”

“Please treat our Jingyu well. He is so pure and hardworking. Please don’t hurt him.”

As Lin Che read on, she felt that something was not right. Just then, Yu Minmin called her.

As soon as Lin Che picked up, she heard Yu Minmin say, “Lin Che, what’s going on? You’re together with Gu Jingyu?”

“Who’s together with who?” Lin Che had no clue what had happened.

“Gu Jingyu just posted on Weibo. You didn’t see it?”

Of course, Lin Che did not know.

“Everybody is going crazy. Look at what he said. It seems like he has declared his relationship with you and told everyone to leave you alone. I really…”

Lin Che said, “Let me take a look…”

She quickly hung up and checked Gu Jingyu’s Weibo.

There, she saw a long message that was posted barely a few minutes ago.

He wrote, “From the beginning until now, I’ve always worked hard and gave my all. I was afraid to disappoint my fans, my company, and all my friends and family who have supported me. There was never a moment when I was living for myself. But now, I wish to live for myself. As such, I hope you all will support us…”

Lin Che immediately started reading the comments that followed.

Some people who joined in the hot topic said, “Poor Jingyu. Let’s all support him.”

“Seeing Jingyu suffer like this breaks my heart. Regardless of your decision, I will always trust and support you.”

“Celebrities are human too. They need privacy. We only take note of your work and as long as you’re good, it doesn’t matter who you choose to be with. We will always support you.”

Lin Che felt like she was going crazy.

The tabloids and Weibo publicized the news and it said: “Gu Jingyu’s message hints at a declaration of his relationship with fellow actress Lin Che.”

Lin Li’s engagement that was all over the tabloids was now pushed to the bottom with this major news.

Lin Che’s forehead wrinkled up. She felt absolutely helpless.

Lin Che wanted to brush off the comments after receiving hateful ones. Although most of the fans were much more courteous to her because of Gu Jingyu, there were still many who expressed their anticipation for her to get dumped.

She was not even with him. How could she get dumped?

The next day, Lin Che quickly rushed over to her company.

Yu Minmin looked at her and said, “You don’t have to do anything now. The company is handling everything. You better not say anything carelessly or you might make matters more complicated.”

Lin Che said quietly, “I have nothing to say. I don’t even know what I can say. There is nothing going on at all. Is Gu Jingyu trying to drag me down?”

Yu Minmin was worried that she might want to admit the same thing in order to grab the spotlight and make matters worse.

The newbies who were starting to get famous always had this kind of issue. They wanted the fastest way up. As soon as there was a chance to be in the news, they would do anything just to gain some fame and, in the process, complicate things.

However, Lin Che had no such intentions. She seemed totally dumbfounded. Yu Minmin believed that she really did not think that way.

With this, there was no cause for concern. Yu Minmin smiled comfortingly at her, “It’s a good thing. See? Isn’t everyone supporting you and Gu Jingyu?”

“The key point is the fact that there is nothing between us. What nonsense are they supporting?”

Yu Minmin thought how pure this lady was. She had no motives whatsoever.

She had a little more admiration for Lin Che. Patting her shoulder, she said, “Gu Jingyu might just be doing you a favor. Anything to do with Gu Jingyu will surely blow up. Just look at what happened to Lin Li’s engagement. It made one headline but in the end, all that money went down the drain. I think she’s the one who’s vomiting blood right now.”

Lin Che sighed. She had no experience in dealing with scandals. Best to leave it to the company.

The other smaller celebrities were spiteful as they watched Yu Minmin personally walk Lin Che out.

“Who knew she’d become this famous?”

“Yeah, it seems like she’s gained importance in the company.”

“What exactly does Gu Jingyu see in her?”

“Maybe it’s better to live,” everyone was discussing maliciously.

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