The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 45 - The Hotel Brings About a Different Atmosphere

Chapter 45: The Hotel Brings About a Different Atmosphere

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Gu Jingze said, “You’re going to drool all over the dress.”

Lin Che laughed and wiped the corners of her mouth. She said, “I’m not drooling.”

Gu Jingze looked at her silently, “Can’t you be a little more ladylike?”

Lin Che lifted her head, “In what way am I not ladylike?”

Gu Jingze replied, “Such a money-grubber.”

Lin Che snorted. It did not matter to her. She patted her dress greedily. “What’s the matter? I can be pretentious in front of others but I don’t have to put on a front with you. If I acted a little more proper, shy, pitiful, or classy, would that make you fall in love with me?” she said as she looked at Gu Jingze with indignance.

Gu Jingze glared at her quietly.

Perhaps it was because there was no need to pretend, so there was no cause for hatred.

Lin Che walked into the bathroom, eager to put the dress on. She came out donning a loose, yellow dress. Fresh and refined, she looked so bright like sunlight.

Gu Jingze’s eyes lit up as he saw how different she looked.

Lin Che twirled slowly, making her skirt bloom like a flower. She looked like the sun.

Lin Che asked, “How do I look?”

Gu Jingze hesitated slightly, “You look decent.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Che said, “Expensive clothes are really different.”

She happily sat back in her wheelchair.

Gu Jingze thought to himself , how ignorant. He was complimenting her but she did not realize it?

She was such an endearing fool.

Soon, Gu Jingze wheeled her out and they left the hotel.

Lin Che said, “This hotel is nice. It must be expensive, right?”

Without looking at her, Gu Jingze replied, “It belongs to the Gu family. There’s no need to pay.”

Lin Che immediately reacted and turned her head back to look at the grandeur of the hall. It must have been at least a few stars.


“Seven,” Lin Che corrected herself. “Any hotel under the Gu family is seven stars.”

Lin Che regretted not staying longer.

“Damn! You should have told me earlier. I have never stayed in such a grand hotel. I could have at least stayed one night. It’s free anyway.”

Gu Jingze replied, “If you want, we can turn back right now.” ”

It was just a remark, but she looked up at Gu Jingze and said, “If we turn back, are we going back together?”

“I’m not used to staying in hotels. It’s not safe.”

“Hey, that’s impossible. Weren’t you staying in a hotel when I first met you?” How else had she been able to drug him that time?

Gu Jingze looked at her indifferently.

Yes. It was precisely because of someone that he no longer felt hotels were safe no matter how secure they were.

“Hm. Since then, I don’t stay in hotels anymore,” he said as his eyes swept across her.

“…” Lin Che laughed dryly.

So it was because of her.

Lin Che laughed awkwardly and quickly changed the topic, “Well, since you’ve already stayed in a hotel with me, there’s nothing to be afraid of. We have a legitimate relationship now. Staying at home and staying in a hotel are different experiences.” She shifted her body to lean against his.

Gu Jingze tilted his head, “Why stay in the hotel when we have our own home?”

Lin Che raised her head and rolled her eyes, “Old couples need a little excitement in their lives. Don’t you think hotels are filled with energy and mystique?”

Gu Jingze looked at her pursed lips, her eyes full of life and her suggestive tone. His heart wavered.

His gaze fell uncontrollably onto her chest.

The small slit revealed the soft curves of her chest.

She had no idea how tantalizing it was.

He frowned and pushed Lin Che, “No.”

“Well, then the car will do too. It’s actually even more exciting. The constricted space, people walking about outside, the risk of someone discovering what’s going on…”

“…” Gu Jingze felt like cracking her head open to see what kind of rubbish filled it.

However, as her eyes narrowed excitedly, his mouth felt dry.

The chauffeur in front saw the way they looked at each other. It was as if they were about to catch fire. He silently wondered what exactly this couple was doing.

Were they really planning to do something here?

He was still there and he was a living person…

However, no matter what they were going to do, he was a chauffeur. He had been trained vigorously and he was not going to utter a word.

Although, he really did not want to see anything…

Fortunately, Gu Jingze only reached out to push Lin Che again, awkwardly mentioning the opening in her clothes.

Lin Che smiled and said, “Hey, Gu Jingze, why is your face so red?”

Gu Jingze shot a glance at her to stop her from talking.

Lin Che laughed loudly and said, “Woah. Are you being shy, Gu Jingze? Who knew you’d have such a pure side?”

“Shut up!”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never done anything like that with Miss Mo?” she tugged at his arm.

Gu Jingze’s face darkened, “You think everyone is so shameless like you?”

Lin Che shut her mouth. Very well, this Miss Mo was the best.

His expression sank upon thinking of Mo Huiling.

Lin Che noticed and tugged him, “Alright, don’t be angry. I was only joking.”

While leaning against him, she sighed and said, “I know very well how you and Miss Mo love each other, yet you’re unable to be together. She’s right there but you can’t hold her in your arms. Oh, what a forbidden love… Now that I think about it, I do empathize with Miss Mo. She must be missing you every day.”

Gu Jingze’s expression sank even more.

Lin Che seemed to be unaware of what she was saying, “You too, you could have spent time with Miss Mo instead of coming to find me since you’re so free. You could have been enjoying a candle-lit dinner with her right now.”

Gu Jingze looked at her, “How thoughtful of you.”

Maybe she deserved a ‘Best Wife’ award?

“But of course. What are we to each other? Since we’re living together, I have a duty to share your burden. It’s alright. You can tell me anything you’re upset about. I will help you ease your worries and make you feel better so I don’t have to look at an unhappy face every day. This way, I will also be happy. It’s a win-win situation.”

“There’s no need. If I wanted a counselor, I would have looked for a professional.”

“Ah, but professionals would cost money. Since I’ve already used so much of your money, you might as well make your money’s worth. Don’t worry. You can totally treat me as a doctor.”


Lin Che continued, “I’m serious. Oh right, that Doctor Chen. How much does it cost to invite him home?”

Lin Che thought that the doctor was rather skilled. He must have been earning tens of thousands a month, judging by Gu Jingze’s wealth.

Gu Jingze replied, “30 million yuan annual salary.”


Lin Che said, “My dear, you can hire me, really. I’m not as expensive. I’ll come whenever and wherever. I will keep your secrets safe. I’m responsible and we’re husband and wife. Blood is thicker than water!”

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