The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 38 - Unexpectedly, He Felt Disappointed

Chapter 38: Unexpectedly, He Felt Disappointed

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Lin Che was in emotional turmoil. She did not know how she could even step out of the house tomorrow.

She took one last look at her Weibo. To her surprise, her fan count had swelled by tens of thousands in a short time.

However, she did not need to think to know that these were probably all haters. Lin Che could only sigh and put her phone down.

Gu Jingze frowned from the side. “If you’re going to sleep, don’t play with your phone anymore.”

Lin Che said, “I just took a glance. I’ll sleep soon.”

She lay on her side, facing Gu Jingze. His eyes were already shut. Even lying down, Gu Jingze’s body was completely straight. Every time Lin Che looked at him, she always felt as if he would not move at all in the night.

Lin Che looked at his face which was fully illuminated under the weak shining light. Only half of his body was covered by the blanket, so his strongly-built body was perfectly divided into two sides, one bright and one dark. The bright side was gleaming with a bronze-colored sensuality and firmness, but the dark side elicited even more wild thoughts than the bright side. It seemed to be bathed in a layer of dim, rosy light. Its extravagance gave rise to a splendid temptation.

When he closed his eyes, his eyelashes appeared even longer in a way that evoked more tender affections. His perfectly shaped lips were slightly perked up and his jawline flawlessly outlined his handsome face in its entirety, holding it out tautly. Below that gorgeous face, the Adam’s Apple on his throat moved slightly. Further below, his collarbones were in a position where they could be seen clearly. Even as he lay like this, their shape could be clearly discerned.

Even further below…

Lin Che turned her head away quickly. This was seriously fatal.

She felt like she had become somewhat entranced by his beauty.

Looking at him like this, he was really fatally sensual.

Furthermore, she suddenly remembered that this was her husband.

Although they were only married in name, he was indeed her husband at the very least. The law recognized this.

However, it was a pity that he had another woman in his heart.

She sighed before flipping her body around and lying down properly. With her nerves jangled, she did not really sleep well. She was half asleep the entire night but at the very least, she did not move again.

Even Gu Jingze was amazed.

He had initially believed that she would end up tossing and turning, attacking every single spot of his body, but after waiting for quite some time, she did not move an inch to his surprise.

He had remained awake for quite some time because he had been prepared to be harassed by her, but she did not actually do it.

Gu Jingze had no idea how he fell asleep, but he realized that he actually felt a slight sense of disappointment when he finally fell asleep.

The next day, the two of them returned home in a car. Gu Jingze said, “My family initially wanted to invite you home for a meal.”

“Ah?” Lin Che looked at him in surprise.

With an unhurried expression, Gu Jingze said, “But I’ve already rejected them.”

“Oh…” She had been scared out of her wits.”Yes, if I go back now, I’ll definitely be asked about the scandal. I wouldn’t know what to say either, so it’s better not to go back.”

Gu Jingze tilted his head and looked at her, his expression as dark as ink.

He took a glance at her before he pursed his lips and turned back.

After getting out of the car, Gu Jingze headed inside in large strides.

Lin Che could only get into her wheelchair on her own.

When the maid came to push her, Lin Che raised her head and said, “Your Sir is so troublesome.”

“…” The maid smiled dryly, not knowing what she should say.

After Lin Che finished tidying up, she rushed to the company.

When she saw Yu Minmin, she said frantically.”How are things, Sister Yu? Have they been settled?”

The moment Yu Minmin saw Lin Che, she walked over and said, “Yes you don’t need to be so anxious anymore. I saw that the news is being clamped down. For the time being, news of you and Gu Jingyu are prohibited from being published again. Yesterday’s reports were all taken down too.”

Lin Che said in surprise, “No way.”

Yu Minmin said, “It looks like Gu Jingyu’s side took action. Anyway, our company doesn’t have that much power nor does it have such powerful connections. It couldn’t have locked down the news, so it was likely Gu Jingyu’s side that did it.”

Lin Che said in a confused tone, “But yesterday, Gu Jingyu even said not to deal with it.”

Immediately, Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che in astonishment. “When did he say that?”

Lin Che replied.”Yesterday night, on WeChat.”

“Aiya, you and Gu Jingyu even contact each other privately,” Yu Minmin said, looking at Lin Che with slight interest.

Lin Che rushed to say, “Of course not. He just added my WeChat. It was probably about handling the scandal.”

Yu Minmin looked at her as if she was carefully concealing something. She smiled and said, “You really underestimate Gu Jingyu. He doesn’t have to deal with these things personally. He can just hand it over to his staff.”

“Uh, is that so?” Of course, Lin Che was not like Yu Minmin who had a thorough understanding of these major celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Yu Minmin said, “Gu Jingyu is originally very difficult to get along with. Many people think that he is difficult to approach. Furthermore, he absolutely will not have any contact with rookies.”

“Uh… why is it so different from the Gu Jingyu that I know?” Lin Che said, “I think he’s quite nice and he has a very amusing way of speaking. He’s just a little sarcastic.”

“…” Yu Minmin said, “Is that so? Then… enjoy it yourself.”

When she was done speaking, she patted Lin Che’s arm heavily.

Lin Che shrugged her shoulders wordlessly. She thought to herself that it was probably because they had not been closely acquainted with him that they had misunderstandings about him.

After all, Yu Minmin had definitely never been in contact with Gu Jingyu before. She had only asked around and heard about him. The more these rumors spread around, the more exaggerated they always became.

In any case, Lin Che felt that this was probably the doing of Gu Jingyu’s team.

After all, his team would sooner or later be unable to put up with it.

So after thinking for a bit, Lin Che sent him a WeChat message and said, “I see you’ve dealt with it. I’m very sorry about this scandal and thank you for being willing to settle it.”

Surprisingly, this fellow Gu Jingyu seemed to be available all the time. His reply had already come up. Lin Che saw that he had replied, “What did I settle?”

Lin Che said, “Wasn’t it your team that settled the scandal?”

“Of course it wasn’t. Oh no, what a pity. I still wanted to see it for a couple more days. Now, it’s gone?”

“…” Lin Che really wanted to vomit blood.

“Go and die. Thank God it has been retracted.”

“So heartless.”

When she was done texting Gu Jingyu, Lin Che snorted and put down her phone.

But she thought that it was odd. What exactly was going on?

On the other hand, on Gu Jingze’s side…

Qin Hao lowered his head and said to Gu Jingze who was sitting in his executive chair, “Sir, we’ve settled the matter already. The reports have all been deleted. Also, in the short term, there won’t be any more reports released regarding Third Young Master.”

Gu Jingze responded tersely in agreement.

Qin Hao said, “In that case, do we need to give a notice to Third Young Master?”

To date, Third Young Master still did not know Lin Che’s identity, which was why such a blunder had occurred.

Gu Jingze pondered for a while. “Forget it. If he knows, it’s uncertain whether he’ll stir up trouble. Perhaps things will be more peaceful if he doesn’t know.”

Gu Jingyu was the most rebellious of the three brothers, and it was common for him to do whatever made others unhappy.

Qin Hao said, “Then if there’s anything else, Sir, I’ll await your instructions again.”

“Wait a minute.” Gu Jingze said, “Block out news on Gu Jingyu for two months so that he’ll be more well-behaved.”

But even with this, Gu Jingze still felt uncomfortable letting him off without some punishment.

Hearing this, Qin Hao could only say, “Yes, Sir.”

It was only when Qin Hao left that Gu Jingze lowered his head to look at the article.

Shown in the article was a picture of Gu Jingyu and Lin Che in the same frame talking and laughing together. It was really repulsive to the eye.

Looking at it agitated him.

He simply tossed the article behind him. Frowning, he thought, What bad judgment do these people have. Do they look like they could be together?

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