The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 37 - The Small Anticipation of Sleeping on the Same Bed

Chapter 37: The Small Anticipation of Sleeping on the Same Bed

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“Of course, mine are completely natural! Why do I need to do surgery when they’re shaped like peaches? They are not too hard or too soft, and they are of an adequate size! Furthermore, it’s so obvious if you’ve done surgery nowadays. If you lie down, you’ll immediately be exposed. I’m telling you. They say that after lying down, artificial breasts won’t become flat because they were made arched!”

“…” Gu Jingze involuntarily looked at her breasts again.

He forcibly shifted his gaze and said, “You sure know a lot.”

“That’s a given.” Lin Che continued, “I have a very extensive scope of knowledge.”

Saying this, Lin Che touched her leg unnaturally. Gu Jingze remembered that her leg had been hurting earlier and was worried about whether she had touched it. He rushed to say, “Alright. Stop moving around and let me take a look at your leg.”

She sat on the bed while he squatted down halfway. He pushed her pants aside and looked at her wound. Afraid that it would hurt, he cautiously touched it. “How is it?”

Lin Che felt pretty alright and did not really feel anything. “It should be fine. It’s just that when my foot lands on the ground, it pulls on the wound, so it hurts.”

Gu Jingze said, “Then you should stay still.”

Lin Che thought, Wasn’t she just anxious earlier?

Wasn’t it his fault for suddenly ignoring her?

Gu Jingze raised his head to look at her, but his gaze was still fixed directly on her chest. He did not realize this in the past, but only now did he suddenly feel that her breasts indeed looked very appealing after looking at it from this direction. They were entirely symmetrical mounts and they looked round, full, and cute. They were neither big nor small and looked like they were just the right size to hold in each hand.

He thought about what she had said about them being in the shape of peaches…

It seemed like they really were as she had described.

A little curious, he wanted to touch them in the flesh and see if they really were as soft as she had claimed.

His spot below his abdomen turned stiff and he suddenly felt that his body had actually become aroused again.

He stood up calmly, tightened his face, and turned his head away, wondering what exactly was happening to him.

Realizing that his expression had darkened once again, Lin Che thought that his illness was flaring up again.

She looked at him with a slight worry and asked anxiously, “Why? Gu Jingze, is there something wrong? Do you need me to call the doctor? If I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have asked you to touch me.”

This stupid woman.

She thought that he was continuously evading her because of his illness?

However, his allergic reaction was secondary right now. His primary illness was something else.

It was something a little unexpected and it made him very irritable at the moment.

He felt that he really needed to properly question Chen Yucheng now and whether his original illness had mutated so that there were other complications. Otherwise, why would he be feeling this way?

Not in the mood to bother with this stupid woman, he turned his head and said, “Alright, I’m fine already. Go to sleep.”

Lin Che said, “Then, can you still share a bed with me tonight? Or do you want to go out and sleep?”

When he looked at the bed, he felt a little reluctant to leave. It was only after some hesitation that he said, “It’s already so late. Where else can I go to sleep? I’ll just put up with it for a few hours.”

Lin Che replied with a.”oh” and made some space for him.

It did not matter to her anyway. As long as he did not feel uncomfortable sharing the same bed as her, it was fine.

Now, she had to consider the feelings of the patient.

Even though it seemed that she was the one who had come to the hospital.

Lin Che lay down and placed the pillow in the middle again. As Gu Jingze looked at it, he wondered to himself whether the pillow actually served a purpose when it was there. However, he still did not reveal his thoughts.

He realized that he actually felt a hint of slight anticipation.

If she fell asleep and started moving around again, would she suddenly sprawl out on his body?

Then, he would be able to feel for once what exactly her allegedly peach-shaped breasts felt like…

The two of them lay down on the bed together without switching off the light. She lay there playing with her cellphone. When it started ringing, she saw that someone had sent her a friend request on WeChat.

When she opened it, she saw to her surprise that it was Gu Jingyu.

She could not help but be slightly dumbstruck. Still, she hurriedly accepted the request.

Once she accepted it, he immediately sent her a message and asked her, “So you haven’t gone to sleep?”

Lin Che quickly asked, “Big Celebrity Gu, why did you add me?”

Lin Che thought, Perhaps it was to talk about the scandal.

So she asked hurriedly.”Is this about the scandal? Are you guys going to settle it?”

She remembered that Gu Jingyu very seldom had these kinds of rumors. Some people said that Gu Jingyu was himself very averse to scandals, so once there were seeds of a rumor, he would begin to suppress them.

Gu Jingyu immediately replied, “Why do I have to deal with the rumors?”

Lin Che was a little flustered. “Of course you do. Did you not see how overboard they went in fabricating a story?”

“I saw it.”

“Then why don’t you deal with it?”

“Dealing with it is useless. Just ignore it. It’ll be fine after a few days.”

“…” This was slightly different from Gu Jingyu’s usual way of doing things.

“But they’re very ridiculous and they exaggerated it so much. It’s not too good to let all these rumors go around,” Lin Che said quickly.

But Gu Jingyu replied, “I don’t even care. Why do you care?”

Frustrated, Lin Che really wanted to scold someone.

Of course he did not care because he was not the person being scolded.

But she, on the other hand, had been scolded brutally. It shocked her to the extent that she did not dare open her Weibo page. The moment she opened it, there was a tidal wave of curses, each harsher than the one preceding it.

“No way. Big Celebrity Gu Jingyu, you must save me. If you don’t step out and settle it, this situation will definitely continue to worsen,” Lin Che quickly said.

Still, Gu Jingyu continued to reply monotonously. “How will it worsen? I think it’s pretty good.”

“Nonsense. I’ve been scolded so harshly.”

“They’ll stop after scolding for a few days.”

“No way!” Gradually, Lin Che had unknowingly become extremely casual when speaking to him.

“In that case, why don’t I post on Weibo tomorrow and say don’t curse at her anymore. If there’s anything you would like to say, direct it at me instead.”

When Lin Che saw his response, she nearly fainted.

“Then they’ll curse at me even more harshly.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“Just say that we’re merely friends from the same cast and that we’ve known each other for a few days. Say that they’re just fabricating a story from the pictures and that everything they’ve said is a lie.” This was the truth anyway.

Unexpectedly, Gu Jingyu said instead, “But what if we really get together in the future and these reports come out? Wouldn’t we be slapping our own faces?”

“…” Hello, who would really want to be together with you?

“Of course we won’t be together. Don’t worry. You definitely won’t be slapping yourself on the face,” Lin Che said quickly.

Gu Jingyu immediately sent her a crying emoticon. “It hurts me when you do this.”

“If it hurts you, it hurts you. In any case, you must settle this properly for me!”

“Seriously, how do you know if you’ll regret being this heartless to me today in the future? Who knows whether or not you’ll suddenly fall for me in the future and desperately want to marry me?”

“Get lost. That’s impossible!”

“Why is it impossible? Anything is possible.”

Lin Che looked at his response wordlessly. She knew that he was doing this intentionally to tease her. He would not handle the matter properly.

So she straightforwardly sent him this: “Go and die. Don’t disturb my sleep.” Thereafter, she just ignored him.

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