The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 33 - She Was On The News For The First Time

Chapter 33: She Was On The News For The First Time

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Following this, Lin Che saw that she and the huge celebrity, Gu Jingyu, was now mutually following one another one her Weibo page. She immediately felt a rush of joy.

When she clicked into Gu Jingyu's Weibo page, she saw that his fan count was at twenty million. Even if he randomly posted a punctuation mark, he would get tens of thousands of comments. Indeed, he was an S-list celebrity…

And when she returned to her own Weibo page, she saw a notification. In an instant, thousands of people had followed her Weibo page. With one look she knew that those were the people who had trickled over after seeing that Gu Jingyu had suddenly followed her.

After following her, they even left comments on her Weibo page saying things like, "Are you an actress currently working with our Jingyu? Please help look after our Jingyu more. Our Jingyu has a weak stomach. You must watch him eat."

At last, Lin Che understood what a top idol was…

Lin Che said, "Wow. I benefited so much from associating with him. In such a short time, I nearly hit ten thousand fans."

Gu Jingyu patted his chest firmly. "Yea. Now, you know the advantages of hanging out with me. In the future, pay more attention to me."

"Of course, of course. I've always paid a lot of attention to you."

Gu Jingyu looked at her. "That's enough. Do you know what I ate this morning? What time did I go to the washroom in the afternoon? What car did I drive here?"

"Uh…" Lin Che really could not answer. "How can I possibly know these? You're putting me in a difficult position on purpose!"

Gu Jingyu lifted his head to point at the production staff not far away from them. "Pick any person randomly and ask them now. All of them know. Hmph."

Lin Che's face filled with awkwardness. That was really too perverse.

Gu Jingyu reached out a hand and caressed her head. "From now on, pay more attention, you hear me? I'll let you off once today on account of your injury."

"Yes… Big Celebrity Gu…" Lin Che thought that men from the Gu family were all similarly difficult to deal with.

Very soon after, Lin Che finished filming the scenes that she could film. By that time, it was already deep into the night.

When Lin Che bade everyone goodbye and left, she saw Lin Li leave at that moment too. Lin Li had taken notice of Lin Che and even looked like she was about to approach her. But before she could do that, she saw Gu Jingye already walking right beside Lin Che's wheelchair.

Lin Li froze as she watched Gu Jingye strike up a conversation with Lin Che. Her face became overcast immediately as she turned around and walked away angrily.

As Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu who was following her again, she did not notice that everyone was looking at them strangely the moment Gu Jingyu came over.

Gu Jingyu lowered his head and looked at her wheelchair. "You're going back?"


"I'll take you back."

"Ah, no need…"

"It's on the way. Let's go."

As he said this, Gu Jingze did not wait for Lin Che's reply at all. He simply lifted his head and instructed someone to get the car.

It was only when they were seated in the car that he asked Lin Che, "Where do you live?"

"…" Lin Che looked at him speechlessly. "You don't even know where my house is, but you said it was on the way?"

Gu Jingze froze. This Lin Che, there were times when she was not that stupid.

"Which is why I said when you pay attention to someone, it will still be on the way even if she lives at the ends of the earth. This is what I call paying attention to someone. Do you understand?" As he said this, he patted her head again. "Quick, tell me. Where do you live?"

Left with no choice, Lin Che could only tell him her address.

When Gu Jingyu heard it, he said in a confused tone, "I didn't expect you to live in such an exclusive area. Cars are not allowed to drive in there."

Lin Che said, "Just drop me off at the entrance. I'll get someone to push me in."

Gu Jingyu said, "Alright, I know someone who lives there, so it's not convenient for me to go in. You can go in by yourself."

The car arrived at the entrance very quickly. He personally pushed her out of the car and escorted her to the entrance before leaving.

Lin Che's embarrassment showed slightly as she waved to him before going in hurriedly.

Gu Jingze had still not returned home.

The family doctor had already changed her medicine and said that her wound was recovering swiftly because she was young. Just when Lin Che, who was seated on a couch, was feeling pleased with what he said, she heard her cell phone ring.

Yu Minmin was calling.

Lin Che quickly accepted the call and said, "Sister Yu, what's up?"

Yu Minmin said, "Hey, Lin Che, are you dating Gu Jingyu?"

"What?" Lin Che literally felt like she had heard some fantasy story. "How's that possible? No way."

Yu Minmin said, "Some breaking news was just reported that stated that you and Gu Jingyu were discovered to be dating. What exactly is happening?"

Lin Che could not immediately think of a reply either.

After putting down the phone, she quickly looked at the news on her phone. Sure enough, she discovered that she had gone on the news.

There were pictures of the two of them chatting together and of him sending her home. According to the reporter, Lin Che was a rookie on the team and Gu Jingyu had always treated her very well. This was correct, but everything else after was complete nonsense.

The report said that she and Gu Jingyu mutually followed each other on Weibo and it looked like they interacted very frequently as Gu Jingyu never followed anyone casually. Among the actors of the entire production team, he followed no one but her. He didn't even follow Mu Feiran who was playing his love interest.

Furthermore, on many occasions, the reporter took pictures of the two of them chatting on the set and even of Gu Jingyu sending Lin Che home.

Upon seeing the report state these things with definite certainty, she was stunned.

These reporters were too good at making up a story from pictures. With merely these few photos, they were capable of thinking up so many stories to write in their reports.

Although she also understood that writing a report about Gu Jingyu would bring in money, this was too irresponsible of them.

Lin Che hurriedly went to the company. The moment she wheeled her wheelchair in, she saw Yu Minmin coming out from inside.

"This time, you're going to become famous. Earlier, many reporters came to ask about you."

Lin Che gave a sullen face. "Is that so? I only saw people scolding me cruelly on Weibo."

Many fans had come to her Weibo page crying and yelling. In one night, her Weibo fan count had indeed increased by a fair amount, but they were all haters.

Below a recent post that she had made on Weibo, tens of thousands of people left comments scolding her. They all claimed that she was using Gu Jingyu to create hype.

But what made Lin Che gloomy was the fact that from the beginning, she had been the passive party.

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che and observed her for some time before asking, "If you're really dating Gu Jingyu, you can tell us too. The company doesn't prohibit you from dating either."

Lin Che quickly started begging. "Sister Yu, just let me off. I'm really not dating him. We are indeed on fairly good terms, but we only talk about the drama. He did send me home, but only because he saw that my leg was not in a good condition tonight. We followed each other mutually on Weibo earlier today only because he coincidentally saw me posting on Weibo. He felt like he was being rude by not following, so he followed me."

After hearing this, Yu Minmin felt that there was really nothing unbelievable about her words.

But after pondering for a bit, she looked at Lin Che and said, "Then… is this Gu Jingyu wooing you?"

"What?" Lin Che was stunned. "Sister Yu, please don't joke around with me. That's impossible."

Yu Minmin's eyes darted around. She said to Lin Che, "You do know that Gu Jingyu is very seldom on good terms with people in the same production team, much less with a woman, right?"

"Really? But I think he's quite a nice person and he's very decent. When we talk, it's really always about the drama. Occasionally, we'll chat about other things, but I have absolutely no ulterior motives towards him."

She did not want to say that she was already a married woman. How could she have ulterior motives towards anyone?

Especially when Gu Jingyu was her brother-in-law.

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