The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 32 - Seriously. You Do So Many Unnecessary Things

Chapter 32: Seriously. You Do So Many Unnecessary Things

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Lin Che said, “It doesn’t matter. This is just a small injury.”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened. “You almost died. It isn’t a small injury.”

Lin Che said nonchalantly, “I almost died because I hurt a major artery. The danger of dying was just momentary. Now that the artery has been repaired, everything else is fine. There aren’t any major organs in the thigh anyway.”

Gu Jingze’s eyes focused on her but after a long while, he finally said in a displeased tone, “Do whatever you want. Your body is yours anyway.”

When he finished speaking, Gu Jingze turned and left.

Lin Che blinked a few times, believing that nothing was amiss. She laid down and continued watching television.

The next day, Lin Che was discharged and allowed to return home.

She sat in a wheelchair which she found interesting since it was her first time sitting in such a contraption. Gu Jingze was supposed to carry her into the car. But when Lin Che saw that he was about to carry her, she said frantically, “Hey, don’t move, don’t move. Let me take a photo.”

While saying this, she raised her arm and adjusted her position. She took a photo of her wheelchair which automatically included her hospital gown.

In front of her, Gu Jingze frowned. “Why are you taking a picture?”

Lin Che raised her head, shook it, and said, “You don’t understand. Since I got hospitalized, I must pretend to be pitiful and elicit some sympathy.”

Gu Jingze found it strange. What sympathy was there to elicit from such a thing?

Lin Che repeated the process a few times. However, she felt that something was not right. After thinking for a bit, she asked the butler in front to move aside.

“Your car is such a good prop. Why don’t I use it?”

Gu Jingze’s pupils flashed dimly. Perplexed, he watched as she changed her position. She took a photo of her wheelchair with the Porsche as the background. While using the photo application in her handphone, she said, “If I take the photo like this, it wouldn’t seem too intentional but it won’t prevent other people from seeing it either. Hey, Gu Jingze. You probably don’t understand. It looks like I’m trying to get sympathy, but I’m actually showing off to everyone that I have a Porsche. Do you understand?”

Gu Jingze stood there speechlessly while looking at this vain woman.

She added another filter to her photo again, making the photo look extremely high-quality as if it had been printed on photographic film. Thereafter, she posted it on Weibo, feeling pleased.

He noticed that what she had written on Weibo was this: “Finally discharged. These few days in the hospital have really been insufferable. I’m grateful for the help of the medical staff.”

It was accompanied below by the photo of her lower body sitting in the wheelchair and the very obvious Porsche behind her.

Gu Jingze shook his head. She really had nothing better to do…

“Why did you post this?” he asked.

Lin Che raised her head. “To show off to the people on Weibo. Oh right, I’ll share it on WeChat Moments too.”

Only after sharing it with her friends did she let Gu Jingze carry her into the car.

She continued looking at her Weibo and her WeChat Moments when the car engine started.

Very soon after, she saw comments popping up on her Moments post.

“Why are you sitting in a wheelchair? Did you get hurt during filming?”

“You poor thing, rest well.”

Lin Che said to Gu Jingze, “These people are all fools. How could they miss my car? Look at this person instead. He noticed it.”

Indeed, there was a comment below stating, “Aiyo, have you found a sugar daddy? Isn’t that a Porsche?”

Lin Che laughed out loud, feeling extremely proud. “You see that?”

Gu Jingze’s face turned black.

Lin Che said, “Aiya, do you think that after seeing me suddenly show off like this, they’ll really think that I’m a kept woman?”

Gu Jingze’s face darkened even more.

He was not an old man.

Pinching her chin, Lin Che mulled over this for a long time before saying, “But doesn’t that mean my family can see it too since Lin Li is on my friends list?”

Sure enough, it did not take long for Lin Li to leave a comment.

“Is that a Porsche? Lin Che, what exactly are you up to?”

Lin Che snorted and ignored her. Proudly, she said, “I don’t know if she can tell that this Porsche cost tens of millions. Compared to her cheap BMW, one is heaven and the other is dirt.”

Lin Che scanned her Weibo again, but not many people left comments there.

Gu Jingze said, “You find doing something like this interesting?”

Lin Che said, “Of course. In the past, yours truly could only watch others posture. But today, I can finally do the same.”

Gu Jingze said, “What is there to posture? From what I know, the Lin family shouldn’t be too poor. You should have seen a lot of this.”

Lin Che said, “But those things are not mine. My father is incredibly stingy to me. In the past, he always sent Lin Li and the rest to school in a big Benz. But I went to school with the housekeeper’s scooter.”

Gu Jingze frowned and looked on as she scanned her Weibo indifferently.

“A lot of people look at this?” he asked.

Lin Che shook her head. “No. I may have been verified and I may be an actress, but I’m not famous. I only have 2,000 fans following me, hehe. But one day, I will definitely make it so that I have one million, two million, even tens of millions of fans. I want to get tens of thousands of comments when I post on Weibo just like Mu Feiran.”

Looking at her speak so grandiosely, Gu Jingze shook his head. “In that case, I’ll congratulate you beforehand on your success.”

“I’ll definitely succeed!” Saying this, she raised her fists resolutely.

Upon seeing this, Gu Jingze could not help but smile. He shook his head and looked ahead.

After returning home, Lin Che felt much more comfortable. Back at the hospital, all she saw was the apparatus in her ward and in actuality, it dampened her mood. Especially when she thought about how much it cost per day for her to stay in the VIP ward, she felt even more uncomfortable.

Seeing that she indeed looked fine, Gu Jingze focused on his work the next day.

When Lin Che saw that Gu Jingze had left, she insisted on going to the filming site.

Butler Hu wanted to stop her, but Lin Che said hurriedly, “No way. How many days has it been? If I continue to be absent, the production team won’t want me anymore.”

Without a choice, Butler Hu could only secretly give instructions to watch over her more carefully.

Lin Che arrived at the filming site and she even sat in her wheelchair all the way there.

The film site was bustling and the production staff was not troubled at all by her absence. But when they saw her returning in a wheelchair all of a sudden, someone walked over to her and asked in a concerned tone, “What happened? I saw your Weibo post. You even got hospitalized?”

But Lin Che said simply, “There was a car accident. Luckily, only my leg got hurt and nothing else was affected.”

Everyone offered a few words of consolation and told her to focus on getting rest.

“You’re sitting in a wheelchair. You shouldn’t have come.”

Lin Che said, “No way. Like this, I can still film some scenes of my upper body or of me sitting down. If I can film some scenes, I’ll film them. Otherwise, the production team may not be able to keep to schedule.”

Hearing this, the assistant director smiled and said, “Alright. You’re really professional. In that case, I’ll have a word with the director and let you participate in the filming.”

Lin Che thanked him. The moment she finished, she heard a low voice from behind her. “You have a Weibo account? How come we never mutually followed each other?”

It was Gu Jingyu. She did not know when he had come up behind her.

Shocked, Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu and said, “I followed you. It’s just that you didn’t follow me.”

He had so many fans. How could he have noticed her?

Gu Jingyu asked for her handle, “I’ll follow you.”

Lin Che looked at him in surprise. “Really?”

Gu Jingyu was a person who seldom followed anyone. There were only about twenty-something people in the list of those he followed.

Lin Che quickly gave him her handle.

He searched for it and followed her without hesitation.

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