The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1567 - Because Of You, Everything is Meaningful

1567 Because Of You, Everything is Meaningful

“So, you’ve been staying here all this while?”


While using the kettle to boil water in a practiced manner, he said, “Initially, I ran into many places—Spain, Rome, South America, Barcelona. Later, I came here and felt that people needed me here.”

He was making coffee for her. “This place doesn’t need me as a celebrity or me as the Third Young Master of the Gu family, but me as a person. I stayed behind to teach them English. All of them like me a lot. Furthermore, their oral communication is improving. They’ve also fallen in love with learning the language. It makes me feel a much greater sense of accomplishment than getting some Oscar award.”

Su Wan said, “Thank you. Sure. Can you bring me to look around?”

“Of course.”

Gu Jingyu led her out.

Outside, Gu Jingyu brought Su Wan together with him to the classroom.

“Look, this is where we have lessons.”

“Look, that area at the back is the sports field.”

“They usually play soccer there.”

The moment Su Wan entered, many kids ran out.

“Hi, Teacher Bantu.”

“Teacher Bantu, are you here to play soccer with us?”

“Teacher Bantu, who’s the beautiful elder sister beside you?”

“Ah, is she your girlfriend?”

“Is she your wife? Hahaha.”

Su Wan froze. She did not expect everyone to see her that way.

Su Wan blushed.

Gu Jingyu said, “Enough. Don’t spout nonsense.”

“Teacher Bantu, isn’t she? If not, can I woo her?”

“Of course not!” Gu Jingyu deliberately gave them a poker face. “Go. If you guys don’t go, I’ll give you more homework.”

The children dispersed in confusion.

Su Wan turned away. She felt embarrassed and dared not look at Gu Jingyu’s face.

Gu Jingyu said, “Come on, let’s go to the back and look around.”

There were mountains at the back.

Su Wan looked down below and saw some monks plowing the land while the sun was hanging midway in the sky. Sunsets in this place were much later than on the mainland.

Gu Jingyu said, “The environment here is quite nice. Come and sit down.”

Su Wan sat down, feeling cloudiness in her mind. She felt drowsy.

She felt even more sleepy when she looked at the clouds on the horizon, which gave her a relaxed feeling.

Just then.

Gu Jingyu suddenly came close and patted her cheek. “Hey, don’t fall asleep.”

Su Wan immediately woke up and saw Gu Jingyu’s handsome face in close range in front of her.

He smiled. “Are you experiencing altitude sickness? You’ll feel this way at first.”

“I…” She did not know either, but she did indeed feel strangely tired.

Previously, she had been very good at staying up all night. If she had to film, sleeping three to four hours each night would definitely not be a problem for days on end.

But now, she was tired beyond comparison.

She rubbed her eyes. Gu Jingyu had already approached her while smiling. He then swiftly lifted her in his arms.

“Hey, I…”

Su Wan fixed her eyes on him.

He said, “Alright. You’re really feeling altitude sickness. Stop moving. I’ll bring you back to rest.”

Su Wan looked at his face and could not keep her eyes open.

Hugging his neck, she said shyly, “But I’m very heavy.”

He smiled. “I haven’t been doing anything. I’ll be fine carrying you for even a day.”

Gu Jingyu carried her all the way to the room.

On the way, many people were looking at them.

But no one screamed at him like people did on the mainland.

And no one cursed her out for being undeserving of him either.

When they went into the room, he said that he would get ginseng slices for her to suck on.

When he walked out, everyone had suggestive expressions on their faces.

“Bantu, you young chap. You made pretty quick progress.”

“You hugged her just like that. I couldn’t tell that you were like this. In the past, I thought you were too numb. So you were waiting for someone like her.”

“I really underestimated you. Will I be able to eat wedding candies soon?”

“You guys mind your own business.”

Gu Jingyu threw a handful of soil at them in a teasing manner.

In this place, they could even joke around so casually. No one minded.

Su Wan was sitting inside.

Just then, the tanned girl walked in.

She was not ugly. Although she was looking at Su Wan with a hostile expression, Su Wan did not dislike her.

It was probably because she was too honest.

She had seen too many people with ulterior motives, who seemed friendly but were vicious behind her back. On the contrary, people who had their dislike for her written all over their faces made her feel relaxed.

She pouted and said, “Hey, don’t pester Brother Bantu.”

Su Wan smiled. “Why? Do you like him?”

“Hmph. Yes. He likes me too.”

Su Wan asked, “Oh? How do you know he likes you?”

“He teaches me English and cooks for me. He helps me carry firewood too. I’m telling you, so many people came here in the past and wanted to woo him when they met him. But it was all useless. You can forget about it too. Hmph. Do you think that Brother Bantu likes you just because he hugged you? That’s not true. Brother Bantu is way too nice. Don’t misunderstand.”

Su Wan looked at her and thought about it. “Do many people here like him?”

“Of course.” Pride was written all over her face.

Just then, Gu Jingyu returned.

The tanned girl hastily said, “Ah, Brother Bantu. You’re back.”

He smiled and walked up to Su Wan. “Open your mouth,” he said to her.

Su Wan opened her mouth obediently.

He placed the ginseng slice into her mouth.

“Oohh…” It was so bitter.

Gu Jingyu said, “It will be tasteless soon. I have sweets with me here too. Once you’re done eating it, I’ll give you sweets to eat.”

Beside them, the tanned girl was about to cry.

Pouting, she looked at the two of them hatefully.

Gu Jingyu said, “What’s wrong? Ah Shan, is anything the matter?”

The tanned girl said, “Brother Bantu, you… you’re so mean. Oh, oh, oh.”

She ran out while saying this.

Su Wan gave a splutter of laughter. She looked at Gu Jingyu and said, “Even here, you still have so much charisma.”

Gu Jingyu looked at her. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

“I mean it. Can’t you tell that that young girl likes you? That’s why she’s jealous.”

Gu Jingyu glanced outside before turning his head back.

“Enough. Lie down and rest up first. There will be an evening party tonight. Everyone is sleeping outdoors. Don’t you want to participate?”

“I do, I do. Of course, I want to.”

“In that case, listen to me and lie down.” Gu Jingyu pushed her down and looked at her while saying, “I saw the news about you.”

Su Wan froze.

He said, “You did well as the Panda Goddess. I watched it and you were very beautiful.”

Su Wan’s heart twitched.

No matter how well she did, she never felt accomplished.

It was only until today that he told her she was beautiful…

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