The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1566 - Everything Became Insignificant Now That I’ve Met You

1566 Everything Became Insignificant Now That I’ve Met You

Su Wan said nothing. She walked with the trekking group using the alias Su Zi.

Everyone took very good care of her. They were particularly concerned about her probably because there were fewer girls.

The mountain range was boundless. Brillant snow covered the mountains in the distance. The air was so clean that it made her feel strange. Since she was used to the smog in B City, she felt a little worried now that she was here.

She was worried about what she would do if she liked this place too much and did not want to go back.

During the journey, she kept hearing members say that many people did not want to leave after coming here or would come again each year. Many people came here on a pilgrimage and would stay for that purpose.

Many people were kneeling all the way to the entrance of the temple.

But Su Wan felt exhausted.

Although she worked out often for health’s sake, it could not compare to trekking like this.

The good thing was that she had pretty good stamina.

The old man behind her told her, “Your stamina is better than it looks.”

“Thank you, Uncle. I can’t go on any longer. I’m enduring it with all my will.”

“Hehe, little lady, you have such a good temper. Many of the young ladies these days can’t withstand it. They have particularly bad tempers, especially those as beautiful as you. Little lady, are you married yet?”

“Not yet…”

“Do you have a partner?”

“Not yet either…”

“Dear me, look, this is my son. He’s probably about the same age as you. He’s been working for a few years and still doesn’t have a girlfriend. Worse, he isn’t looking for one despite my nagging. I reckon it’s because he hasn’t met someone as pretty as you. Look and tell me what you think.”

While speaking, the old man handed Su Wan a photograph.

Su Wan was speechless. She looked at the delicate and pretty boy and smiled dryly. “He’s… quite handsome.”

She was a little bashful. She had never encountered such an incident, so she genuinely did not know how to deal with it.

Fortunately, the people in front very quickly came to save her from embarrassment.

“Oh no, Old Wu. Why are you introducing her to your son? My son doesn’t have a wife yet too. Come, Little Su, look at mine…”

The two of them started arguing. Feeling even more awkward, Su Wan hastily ran to the front.

Beside her, the native group leader smiled and said to her, “These people can’t resist the urge to bring beautiful women into their families when they see them. But you’re so beautiful. Do you really have no boyfriend?”

“I don’t have one…”

“He’ll be coming here soon. I’ll introduce a handsome guy to you.”


“Hey, don’t look at me like that. The handsome guy I’ll introduce to you is a handsome guy. He can compare to the top superstars. He’s the most handsome guy we have here, and so many young girls are rushing to marry him. But he’s too solitary and isn’t easy to get along with. He gets along with us men, but his tongue is vicious with women. You’ll see him soon. I think he probably won’t speak so harshly to you.”

Su Wan smiled. A top superstar?

She had met quite a few.

But it was not enough for a boyfriend to just be handsome.

However, she still could not reject others’ good intentions.

“I’ll thank you in advance.”

“Of course. I don’t even introduce him to other people. It’s because I think you’re honest and adorable, and… you’re worthy of our Bantu.”

“His name is Bantu?”

“Yes. He’s here to bring education to underdeveloped areas. All the children really like him. He teaches English particularly well. He was here to trek as well and decided to stay.”

He was very good at teaching English?

She had met someone very good at teaching English.

They arrived at their destination in no time.

Impossibly tired, Su Wan gulped down water.

The group leader shouted at the people inside.

“Hey, where’s Bantu? I brought him a beauty.”

“What beauty?” A tanned girl peeked out reluctantly.

“None of your business, Black Chick.”

“Hmph, it’s my business. You men only know to cause trouble for Bantu.”

“Ha. Enough. You fancy him, but he doesn’t fancy you. Move aside.”


She could tell that the little girl was quite young. She looked tanned, probably because her skin color was like this, to begin with. She was not bad-looking, just big-sized.

Su Wan smiled as she watched the people inside continue to shout. The young girl then looked at Su Wan.

She looked her up and down before stomping her foot and going in.

“Bantu, you must be careful. Girls who are too beautiful are always disasters. My mother said so.”

“Bantu, don’t listen to her. Quick, stop tidying up. Come out and look.”

A tall and sturdy figure walked out.

His honey-colored skin looked especially healthy under the strong UV rays.

After that, he looked over with narrowed eyes.

Su Wan also looked up. When she saw him, she was shocked and immediately covered her mouth with her hands.


She nearly called out his name, but she immediately stopped herself.

She looked at him, stunned.

Gu Jingyu.


Was he the Bantu they had been talking about?

After not seeing him for a long time, he had become much healthier. His hair was scattered, and he was dressed in dark ethnic clothes. He looked…

Just as strong as a Khampa man.

But his gentle and sensual eyes still caused her to fall into them with one glance, just like she had back then.

Gu Jingyu… Gu Jingyu…

No one knew where he had gone.

But he had been staying here quietly all along, right?

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Heh. Just as I said, Bantu is very handsome. You’re stunned at the sight of him, right?”

Everyone looked at the two of them teasingly.

Gu Jingyu was first to react. Smiling, he turned around to pat the group leader before removing the gloves on his hands and tossing them aside.

His smile looked especially nice as it showed his teeth.

Su Wan looked at him and merely felt her eyes moisten.

He, on the other hand.

In the blink of an eye, he had already walked to the spot beside her.

Seeing this, the people around them giggled and said, “Enough, enough. Everyone else, move to the side first.”

The group leader also felt that something could happen between the two of them. He glanced at the two of them suggestively and pulled the tanned girl away.

The tanned girl was reluctant to leave, but someone dragged her off.

Su Wan looked at Gu Jingyu. Even though there was no one around, she still could not say a word after a long, long time.

“Why are you, why are you…”

Why was he here?

But Gu Jingyu first smiled.

“You ran all the way here. What about work?”

“I… I’m taking a break for a month.”

Gu Jingyu smiled. He glanced behind him and pulled her inside.

“Let’s go. There’s too much sun here. If you get tanned, I think Li Xiao will scold you to death.”

To celebrities, their skin and their appearance were still very important.

“Yes. He’s such a nag.” Su Wan’s heart could not calm down after a long time.

The place they entered was a simple room.

She could see some daily necessities placed neatly inside.

There were various photographs of his travels on the wall. The photographs captured his lively manner.

There were textbooks and notebooks densely packed together at the side.

With one glance, she could vividly see what his life was like.

Simple yet fulfilling.

Gu Jingyu said, “Drink a bit of this. You’re probably dead tired from walking all the way here.”

“I’m not tired. I’m not tired.” Su Wan looked at him.

Everything seemed unimportant now that she could see him.

At this moment, all she felt was excitement. She did not feel tired at all.

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