The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1563 We’ll Help Her to Eradicate

Chapter 1563 We’ll Help Her to Eradicate

"Oh, what are you guys doing? How can you do this?"

Emily quickly ran over.

However, the reporters outside had already fanatically started taking pictures.

Su Wan wiped off the egg yolk, pulled Emily along, and headed inside.

At the back, Sun Rourou scoffed and walked with a gloomy face.

This scene stayed fresh in many people's memories.

Unsurprisingly, they immediately aired it on television.

They also put the scene of Su Wan getting hit onto the Internet, and it even became an emoticon.

The news captioned, "Su Wan got hit by eggs because of the rumors of her and Gu Jingyu."

The fans immediately commented, "She deserves it. What do you mean it's because of rumors? We hope our Jingyu would have his bliss, but just one thing, we won't allow anyone to make use of our Jingyu."

"She got hit because she made use of Jingyu to hype herself up."

"We can't stand seeing someone taking advantage of our Jingyu."

"Our Jingyu is so pure, and you're not to tarnish him."

"Away with your devious heart, stay away from our Jingyu."

Su Wan looked at all these.

In the office, the manager looked at her. "Although Gu Jingyu doesn't enjoy filming anything in recent years, he still has the most number of fans. You better be careful."

Su Wan nodded her head.

"Just don't go out for this period, you'll just film for Cafe's new episodes. This is a new drama, take a look. It'll be fine after a while."


Su Wan only looked at those curses.

Who would believe her if she said she did not make use of Gu Jingyu?

What about Gu Jingyu? Would he believe her?

Su Wan switched on her mobile phone and saw Gu Jingyu's number.

She wanted to tell him but did not dare to call him.

Su Wan thought about it and signed up for an account on Weibo.

She could send a personal message to Gu Jingyu, but there were plenty who would send private messages to him every day. Hers would probably get buried in the sea of them.

No matter, she was just one of them, anyway. To a bright star-like him, her weak light like a firefly would just get ignored.

She wrote, "Jingyu, I think you won't see this at all. I'm writing this letter to you from this small corner of mine. I'm sure you won't see this."

"I think they're right. I can't match up to you."

"You're so great, so mighty, so pure."

"You're so gorgeous, so good looking, and your eyelashes are so long, your nose is so cute, your mouth is so gentle."

"Your eyes are like the stars above the sea. And I am just a tiny boat, forever small and weak."

"Jingyu, I think they're right. I was hoping to get close to you from the start, so I didn't stop myself from getting close to you. But, as I got close, I realized that I'm that small and not good enough for you. At least for now."

"So I resisted and wanted to run away. I'm so inferior and pathetic. The current me can't match up to you in all aspects."

"But I'm content. I've gotten close to the best version of you, considerably. That is what I can envision to be the closest I can get to you."

"Just like a small fan, adorning an idol."

"I'm already your luckiest fan. Thank you for giving me a chance to get close to you."

Su Wan put down the phone and stood there.

She felt much better after letting these words out.

She hoped he would not see it. In that way, their relationship would still be pure and simple.

Just like the past few days, how wonderfully they got along.

At night, Gu Jingyu saw the messages online.

Things have more or less been packed up at his side. Looking up at how Su Wan got hit by an egg, he frowned and repeatedly looked at the image.

"Why didn't anyone look up the person who threw the egg?" Gu Jingyu asked.

The manager said, "How do we look now? We can't do anything either if we find out it's a fan who did it."

"What if it's not?"


"I think the fans might not have done it." Gu Jingyu kept his mobile phone and pondered for a while. He said, "Get someone to investigate."

"Alright, I'll get people to look at the surveillance cameras."

The manager had no choice. He sighed as he shook his head. "Tell me. You're already leaving. Why do you care about all these?"

Gu Jingyu also looked at that bag. "Because I started it. I need to fix it."

"Are you going on foot? I think it's very tiring. Think about it, why do you want to torture yourself?"

"What do you know? It's much better for the body to be tired than the heart," he said as he got up to head out.

It did not take long for his manager to return.

"You're right." He said, "I've seen the surveillance tapes. That person had planned it from the start. He came in from the back and ran off after throwing the egg. Look, it's this guy."

"Have you found out who it was?"

"I've got someone to check it out. This guy got out and arrived at this building before going home. I've checked the monitors inside and discovered that he had taken money from a woman."

"This person is…" Gu Jingyu looked.

It was Sun Rourou.

He had seen her at the Cafe recently, so he had an impression of her.

She probably felt that Su Wan had little power. Threatening her a little did not require too much effort, and so she did it quite brazenly.

However, all these little tricks are what some newcomers would resort to.

Su Wan was still a small-time artiste.

If her rank got higher, like Lin Che, things would be different.

But Gu Jingyu was an experienced person, after all. All these little schemes were nothing to him.

"Take care of this person."

"How?" The manager asked.

"Make her say goodbye to the industry."


It was too easy to make a small time artiste to leave the industry.

Mostly when it was someone like Sun Rourou, she had no backing, and she would have a lot of negative points.

Simply finding a negative point would be enough to finish her.

In the afternoon, Su Wan sat alone in the cafe.

It was finally empty, and she looked outside while supporting her head. Just then, Gu Jingyu arrived.

He got down from his car outside and immediately walked in.

Everyone at the cafe looked at Su Wan and Gu Jingyu.

Su Wan stood up in surprise.

Gu Jingyu said, "Come with me."


Gu Jingyu brought Su Wan along to the back of the cafe where Sun Rourou was.

"Sun Rourou, is it?"

Sun Rourou froze.

She stood up from the back, trembling.

"That's me…"

She felt extremely terrified upon seeing Gu Jingyu's expression.

After all, her status was too low as compared to him.

Gu Jingyu wanted to pinch her to death, just as simple as pinching an ant.

"Senior Gu…"

He tossed a document onto Sun Rourou's face.

"I heard you sold your body here in the past, right?"

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