The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1562 I Know I’m Not Good Enough For Him

Chapter 1562 I Know I’m Not Good Enough For Him

However, on the second day.

Su Wan had just arrived at the company when someone said, "Su Wan… you have some big news."

Su Wan was surprised.

"What news?"

Su Wan did not know what it was when she saw Sun Rourou suddenly walk out of the room.

She looked at Su Wan coldly and told Emily, "Learn from others. She became big news without a sound. Pretending like she doesn't care, but in fact, a person like this is the most frightening. She'll become famous, it's true. I'm telling you guys. A person like this will be famous. With all the schemes, it's impossible not to be famous.

Su Wan still had no idea about what had happened. She noticed everyone giving her all kinds of looks—some of envy, some of jealousy. There were all kinds of speculations.

Emily went to pull Su Wan over.

"Don't pay any attention to them."

Just then, inside.

"Su Wan, you've arrived. Come here for a while."

Su Wan's manager had come.

Su Wan was stunned and walked over.

Everyone looked in her direction.

"It's finished. Do you think you can become famous by having a relationship with Gu Jingyu? Hmph, Gu Jingyu is good friends with our President Lin. Making use of Gu Jingyu would entail a dressing down."

"That's right. Moreover, the Internet is scolding her."

"Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are you compatible with Gu Jingyu?"

Su Wan entered the meeting room.

"You were caught on camera last night. Did you know that?"


Su Wan froze up and saw her manager throw a tablet over.

The online news.

She was in a car with Gu Jingyu heading towards the outskirts.

An official account's gossip said, "The two of them left happily. According to sources, they met while filming Cafe. They had only just met, and they can't wait to travel together. Who knows what exactly their relationship is?"

Su Wan started receiving a dressing down because of this.

The comments said:

"What kind of scallion is Su Wan?"

"Why do all kinds of people want to hog our Jingyu?"

"Jingyu is already keeping such a low profile, and he still gets pestered."

"Our Jingyu is too kind-hearted."

"Getting together with Jingyu after having just met means it's not sincere. We shall help Jingyu get rid of this type of person."

In an instant, the uproar on the Internet made Su Wan's heart sink.

Su Wan bit her lips. "I… I don't know…"

"You and Gu Jingyu…"

"There's nothing between us. We just know each other," Su Wan lowered her head and said.

The manager sighed. "Alright, then make a statement to express that nothing is going on between you two."


Su Wan did not want to be exposed either.

She thought she had gotten him into trouble by taking him to that sort of place for drinks. There was a high possibility that someone noticed him.

Su Wan made her statement on Weibo.

"Regarding Senior Gu Jingyu and I, it was just a coincidence that we were having drinks together. I only have respect for him as a senior, and he only has kindness for a junior. Nothing is going on between us. I hope the public will not fabricate tales."

Immediately, someone started reprimanding.

"What's this? You want to leave after making use of our Jingyu to give yourself some hype?"

"Now you say nothing is going on. We won't agree with your making use of our Jingyu to hype yourself up. We'll only smear your name. So quickly change your statement."

"Hype. Blacklist forever."

When Su Wan headed out, she had never expected that many would surround her.

In the company, Emily looked at her. "Why? Actually, I think it's not a big deal if you guys are together. What are these people going on about?"

Su Wan said, "There's nothing in the first place."

Emily said, "But I think he's interested in you. Otherwise, why would he come with you to have some skewer food? Such a high-profile person and he came all the way to have skewers with us…"

Unbeknownst to them, Sun Rourou came over from the back. When she heard this conversation, she said, "Oh my, you even had skewer food together. He's even interested in you. Wow, if this word got out, everyone would laugh until their teeth dropped."

Su Wan looked up at Sun Rourou.

Emily got up and snarled, "Sun Rourou. Why? What's wrong with Gu Jingyu liking Su Wan? What are you going on about?"

"Ha, tell me what's wrong. The entire world can see that they're not compatible."

The entire could see… they were not compatible.

Su Wan's heart sank heavily.

Her heart reminded her of the warm and gentle guy amid the autumn leaves.

She gave a miserable smile and looked up directly at Sun Rourou. "Enough, Sun Rourou. Nothing is going on between us. I've already made a statement saying that. This matter would disappear very soon, and nobody will remember it again. However, I hope you can stop reminding me. I know better than anyone else… the gap we have between us. I know it better than anyone else, I'm not good enough for him. I know my limits. You don't have to keep harping on it."

Sun Rourou was stunned after Su Wan retorted to her.

Although she did not say it in a very imposing manner, it left Sun Rourou suddenly speechless.

Perhaps Su Wan's expression made one unable to say anything anymore.

The decisiveness and hopelessness made one feel like if anything more was said, there would be agony.

Su Wan took her bag and walked out.


Over that side, Gu Jingyu looked at Su Wan's statement.

His manager said, "This is really… You too. Why did you go out for some skewer food?"

Gu Jingyu only kept his eyes on what was written.

'Towards him, I only have respect for him as a senior.'

His lips curled. He tossed his mobile phone to a side without a care.

"Alright, I won't go anymore. Won't that do?"

The manager looked at him lying on the bed. For a moment, he had no idea what to say too.

The gossip went on for a few days.

The cafe was going to air for its first week.

Because of this topic, Cafe's viewership skyrocketed.

The filming for Cafe continued.

Su Wan was still at work when she got surrounded by people.

"It's Su Wan."

"She looks quite good in real life."

"Oh my, let me see. Su Wan, Su Wan, let's take a picture."

Su Wan lowered her head and did not want to say a word.

She pretended not to hear, and her heartfelt cold beyond measure.

"Oh wow, such a big shot, ignoring people."

Just then…

Just as Su Wan lifted her head, an egg hit her face.

Su Wan froze.

At the back.

A figure ran away quickly.

The yolk dripped down her hair, all the way to her face, chin, and then onto her white clothes.

She stood there in a daze, feeling as if her soul went missing.

It seemed like everything had solidified. The egg yolk crept into her mouth—a little bitter, like how she felt at that moment.

Yet this scenario was filmed right away.

At the back, Sun Rourou laughed. Emily quickly ran over.

"What are you all doing? Is this really how you should treat a girl?"

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