The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1557 Where Are the Guys’ Principles?

Chapter 1557 Where Are the Guys’ Principles?

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che sympathetically. "Don't blame me if I don't get it right…"

"Go on, go on." Lu Beichen passed the lipstick to Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin's hands were tied behind her back. With lipstick in her mouth, she looked at Gu Jingming.

She could not bear to write on Gu Jingming's handsome face.


Gu Jingming lowered his head. He was too tall, and he had to come to a half squat. Yu Minmin lowered her head to write, but it was really quite tricky just to use her mouth. Seeing how his face was a mess, Yu Minmin bit onto the lipstick guiltily and looked at him pitifully.

She really did not have any artistic flair.

"Oh my, it's done. Lin Che, do the pushups!"

Lu Beichen looked at the name that was written incorrigibly.

Yu Minmin tossed the lipstick and looked at Lin Che listlessly. "I tried my best."

Lu Beichen said, "Enough, enough. Do it quickly. Pushups!"

Lin Che looked at him, feeling oppressed.

Lu Beichen was getting arrogant when they let him be the host.

Lin Che scoffed, and just as she wanted to start, she felt that she could not do it.

She immediately looked up and looked at Gu Jingze with agony. "Do you want me to do it?"

Gu Jingze wanted to turn his head away at the sight of those eyes.

Lin Che said, "Once I'm done, I'll be paralyzed. You really want me to do it?"


Lu Beichen noticed this and glared. "Hey, Gu Jingze, whose side are you on?"

Lin Che put a hand on her waist. "What side? He's my husband. If he's not on my side, should he be on your side?"


Gu Jingze's heart fired up the moment he heard that and hurried over.

"Alright, alright. Don't do it. We won't do it."

"Y-y-you. Gu Jingze, can you have some principles?"

Lin Che said, "What? Does he need to have principles towards his wife? Having principles towards you is without a doubt. Having principles towards me… that's impossible!"


Lu Beichen looked at the two of them.

Then he looked at the threatening smile that Gu Jingze had. He could only sigh.

He could not afford to offend…

He turned his head to the other bridesmaid.

Mu Feiran…

Mu Feiran was stunned but just then…

"What? You think she doesn't have anyone behind her?"

At this moment, Black Eagle stepped out.

Lu Beichen looked at Black Eagle speechlessly.

Seriously, how was he going to carry on?

"Look at you guys. Look at all of you men. Can you have some principles? Why are you afraid of women? Seriously."

Gu Jingyan dragged Lu Beichen aside at this moment. "Oh, you're not afraid, eh?"


Everyone started laughing.

The time in the nuptial chamber was left to Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin. Everyone stepped out, and the room turned quiet.

Gu Jingming took a glass of red wine and placed it on the table. Seeing Yu Minmin sitting on the bed, he walked over, got down, and took off her high heel shoes.

Yu Minmin said, "We're already tired from the wedding. You still want…"

Gu Jingming grabbed her legs.

Yu Minmin's heart jumped.

He smiled and said, "Yeah. Because when I think about it, we didn't have time to consummate our marriage the last time. This time…"

"This time… what?"

"I want to make up for everything."


His hands grabbed her legs, and she could not draw them back.

In a moment, he pinned her down. He held her and looked at her face.

Yu Minmin felt nice and warm. Looking at him, she was not tired at all.

"So, are you happy today?" he asked.


"This is called a wedding ceremony, right?"

Yes, though tiring, thinking about it, every scene was eventful.

She smiled. He said, "Alright, then. We only lack the last part… then our wedding will be over."

How could she disappoint in this moment of spring?

The two of them cuddled. Outside, the moonlight was bright.

Gu Jingyu got home and got a call from Lin Che.

"We're doing a program in a few days. Go and help out. Get on stage."

"Get on stage?"

"Yes, the name is Cafe."

"Can I reject?"

"You can't!"

Lin Che immediately hung up after she said her words.

Gu Jingyu scoffed. Seriously…


The cafe program was going to start soon.

The artists from Lin Che's studio were quite harmonious.

But they were not spotless exactly.

After the company had gotten big, there would always be some artists with good skills but very cautious who would join. Six newcomers were taking part. Three males and three females.

Su Wan was one of them.

Emily was also one of them. Like Su Wan, both of them were very cautious and looked at the location of the cafe.

The location was not on a very crowded street. They were afraid that too many people would affect the filming. So they chose a place where there was not much of a crowd.

Emily looked at the menu and said, "I don't know how to do a lot of things. I've never done it before. I hope I won't mess up and embarrass Sister Che."

Su Wan said, "I was a service staff at a cafe before. It's alright. It's just that I can't do coffee art well."

"I heard Chen Ming knows how to. He used to be a bartender, and Sister Che pulled him from a bar."

"Then it should be fine."

"Ah, I hope the viewership ratings will rise. But we're just newcomers. Not sure if Sister Che would find her friends or something to give us moral support."

From another side, Sun Rourou walked over as she spoke.

Su Wan smiled. Emily said, "Fame, you only think about fame. Fame also depends on luck."

Sun Rourou said, "Why? Don't you want to get famous? I just want to get famous. Which celebrity doesn't wish to be famous, am I right? Even Sister Che said that she wanted fame."

Emily pouted.

Su Wan said, "Yeah, I want to be famous too."

"That's right. I'll have many fans when I'm famous. I'll immediately return home in glory. I'll let those back home who speculate if I was selling myself as an artist have nothing more to say."

Su Wan laughed. "Alright, I just think that I would have food on my table once I'm famous."

Yes, she was different from them. Having food on the table was a problem for her. How could she care about other things?

She pondered about being able to earn money. Then, she would not have to rent and stay in such a small underground apartment, and she would not have to think about means to buy clothes or what to eat.

These were her immediate concerns.

She was just realistic.

She packed up her things and said goodbye to everyone. When she returned, she bought a basket of buns on the way back. She returned to her rented apartment. She placed the humble buns on the table and started eating.

Lin Che had spent quite a lot of money for her to sign with this new company.

All the money from the advertisements and appearances she made were set aside to return to the company.

She looked at the savings in the bank and ate the bun with satisfaction.

She also hoped to get famous. Once famous, she could clear her debt and save more money for a good life.

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