The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1556 Into The Nuptial Chamber

Chapter 1556 Into The Nuptial Chamber

Ah Bi looked at Xue Yang, and the both of them looked at each other. They felt that there was nothing more important than them being together. She did not have to have anything.

But Xue Yang would not let her have this injustice. Even if she had let go of the Wesley family, she would have what other girls had. She would also have what other girls did not have.

Now all he wanted was to work hard, to let her be happy.

This wedding was reported as if it was raining flowers.

There was a live telecast online, and there were more views than their wedding of the century.

The media followed them throughout.

It was an honor for the celebrities who could attend the President's wedding. Each of them showed off on Weibo.

The artists from Ye Ning Studio had all arrived, and those from other companies who could not attend were very envious and jealous. They thought that Ye Ning Studio had all the luck. Anything good would be theirs.

Everyone took their seats and greeted one another.

From afar, Su Wan saw Gu Jingyu.

He sat at the relatives' chair and was further.

Though it had been a long time, and she did not care so much about the past anymore, she still felt that he was someone special deep down in her heart.

Everyone looked in front with envy. Nobody knew about her relationship with Gu Jingyu, and nobody knew why she was looking at that side. What was she looking at?

"Mr. President is so handsome."

"Yeah, and he's so gentle to his wife."

"This kind of love is enough for a lifetime."

"Pity, not everybody could meet someone like the President. Especially in our industry. Sisters, we better open our eyes."

"If only we could be like Sister Che. Meeting someone as nice as Gu Jingze while being in our industry."

They nominated Su Wan"I have a boyfriend, anyway. Oh yes, the company wants to do a program in a few days. Opening a cafe. I want to take part in it. Su wan, come take part as well?"

Su Wan looked up. "Oh, yes."

They had invited some newcomers to the cafe program. They wanted to spur on the popularity of the company's newcomers.

Su Wan was nominated to go for it as well.

The program was about a few partners opening a cafe, and they would film the events that happen in the cafe.

There might be fans who would recognize them at the opening. The cafe's operation would be left to them.

"I wonder how the result of the program will be."

"It's Sister Che's program. It won't be bad. She has good foresight."

At the front.

The ceremony had ended.

Some guests made their move first. The reporters outside stopped each guest for an interview. They wanted to ask about the wedding details. However, the details had been moved to Gu Jingming's new home.

Nobody dared mention the nuptial chamber in the previous wedding. Now, it was time to make up for it.

Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin sat there and watched a group of people surround them. They were anxious.

"I somehow feel that you guys want to eat us up," Gu Jingming said.

Yu Minmin quickly added on, "Don't make too much of a fuss…"

Lu Beichen said, "No way. How we went to receive the bride must be returned in the same way."

Yu Minmin gasped. "You can't be like this…"

Now it was the time to mess with the bridesmaids. Everyone looked at Mu Feiran and Lin Che.

"Alright, whatever you can't do, the two bridesmaids can do it."

Lin Che placed her hands on her hips. "What do you guys want?!"

Lu Beichen said, "Ah, there are no siblings here. You're a bridesmaid. We're the ones who would make things difficult for you, understand?"

Mu Feiran said, "Don't go too far. Everyone would still have to see one another often in the future."

Lu Beichen said, "Now you say you want to meet. Why didn't you think of this when you embarrassed me earlier on?"


Lin Che said, "Alright, alright. Tell us what you want."

Lu Beichen took some wedding candy.

"Here, this is some wedding candy. I'll write everyone's name on it."

Everyone looked as he wrote the names.

He said, "Later, everyone will hold their heads up. Everyone has a part in this. Now, the bridesmaids must put the wedding candy into the bride's… dress!"

"What?" Lin Che took the wedding candy and sprinkled it into Yu Minmin's clothes.

Lu Beichen said, "Good. Now our groom will help us pick a prize. Groom, quickly go get it."

"What?!" Yu Minmin exclaimed loudly. "No."

How was he going to get it in front of so many people…

"Come on, there's nothing to be shy about now that you're married. Hurry up."

Gu Jingming looked at him and smiled at the rest. "You guys really want to make things difficult for us, eh?"

"Yes, yes, we didn't dare to do it the last time. Now we have to."

"Fine. Don't think I can't take my revenge on you guys." Gu Jingming pointed at them and said, "Just wait."

Lu Beichen said, "We'll talk about the future when it comes. Now, listen to me. Otherwise… Don't think about consummating today. We'll wait right here."

Gu Jingming saw that he was all alone for today. He cleared his throat and looked shyly at Yu Minmin. With a swift move, his hands went into where her chest was.

No one could see anything, actually, but everyone still cheered.

They watched Gu Jingming move his hand around for a long time…

Yu Minmin was so shy until she buried her head in his chest. She felt his hand move around and blushed even more.

"Okay, the first one is out!"

"Another one."


"The night of spring is worth thousands. Hurry up."

"It's the second one already. Alright, last one. Quick, quick."

Gu Jingming was really speechless. Everyone was only satisfied when he had dug for three in total.

Lin Che thought it was a relief that they did not dare mess with Gu Jingze that time. If not…

So embarrassing!

But it was indeed interesting.

Seeing everyone having a good laugh, the newlyweds had their faces in red. It was not of anger, though. They knew that everyone came for good fun and they naturally would not mind so much.

"The next part is good. Groom, come over. Starting from now, the bride would place lipstick in her mouth, and she has to write the groom's name on his face. If she doesn't get it right, the bridesmaids would have to do ten pushups."

Lin Che protested, "Why has it got to be us?"

Lu Beichen said, "Why not you? If the bride is too tired, how is she going to consummate?"


"Hehe. This is because you're the bridesmaid."

Lin Che and Mu Feiran looked at each other speechlessly. They felt like they had walked into a lion's den.

"Lu Beichen, watch out. Don't think there won't be a day that I can deal with you."

"Haha, we'll talk when that happens."

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