The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1296 - The Woman Who Had Left Gu Jingyu

Chapter 1296 The Woman Who Had Left Gu Jingyu

Lin Che wore a blue gown to the event.The gown made her figure appear extremely long and slender. It made her seem even more elegant. Lin Che also seemed to have an aura apart from that of a celebrity, perhaps because of the topics that had surrounded her recently. When they looked at her now, everyone felt that she had the particular charisma that was characteristic of the elites. She now seemed completely different from an ordinary celebrity, because many celebrities usually gave off the feeling that they had poor academic qualifications. Lin Che herself did not have any particularly outstanding qualifications. She had only graduated from an ordinary performing academy.

But after this incident, she had the charm of an elite student. She did not even seem to pale in comparison to those celebrities with so-called high academic qualifications.

When Lin Che arrived, the entire hall seemed to look at her as if there was a ring of light around her. All the executives of the television station liked her more and more as they looked at her. Only female celebrities like her, who were full of positivity, kept a low profile, and were full of charisma, made people feel that they had much more depth. They did not give off a shallow feeling like those women who were merely pretty faces.

Afterward, Gu Jingyu also arrived at the television station. Seeing that Gu Jingyu, who usually could not be bothered to appear at any event, was actually showing respect for his feelings this time, the top executive of the television station felt even happier.

The top executive came over and clasped Gu Jingyu’s hands as he thanked Gu Jingyu. Even if he did not come, they would have nothing to say. After all, apart from being one of the top A-list celebrities in the country, he was also the Third Young Master of the Gu family.

Meanwhile, the top executive was saying, “We’re very surprised that Jingyu could come. We heard that Jingyu is usually quite busy and doesn’t really have time to attend events. We’re genuinely…”

Gu Jingyu immediately waved his hands. “It’s all because that brat Lin Che threatened me and said that I had to come. Good lord, she made me wake up so early in the morning.”


The executive was momentarily speechless. But it suddenly registered in his mind that Lin Che actually dared to threaten Gu Jingyu.

It seemed that Lin Che was quite impressive too.

That night, it was reported on the news that Gu Jingyu and Lin Che had attended the party to celebrate “Ray of Light” achieving its highest viewer ratings.

The people outside watched the news quietly. In the dorm room, someone said directly, “Hey, didn’t someone from our dorm act in this television series too? Why didn’t she attend the celebratory party?”

Everyone’s gazes immediately centered on Su Wan inside.

Su Wan was currently sitting on the top bunk and writing a script. There was going to be a school play in a few days. In the group, she was in charge of writing the script.

Her pen did not stop moving when she heard the people below talking. She continued writing where she was.

Her roommates left no room for ambiguity either. Not caring whether or not she had heard, they said bluntly, “Huh. Maybe those like her, who had pitifully little screentime, weren’t allowed to go.”

“Did you guys think that playing one role would make her a celebrity? Her role was just a minor one. Outside of the production, no one can remember her name.”

“Really? Really? I thought that some people moved out to sleep around. Their roles should be fairly significant.”

“No one moved out. Isn’t everyone in our dorm here?”

“Eh, you forgot. Previously, someone moved out. But she moved back in not long ago.”

“Ha. She moved back again in such a short time. It’s difficult for anyone to even have feelings for her. I forgot that it even happened.”

“Haha. Some people don’t have enough charm. There’s nothing they can do about it.”

Su Wan remained silent. Just then, someone outside knocked on the door. She came in and said immediately, “Su Wan, how’s your script going? Why isn’t it done yet?”

Su Wan said, “It’s done. I’ll show it to you.”

She got down from the bunk and showed the script to the leader. The leader was satisfied as she read it. Thereafter, she said, “It’s alright.”

“Leader,” she stopped her and continued, “Previously, you said that you could give me a role after I finished the script.”

The leader looked at her and said impatiently, “We’ll see.”

Seeing that she was about to speak again, the leader said bluntly, “Alright, alright. I’m still busy.” The leader then left hurriedly.

Internally, she even thought to herself, Who would dare to help Su Wan? She had heard that Su Wan’s elder sister was very powerful. It would not be good if she accidentally offended her.

Su Wan felt a cramp in her abdomen. For a long time, she crouched on the ground in pain. Her period had come and at such times, her stomach would hurt to no end. Initially, she wanted to go and buy painkillers, but when she looked at the money in her pocket…

She quietly saved up the money.

She had not been getting an allowance for a long time. On top of that, she had not been able to work while living at Gu Jingyu’s before this.

At this moment, Chen Jian gave her a call. “Little Wan, is your period about to come? I’m downstairs, outside your dorm.”

Chen Jian was her good friend at university. For so many years, he was the only man who dared to get close to her.

Because she had been a relationship with her own brother-in-law in the past. There were even rumors that she had caused her brother-in-law’s death. Thus, many people in school dared not even approach her and were not willing to do so.

But Chen Jian had never cared about this.

When she went downstairs, Chen Jian was already waiting there, carrying a large bag of things.

Su Wan looked at him and asked jokingly, “Why do you remember it more clearly than I do?”

“Oh, you.” He looked at her tenderly. “You can’t even remember your own dates, yet you’re not embarrassed to say that. Here, painkillers, hot porridge and some dishes. Eat well and sleep well.”

As he looked at Su Wan, his heart was filled with delight. Recently, he had not seen her at all. She had been so busy with filming that she could not come back, causing him to feel empty inside.

Su Wan looked at him, not daring to look at his eyes.

She was not a child. She understood what his gaze meant.

She herself had thought before that Chen Jian treated her so well. Perhaps he would treat her even better if she got together with him. However, she could not because she always felt that if that happened. She would be harming him instead.

Especially now, after she had gotten involved with Gu Jingyu like this. What right did she have to commit to a relationship with such a good man?

Su Wan hastily took the bag from him and said, “Alright. I still have to get to my part-time job. You should go ahead…”

In reality, all of them were very envious of her. Chen Jian was a very good person. In addition, according to the rumors, his family background was not bad. That was why the Su family could not do anything to him.

At night, she worked part-time at a pub.

She could not find a suitable job elsewhere. Working here at night meant that at worst, she slept a bit less. It did not interfere with her studies and her auditions in the day.

This pub was quite big. Many people in the industry came here too. Thus, many fangirls were here to pursue their idols. Since the pub’s prices were very high, they came to work as servers.

Usually, some of the customers would ask directly for Su Wan when they saw her. But she was a server and did not do anything else, so she would refuse to the extent that she could.

Recently, some people had grown much more interested in her after hearing that she was at any rate a celebrity and an actress that had been on the news.

“Su Wan, go to the customer in Room 101.”

When she heard the supervisor’s words, Su Wan turned her head and asked, “Supervisor, why should I go there? That’s not my position.”

“Just go since I’m asking you to. You’re so troublesome. I’m telling you, you definitely can’t afford to offend the person in that room. Other people are so eager to go. You’re getting a bargain, you know?”

As Su Wan was being pushed in, she did in fact see that the other servers around her were all looking at her with nearly fanatical gazes. With their jealous expressions, it seemed that they were about to eat her.

As for Su Wan, she only understood what was happening the moment she went in.

In the row of people inside, there was an extremely eye-catching man leaning backward.

It was Gu Jingyu.

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