The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 1295 - Such A Turn Around

Chapter 1295 Such A Turn Around

The television broadcast station also felt annoyed at celebrities who kept finding trouble.

And clearly, Wu Yufei wasn’t a celebrity whom others would take a great liking to.

Therefore, when the television broadcast station saw these fans, they got the security guards to chase them out, saying impatiently, “All of you, get out, get out. This is the television station. Those without an identification card can’t enter. Which celebrity has such poor qualities? We already said that our studio hasn’t made seating arrangements for fans, yet they called so many of them here. Are they trying to show that they have a lot of fans?”

“That’s right. It’s probably not a big shot celebrity anyway. Those big shots wouldn’t need to get fans to come to create a commotion. That’s why they never bring people with them nor do they need to show that they have a lot of fans.

They purposely said these for the fans to hear.

When the fans heard that, they’d feel unhappy even if they didn’t show it on their faces.

The fans at the back who had just changed sides also started to speak up.

“That’s right. Real celebrities don’t need to fake things and get people to come and show support. Look, Lin Che had come by herself just now.”

“Hmph, to think that you were complaining about us. It’s already considered good that we came here to show support, yet you don’t even allow us to chase other celebrities. This is really shameless.”

The fans started to create a ruckus once again.

It didn’t take long for a video clip of this scene to appear online. When the fans changed sides, many people found this interesting.

To think that Wu Yufei had called her fans over to display support and then her fans had changed sides to show support for Lin Che.

Lin Che became a national idol.

Lin Che’s deeds are fermenting.

The multi-talented Lin Che was a role model for women.

Similar topics like these took people a little by surprise, but it was an undeniable fact that posts about Lin Che had taken up all the top charts on the paparazzi sites.

Thereafter, no matter how much publicity Panda Station wanted to put into Wu Yufei, it was too late. Lin Che’s sudden shot to fame had caused Dragon Station, a station without many publicity funds and channels, to save a lot of costs, yet allowing the television series’ exposure to increase greatly.

Everyone started to notice this television series where the female lead pushed down the male lead.

The character that Lin Che played in the series was also a great fit for her image shown to the public. The female lead didn’t rely on men, nor did she engage in any harem fights. Instead, she relied on her own abilities, martial prowess, and her status, to become the strongest queen. At the end of the novel, the queen would reach the very top in a cool manner.

The results of this great battle would be that Little Qiu, whom Lin Che played the role of, would emerge victorious.

People who had read the novel and comics all held great anticipation for this scene. After this spoiler was revealed, the people watching the series felt even greater anticipation for the final ending.

When Lin Che woke up early in the morning, Yu Minmin called to inform her of the good news.

“Take a look quickly. Our television ratings have surpassed the ratings of “Queen Zhao Yang”.”

Lin Che asked in surprise, “Is that true? Where are the ratings? Where are the ratings?”

Lin Che still found this a little surprising on that day, but it was true that their television ratings had surpassed the other series by just a little bit.

On the second day, Yu Minmin called again.

“Oh my god, we’ve overtaken the television ratings for “Queen Zhao Yang” by 30%.”

“That can’t be.”

News of the television ratings for their series overtaking the other one went up the headlines, and Lin Che’s television series once again became very popular.

Everyone felt extremely surprised by the turn around for “Ray of Light”. It had only started to turn the tables around midway through the series’ airing, and as time passed, their popularity kept on increasing. There hadn’t been a television series like this before.

The television station quickly called Lin Yu to congratulate her. This also came unexpectedly for them. They had already been very satisfied with the initial viewership ratings. Over the years, there hadn’t been many television stations that could win against Panda Station, so they didn’t dare to hold hopes to be able to do that either. Panda Station had been the one who had signed the contract for this television series at the beginning, but Lin Che later terminated the contract and looked for them instead. They already felt that this was a great stroke of luck for them. A television series with Lin Che and Gu Jingyu together wouldn’t have ratings that were too bad, even if they could win against Panda Station. Therefore, they had basically bought the television series without hesitation.

However, taking over the television series took all of them by surprise.

The television station’s management said excitedly, “Our station had its days of glory back then, but Panda Station had taken over a great share in the market for many years thereafter. We’ve already given up on winning against them, but hadn’t expected that your television series would bring about a turnaround, allowing us to see a hint of possibility. We’re currently having a meeting now and saying that we can’t be so passive in the future. No matter how amazing Panda Station is, it’s not impossible to overtake them. We’re all feeling very confident in our ability to surpass Panda Station. This is all thanks to you.”

Lin Che quickly said, “No, no, you’re too kind. This isn’t my credit.”

“Am I too agitated? Anyway, it’s definitely inseparable from you. You must definitely come when we throw a celebration party for you.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll definitely go.”

At this time, there were people who were happy, but there were also people who were fretting.

Liang Shan didn’t flare up. He sat there, looked at Wu Yufei, who was sitting across him, and shook his head. He sighed. “As expected of Lin Che, as expected of Lin Che. Alright, anyway, I’ve already said that there’s something demonic about this woman. If it’s her, anything is possible. We should take things in stride.”

However, this was like great torture. It dealt great mental damage to Wu Yufei.

She felt a plop in her heart as if she had been struck by a strong hammer. There was an instant of numbness, following by pain slowly tearing open.

It was because Liang Shan’s consolation didn’t feel like one at all. She could only tell that Liang Shan had long expected this, and had denied Wu Yufei in his heart. He had felt that no matter what, Wu Yufei wouldn’t be able to win against Lin Che. Right now, everything was just happening according to his plan.

So he wasn’t even the slightest surprised?

Then, over so many days, why did he still use her to compare with Lin Che?

What were all her effort, anxiety, and pressure for?

Wu Yufei felt really upset, but Liang Shan felt that he had already treated her very well, not throwing his temper nor scolding or beating her. But what expression was Wu Yufei showing right now? Why did it seem as if she was very angry?

Wu Yufei got up and swung away Liang Shan’s hand that had reached out toward her. “Let go. Let me be by myself for a while.”

“Sigh, you…”

Wu Yufei dashed out right away.

Liang Shan said angrily, “Look at you. Wu Yufei, I’m trying to console you, but what attitude is this? It’s because of your attitude that you aren’t steady enough. If not, why is it that you aren’t comparable to Lin Che?”

His words only made Wu Yufei move even faster.

From the very beginning, she hadn’t thought of wanting to compare with other people. She hadn’t thought expected to become a second someone.

They were the ones who had been using her to compete against Lin Che.

On Lin Che’s side.

It was impossible for them to not attend the television station’s celebration party. There would be a lot of benefits for celebrities if they were to maintain a good relationship with the television station. This would allow them to gain more exposure, and only celebrities with poor emotional intelligence would carry their weight around at the television station. They’d only realize how foolish they were after they were banned by the station.

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