The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 234 - Eccentric

234 – Eccentric

Silence lingered in the air.

Silence at such times makes people feel particularly awkward. Therefore, Xue Qilin coughed gently. In response, the two snapped out of it and cast Xue Qilin a doubtful look at the same time.

Xue Qilin placed a hand on her waist and glanced unhappily at Gong Jing.

“Old Master Gong, are you going to let me stand here all day?”

Gong Jing was taken aback, and then burst out laughing.

“Ha-ha-ha, this old one neglected this.”

Thinking that Xue Qilin intends to rebuke Gong Jing, Gong Tianqing butted in weakly, “Young Ancestor, I think grandfather just…”

Before she could finish, she realized something and closed her mouth.

Xue Qilin rolled her eyes and muttered — “one’s elbow turns to the wrong side…”, which prompted Gong Tianqing to apologize to her guiltily.

“By all right, even if this old one doesn’t hold a banquet to entertain Lady Xue, I should still offer a cup of fragrant tea and invite Lady Xue into the study.”

A look of shame appeared in Gong Jing’s eyes, and he clasp his hands, bowed, and said, “But, a case involving a person’s life should be treated with utmost respect. This old one asks Lady Xue to move to Yang’er’s courtyard house and get started. I’ll have fragrant tea and food served later to Lady Xue.

He feels a bit guilty towards Xue Qilin. After all, the other party came to treat Gong Tianyang. Yet he failed to receive the other party appropriately because of his anxiety.

Xue Qilin released an “ah” sound and gestured with her hands that it doesn’t matter.

“It’s fine it’s fine. What’s more, it’s not like the food at your place is particularly tasty! I wasn’t looking forward to it to begin with!”

Although the lass’s words lack in manners, but they still somewhat alleviated the sense of guilt in Gong Jing’s heart.

“This old one wonders what Lady Xue likes to eat? This old one will definitely make the appropriate preparations next time.”

Gong Jing leaned sideways and made an inviting gesture, a wry smile on his face.

Realizing his intentions, Xue Qilin stepped forward without saying a word and walked side by side with Gong Jing. Gong Tianqing followed behind the two.

“I’m not picky about food. However, Little Seven raised me into a picky eater.”

“Oh?” Gong Jing assumed an expression of interest and asked with a smile, “Does Temple Master Qi possess great skill?”

“Little Seven likes delicious food very much. A water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first. As a result, my mouth became picky with time. But, could a glutton’s skill ever be lacking?!”

Then, Xue Qilin revealed an up-to-no-good smile and glanced at Gong Tianqing behind them. Gong Jing followed her gaze.

Feeling their gazes, Gong Tian tilted her head.

“Young, Young Ancestor?”

Xue Qilin smiled at her, and then turned her gaze.

“Well, in fact, it’s not that good. But it’s better than Little Qing’s. What do you say, Little Qing?”


Xue Qilin’s taunt made Gong Tianqing blush and shrink back embarrassedly. Appearing to have understood something, Gong Jing widened his eyes slightly, surprised.

“Could Qing’er’s skill…”

“There’s not need for ‘could’. There is only one word to describe it — awful!”

With that, Xue Qilin shivered. She still remembers the scene that can make people shiver —

A table full of exquisite dishes, Gong Tianqing’s face stained with oil and soot, Qi Qiqi, who came back to prepare for the meal after finishing an important task, yet said that she wasn’t hungry when she heard that the food was prepared by her apprentice, and the confused Xue Qilin and Shui Yun’er.

Every dish looked delicious. But as Xue Qilin was wondering whether it was that time of the month for Qi Qiqi, who didn’t even eat rice, she put a piece of meat into her mouth. Consequently, she understood the reason why Qi Qiqi turned around and ran.

An impactful flavor she never tasted before spread in her mouth. Then, a power that can crush anything followed suit.

At that time, she only managed to denounce indignantly with “Little Seven, you set me up”, and then — her mind went blank.

Perhaps she recalled the same thing as Xue Qilin, but the flush on Gong Tianqing’s face became deeper, and she shrunk back even more. Her flickering eyes seem to be looking for a hole she can crawl into.

“So, sorry, I… I’ll try hard.”

Then, she cast Xue Qilin a firm and resolute gaze.

“I won’t mix up oil and vinegar again, now will I mistakenly by arsenic trioxide powder instead of salt!”

“What the deuce? I haven’t heard of that!”

Xue Qilin almost fell flat on her face, rejoicing that she survived. Gong Jing took a breath, and then asked in alarm and doubt, “Mixed up salt with arsenic trioxide powder?”

The look in the old man’s eyes became strange as he gazed at Gong Tianqing

At this time, Xue Qilin pretended to be grateful and bowed to Gong Tianqing.

“I thank Qing’er for not killing me.”

Aware that she cannot bear such a great gesture, Gong Tianqing hid her misgivings in her heart and went to support Xue Qilin in a flurry. In the end, she heard Xue Qilin say thusly.

Gong Tianqing revealed the expression of someone about to cry, bit her lower lip, and murmured, her face bright red, “Boo… loves to bully people.”

Xue Qilin laughed, said “haven’t felt so refreshed in a long time”, and accelerated her pace, appearing to be quite satisfied and pleased.

It’s no wonder.

Although she has the highest status in the Merak Temple, but there are not many people around her that she can bully.

Whether it is Qi Qiqi, who get’s angry from embarrassment, the two-faced Xia Xue, who inverts black and white, or Shui Yun’er, who will smile at you no matter how mischievous you are. They are not people she can bully.

“Qing’er, since you’re a girl, you need to practice your cooking skills diligently… otherwise, when you get married in the future, what will you do? You can’t let your future husband cook!”

As Xue Qilin grumbled inwardly, Gong Jing lectured Gong Tianqing patiently. In response, Gong Tianqing promised respectfully.

“Yes, I will try hard.”

“Hey hey, is this the time for you to have your grandfather-granddaughter talk? I don’t know the way!”

Xue Qilin, who has already left the two a distance behind, looked back and urged grumpily.

“Qing’er, let’s go. Yang’er is waiting.”

Gong Jing smiled wryly at Gong Tianqing, Gong Tianqing issued a quiet “mhm” sound in response.

Under Xue Qilin’s helpless gaze, the two quickly caught up with her.

Gong Tianyang lives in a garden.

His house, which is built in the middle of the garden, is surrounded by all kinds of flowers, plants, and trees

The flowers and plants, which are well cared for, are bright-colored and healthy. Moreover, the flowers here come from different regions. There are some rare flowers that Xue Qilin has never seen.

Additionally, Xue Qilin can even hear the sound of flowing water. It seems that there is something like an artificial brook somewhere not far away.

Are we really in the right place? Xue Qilin, who almost thought that she is in the suburbs, stuck her head out and looked around, surprised.

Taking note of her actions, Gong Jing explained, “Yue’er once heard that flowers and plants are good for the health and thus ordered Yang’er’s courtyard house to be transformed into a garden, hoping to improve Yang’er health… but now it seems like it was all in vain.”

“Gong Yue is really eccentric!”

Xue Qilin finished with a sneer. As a result, an abashed look crept onto Gong Jing’s face. Seeing this, Gong Tianqing comforted Gong Jing with “it’s not grandfather’s fault”. Yet the abashed expression on Gong Jing’s face only deepened.

Xue Qilin glanced at the two separately, sighed, and said no more. She continued to appreciate the surroundings.

Anyway, doesn’t Little Yun like flowers and plants a lot? If I had know beforehand, I would have brought her with us. That would make her happy… ah, why don’t I take some back? If I really cure Little Yang, maybe Old Master Gong won’t object to it!

She stroked her chin and plotted to bring some exotic flowers and plants back, which could be regarded as a giving a present to Shui Yun’er.

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