The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 233 - Mischief

233 – Mischief

“Oh, royal father is really vigorous despite his age. He’s having a lot of intercourse these days.”

Qin Shiyu closed the book and giggled twice.

Then, she handed the book to Yinping.

“Yinping, do you want to take a look? It’s really amusing.”

“Thank princess for the kindness.”

Yinping paid her respects and declined tactfully, saying, “But Yinping will have to politely decline.”

“You don’t know what’s good.” Qin Shiyu puckered her lips, “There is no harm in reading it! It can allow you to preview royal father’s preferences. If one day you have the misfortune to catch royal father’s eye and become a concubine, this knowledge will come in handy!

“Thank princess for worrying. But unfortunately, Yinping cannot enjoy this blessing. His Majesty dislikes martial practitioners. So, there is no way he would choose a martial practitioner as concubine.”

Seeing Yinping decline neither apathetically nor enthusiastically again, Qin Shiyu assumed an uninterested expression.

“What, that’s boring. No sense of humor at all.”

A wry smile appeared on Yinping’s face, and she uttered, slightly troubled, “Princess, there is no need of sense of humor to serve you as a swordguard…”

“Okay, okay, you’re such a stiff.”

Qin Shiyu waved her hand as if she can’t bear with it and ended the topic.

“What information is this?”

Before picking up the envelope, she asked habitually.

“To answer princess, this is the result of the investigation regarding the identity of the person you commissioned from the Red Chamber several days ago.”

“Oh, when Younger Sister Shui paid a visit to this princess, this princess asked you to go to the Red Chamber to investigate?”


“Great. The Red Chamber is the Red Chamber for a reason, they’re fast.”

Qin Shiyu raised the corners of her mouth, opened the envelope, and unfolded the letter along with a rustling sound.

“Alright, let’s see if this is royal father’s mischief!”

With that, Qin Shiyu began to read the letter.

Along with the movement of her eyes, her eyebrows began to furrow.

Qin Shiyu is quite fast at reading. She spent only a few seconds to read the several sheets of paper that constitute the letter.

“This prince’s royal father has some really bad tendencies…”

While folding the letter and putting it back into the envelope, Qin Shiyu said meaningfully, “Yinping, it seems royal father went overboard this time.”

“Too far?” Yinping frowned, “What does princess mean…?”

“Ai, it’s just that the mischief has gone too far.”

Qin Shiyu didn’t go into detail. Instead, she handed the letter to Yinping and stared at her, saying, “Burn it afterwards. Remember, make sure with your own eyes it’s turned into ashes.”

“Yinping understands.”

Yinping received the letter and kept in mind the Ninth Princess instruction.


Qin Shiyu got up and walked to the door. As she pushed the door open, she looked back and spoke to Yinping behind her, “Yinping, get ready, we’re going out.”

Yinping answered with a “yes” first, and then asked her question, “Should we prepare a greeting card?”

“What for? That’s just a waste of paper.” Qin Shiyu placed her hands on her hips and uttered with slight disdain, “Apart from those places in the imperial palace, is there any other place in this dynasty that I, Qin Shiyu, cannot go in and out freely?”

“Yes, Yinping understands.” Yinping nodded helplessly, “Then I’ll inform the coachman to get ready. Where is princess going?”

“Good question!”

Qin Shiyu clapped her hands excitedly.

“– let’s go to the Gong Clan.”

Although the Poster Princess smiled happily, but the solemnity and disgust in her eyes didn’t escape Yinping’s eyes.

It seems that this year is going to be an eventful one… Yinping is a little uneasy.

Xue Qilin and Gong Tianqing, walking side by side, came to the Gong Clan’s mansion.

Due to Gong Tianqing’s presence, Xue Qilin stepped into the Gong Clan without any hindrance. Under the guidance of the Gong Clan’s manager Lian Gui, the two went to Gong Jing’s study without giving prior notice.

Perhaps he sensed Xue Qilin’s breath.

When Xue Qilin entered the corridor where Gong Jing’s study is located, she saw Gong Jing, who seems to have been waiting in front of the study for some time now.

“Oh, Old Master Gong!”


Xue Qilin and Gong Tianqing greeted Gong Jing in order. Set off against Xue Qilin’s voice full of vitality, Gong Tianqing’s voice seems particularly feeble.

Gong Jing smiled kindly at the two, and then welcomed Xue Qilin with gratitude, “Lady Xue, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Welcome.”

The reason why he is treating Xue Qilin with such sincerity should be because he thinks that she came to fulfill her promise. Realizing this, Xue Qilin adorably stuck out her chest and deliberately assumed a proud expression.

“Humph humph, I keep my promises!”

“Lady Xue is as interesting as ever. This old one admires you for being so willful and daring.”

“Ai ai, stop with the praises.” Xue Qilin giggled and scratched her head, “I’ll become too proud.”

“Lady Xue can be this proud. This old one thinks that most people would agree with me.”

“Old Master Gong, you’re not being honest! Our Little Seven doesn’t like my character very much and often complains about it!”

Gong Jing stroked his beard and chuckled twice.

Then, he slowly moved his gaze towards Gong Tianqing and fell silent. But Gong Tianqing lowered her head, not daring to meet the other party’s gaze.

They probably don’t know how to face each other. Xue Qilin is a little worried about them. But considering the things that transpired between them, it is not appropriate for her to intervene. She can only watch helplessly.

“Qing’er, you’re back…”

With a sigh, Gong Jing finally spoke.

Like a kitten who was poked from behind, Gong Tianqing’s shoulders jerked, and she explained stammeringly, “I, I… came back to see Little Yang.”

“That so… you don’t have to tell grandfather why you came back. This is your home. You can come back whenever you like.”


Seeing that Gong Tianqing didn’t say a word, the look in the old man’s eyes became complicated, and he sighed again.

“Grandfather… is glad that you’re willing to come back.”

The complicated emotions finally turned into this sentence.

Although he spent decades on the battlefield, but the renowned Gong Jing is still not good at words.

However, this appears to be enough.

Gong Tianqing stared at the old man who is connected with her by blood in disbelief.

“You are glad, grandfather? You are glad that I’m back?”

A trembling voice sounded.

If there was a moment of hesitation, Gong Tianqing would be greatly disappointed.

Fortunately, Gong Jing understands this. He answered without hesitation with a “yes” and nodded heavily.

“That’s good then.”

Gong Tianqing lowed her head again, and the shadow of her bangs covered her face.

However, Xue Qilin can still faintly see the smile rippling on the lass’s lips. She smiled because of this.

Every family has its own problems. Old Master Gong also has his troubles… Xue Qilin empathized a little with Gong Jing, and her smile turned a little into a smile of helplessness.

If it was Xue Qilin, who always presses her advantage, she would have said a few more kind words to Gong Tianqing. However, Gong Jing missed this great opportunity and fell silent. One can only wonder if this was because he didn’t notice Gong Tianqing’s smile, or because he couldn’t find the right words.

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