The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 222 - The Long-awaited Radiance

Chapter 222– The Long-awaited Radiance

Was I under surveillance? As if she woke up from a dream, Gong Tianqing finally understood the reason why the other party reacted so quickly. With the perception ability of a Heaven Realm practitioner, her every action was laid bare.

“Child, I don’t want to get rough…” The Daoist scratched his head and sighed, “Especially with such a young girl.”

A frightening gaze fell on Gong Tianqing.

The Daoist probably wants to employ both hard and soft tactics. Although he stated that he doesn’t want to use force, but the sharp gaze that ejected from his narrowed eyes made Gong Tianqing feel like she was being stabbed by needles.


Gong Tianqing couldn’t help but shrink back and close her eyes.

Seemingly feeling the same way as her, the qi sword in her hand became quite unstable and flickered irregularly. It would not be surprising if it lost its form at any time.

She really feels like closing her eyes and listening.

Gong Tianqing released a pitiful sound, not daring to look the Daoist in the eyes. The other side’s momentum makes her nearly unable to breath.

Maybe Xue Qilin’s amiable and easygoing attitude made her forget…

— the terror of the Heaven Realm.

For Human Realm practitioners, the power of Heaven Realm practitioners is absolute, is despair-inducing. If the lass was in the Earth Realm, she may still have had ample strength. Unfortunately, she is not.

Not many people can face terror and despair, Gong Tianqing is no exception. Therefore, her body unconsciously made a weak response.

However, it was at this moment — the moment she wanted to give up.

— “Qing’er, you have to bear in mind that you can only show weakness in front of people close to you. In front of enemies, however, you must always stand with your head held high and uphold the pride and dignity of the Merak Temple.”

She felt like a red voice rose beside her ears and a red figure appeared in front of her eyes.

At this moment, the words Qi Qiqi once told her became a kind of strength, became Gong Tianqing’s courage.

At least you cannot show weakness — Gong Tianqing encouraged herself like this.

She took a deep breath. As if the expansion of the thoracic cavity turned into some kind of strength, she suppressed her trembling and no longer looked away.

Her heart still beat rapidly and pounded in her ears.

Nevertheless, the timid her showed a strong display in front of the opponent. Despite the powerful torrent of breath that nearly forced her to prostrate herself on the ground, she straightened her back, pursed her lips, and faced the hostility of the Heaven Realm practitioner, as if to say “I won’t surrender”.

Seeing Gong Tianqing suddenly become obstinate, the Daoist issued a sound of surprise, and his eyebrows shook. It seems like he saw the lass in a new light.

“As expected of the Gong –”

Realizing that he almost had a slip of the tongue, the Daoist coughed and quickly corrected himself, “Although young lady is young, but you have such courage. This humble Daoist is deeply moved. Not trying to escape, but facing squarely — it’s such a simple thing, yet who knows how many people are capable of this. If it was this humble Daoist instead, I may not be able to straighten up the back under the pressure from a Heaven Realm practitioner. You’re really amazing.”

“Thank you…” Her voice is still a little shaky. Therefore, Gong Tianqing took a deep breath again, “But I think you’re wrong.”


The Daoist was taken aback, and then showed an expression of great interest, saying, “Please do elaborate.”

Numerous familiar faces, the faces of people who always accompanied her, flashed in Gong Tianqing’s mind.

Even though they are not by her side at this time, but Gong Tianqing inexplicably feels that they are nonetheless supporting her, or else she would have yielded already.

“The people around me will definitely would… definitely.”

Gong Tianqing firmly believes this and is willing to continue to firmly believe it.

All of a sudden, she was startled by the fact that — all the faces that just flashed in her mind belong to a certain place. Perhaps that’s where she belongs. She felt something in her heart.

No, what am I thinking! Little Yang is still waiting for me! Gong Tianqing quickly shook her head to get rid of the distracting thoughts.

That place is full of warmth and happiness that fills people with peaceful dreams. But she can’t feel warmth and get happiness there. Because —

She’s still redundant, she’s not yet someone useful.

“I see. Is it was they call soft on the outside yet firm on the inside…” The Daoist said with relief on his face, “No wonder you were chosen.”

Is that… is that really the case? Gong Tianqing doesn’t know the reason why she was chosen as the next Temple Master of the Merak Temple, she never thought about it. She just accepted it quietly when Qi Qiqi asked her about her opinion.

“Young lady is really admirable. If I could, I would let you go. But alas…”

Regret appeared on the Daoist’s face for a short time, and then was replaced by seriousness and determination.

“Due to my lord’s expectations, I can’t do that.”

The voice reverberated in the air.

When it finally dissipated, the Daoist has rained in his momentum completely. He didn’t do this out of goodwill. It’s because he took a step, fell from the wall, landed on the ground, and approached Gong Tianqing.

Gong Tianqing knows that this action of the other party signifies that he abandoned the idea to subdue her with momentum alone, and instead intends to use force.

In this case, the only thing Gong Tianqing can do is try her best to resist.

Even if it’s like hitting a stone with a egg, no matter how futile, she must resist, she must convey to the other party that she will never yield.

There is no room for retreat. Therefore —

Although the men is approaching, but Gong Tianqing didn’t take a single step back.

Five, four, three, two… only one step remained. The Daoist could extend his hand and touch Gong Tianqing.

What will he do? As Gong Tianqing cautioned herself about the last step, she though thusly.

In the end, even after a long time, the last step didn’t fall.

The Daoist suddenly stopped and looked at the sky behind Gong Tianqing.

“– doesn’t have friendly intentions!”

The man’s gaze turned dignified, and he held his breath.

In his eyes, Gong Tianqing vaguely saw a speck of light that didn’t belong to him.

What on earth did I see? Just as Gong Tianqing was confused, she suddenly heard a voice.

“Get out of my way, you wretches!”

Appearing to come both from afar and from nearby, a familiar voice attracted Gong Tianqing’s line of sight.

The lass slowly turned back in disbelief, and then the world in her eyes changed and was instantly sundered. A ray running through the sky seized all the colors in her field of vision and nearly blinded her.

Although it’s clearly frightening, but it’s exceptionally warm. Maybe that’s the radiance she has been waiting for a long time.

Along with the mottled light came a voice.

“Little Qing, to the left!”

Without thinking too much — almost subconsciously, Gong Tianqing jumped to the left.

Next, the void split open —

As if flowing dawn a waterfall 3,000 chi [1] tall, a giant sword ray running through the sky slashed down with an overbearing moment from afar and ultimately became the only pure radiance in the world that blew away the night and her “despair”.

[1] – 1 chi = 1,09 feet = 0.33 meters

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