The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder

Chapter 221 - Daoist

221 – Daoist


Although the sound of the door opening was low, but it still broke the silence and naturally attracted the attention of the guards.

They subconsciously drew their blades and violently turned their heads and looked back.

But, at this time, Gong Tianqing has already assumed a low stance and rushed out. Taking advantage of her height, she dodged the gazes of the two people and run to in front of the man on the right.

“I’m sorry!”

When the other party looked down in surprise, his eyes suddenly widened, reflecting the lass’s petite figure. Gong Tianqing struck him in the chest with her left palm.

“Ugh –!”

With a sound of pain, the robust man flew backwards, landed on the ground five meters away, and spat out blood.


The man’s companion reacted quickly and slashed out with his blade at once. But, due to his misgivings, he only used the back of the blade.

Gong Tianqing tilted the qi sword in her hand and unleashed a slash, and a sword ray flickered and mercilessly drew a bloody line on the wrist of the man’s right hand, which was holding the blade.

Blood spurted out at once.

The man lost all strength in his right hand and released the blade. Taking advantage of this opening, Gong Tianqing used her left hand to pass through the guard of the man’s left hand from a tricky angle and hit him on the back of the neck.

The man’s eyes rolled back and his huge body fell over at once.

At this time, the blade finally landed on the floor and made a resonant sound. But, it was soon drowned out by the deep sound the man made when he fell on the ground.


The man who was just sent flying by a palm strike clasped his chest and stood up with difficulty, intending to call for support. He only managed to utter one syllable before his vision was covered by a petite figure rushing at him.

When he reacted, the other party’s fist had already buried in his stomach, and an intense force rampaged inside him along the meridians, and then he lost consciousness.

Seeing the man faint, Gong Tianqing released a long breath.

The whole process just now has gone through rigorous calculations. Each step fell in the right position. The action rehearsed in the head was performed smoothly, and the two guards dropped to the ground in one fell swoop and lost consciousness.

It can only be said that the lass unleashed the proper amount of strength.

However, accidents often happen inadvertently.

“… ah?”

An almost undetectable sound of surprise burst into her ears.

Oh no! Just as Gong Tianqing felt like she shed a heavy burden, her heart thumped. She felt that things have gone awry.

She looked at the source of the sound and saw a maid at the courtyard house’s gate.

The maid carrying a tray with food looked back and forth between the two guards and Gong Tianqing.

How come… Gong Tianqing pursed her lips.

The next moment, the maid realized what had happened here. She dropped the tray, turned around, and ran away in a panic. Gong Tianqing’s reaction wasn’t slow at all. She rushed out the moment when the maid took her first step.

“Help! The girl es –”

The maid’s voice was interrupted by a hand strike to the back of the neck. She shook slightly, and then fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

However, before Gong Tianqing could breathe a sigh of relief, the situation deteriorated again.

“What’s the matter?” “Where did it come from?” “Did the girl escape?” “Go have a look!”

Gong Tianqing was a step too slow. As a result, the people nearby have been alarmed.

Loud shouts and hurried footsteps came from all directions and headed towards Gong Tianqing’s location.

“I have to leave at once….”

Aware that she cannot continue to stay here, Gong Tianqing quickly looked around, and then her gaze finally fell on the wall of the courtyard house to the west.

She used the qi sword to cut off half of her skirt, and the long skirt that has been dragging on the ground, became a knee-length skirt that is more convenient for moving about.

Then, she propelled out, leaped off the ground in front of the wall, supported herself with her left hand on the top of the wall, drew a beautiful arc with her toes, and crossed the wall with a graceful spin.

Upon landing, two guards entered Gong Tianqing’s field of vision at once.

Looking at the lass who suddenly fell in front of them, they were stunned and gaped.

I’m so naive! Why did I think that there would be no guards behind the wall? Gong Tianqing secretly rebuked herself for her carelessness.

“She’s –”

“I’m sorry!”

Gong Tianqing raised her foot and sent it flying towards the guard who wanted to shout.

Without time to evade, the kick connected. A strong force erupted and squeezed out the air from his lungs, making it impossible for him to speak momentarily.

Gong Tianqing intended to unleash a follow up attack and subdue the opponent. But, the guard’s companion didn’t permit it.

“Girl, eat my blade!”

The other guard stood between them and hacked with his blade at Gong Tianqing with all his might. Just like the guard placed outside the door of the lavish room, he used the back of the blade. He was probably told not to hurt the lass in front of him.

Gong Tianqing didn’t meet the attack head-on, but dodged sideways. At the same time, she took a step and hit the opponent in the abdomen with a heavy elbow blow.

There was a heavy “thud” sound.

The man let out a cry of surprise as he was flung away.

Although it happened in a flash, the resulting noise should be enough to attract the attention of other people. In fact, numerous shouts and footsteps are moving this way. As a result, Gong Tianqing didn’t continue the fight.

After dropping the two, she broke into a run, heading towards the west.

Since she doesn’t know where she was being kept nor the way out of here, she has to run straight in one direction.

If she isn’t caught, she’ll be able get out of this place. As for her location, it won’t be too late to determine it after she escapes.

With this plan in mind, Gong Tianqing climbed over another wall.

However, she didn’t expect that there would be an open space behind the wall, with tens of guards quietly waiting for her to walk right into the trap.

How did they detect my escape route? I clearly chose it at random! Even if they detected it, their reaction is too fast!

Looking at the semicircle guards with bows drawn formed around her, Gong Tianqing couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat from her forehead.

“Little girl, you’re surrounded. If you surrender now, you’ll spare yourself a lot of pain.”

A guard in front of Gong Tianqing took a step forward and shouted. He should be a team leader or something.

What to do? Turn around and escape in another direction? Gong Tianqing slowly took a few steps back and glanced at the wall she just crossed, and then her eyes widened.

“Child, this is the end of the road for you.”

At some point, a man appeared on the wall.

He looks to be in his forties, has a kind and benevolent expression, is dressed as a Daoist — he is wearing a bagua Daoist robe [1] and a Daoist hat and has a peach wood sword in his right hand.

However, he is not an ordinary Daoist, but —

“… Heaven Realm?”

There is hard to conceal shock in Gong Tianqing’s wide open eyes.

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