The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1373 - The Highness Recovered His Demonic Body

Chapter 1373: The Highness Recovered His Demonic Body

As soon as the spell was cast, almost all the evil spirits on the earth were wailing.

The Japanese Yin Yang master stood in the wind. Half of his face had already been assimilated by the spirits, and his eyes were filled with pride.

He wanted to see how these people would resist him when the Hundred Ghost Night Walk descended upon the world!

The spirits were all in the clouds and mist, forming a huge black vortex. Each of them had their arms outstretched as if they had just crawled out of hell.

The sky dimmed completely by the appearance of the ghosts.

Even Poison Fang and the others were affected by this kind of Yin aura. When they fired their guns, they became even more fierce.

Helian Weiwei waved her left hand, and countless Buddhist light covered the bodies of her followers to avoid resentment.

And the most worrying thing was the sky-devouring beast. She didn’t stop and stepped on the leaves. She directly jumped onto sky-devouring’s shoulders, which had already gone furious.

An ominous wind swept across the entire land.

The Japanese Yin Yang master moved the wooden dolls and pointed them at the man standing not far away from him!

No matter who that person was, go to hell!

However, at that moment, there was a crash!

Countless black feathers rose up from the ground!

The clouds behind the man seemed to gradually change their colour. It was as if something was surging behind him.

At first, the Japanese Yin Yang master did not see what it was.

When he saw the great demons churning in the sky one after another, he took a step back.

What… What was that!

Before the Japanese Yin-yang master could regain his senses, a glowing Green Dragon appeared in the eastern sky. It rolled its tail and hid behind the man.

It was not just the Green Dragon. In a ball of fire, the Qilin Beast appeared out of thin air. It sat on the man’s right hand and extended its claws which were able to set a prairie fire.

The Japanese Yin Yang Master was not an ordinary person. He knew very well what the two divine beasts represented.

But… who could have such an ability!

To make the two divine beasts appear at the same time!

And, and… to be obedient to that person!

The Japanese Yin Yang master suddenly remembered the information about this grave that he had read before.

It was mentioned in the records that the owner of the coffin had extraordinary abilities. Some said that he was a demon, some said that he was a god, but until now, no one had specifically verified it.

They only knew that the world was so big that no matter if it was a god or a demon, only this person could command the demons and possess the Green Dragon and Qilin Beast.

Could it be… could it be him? ! How could this be?

It had been thousands of years. Shouldn’t that person have… died long ago?

When the Japanese Yin Yang master thought of this, even his fingers trembled!

He wanted to continue his attacks!

But what he didn’t expect the most was that when the man walked over step by step, the evil spirits that swarmed over all knelt on the ground, as if they were welcoming their king. They trembled in fear.

The man was smiling. He smiled in a way that the arc of his lips looks very noble. The fluttering north wind stirred the black cape on his body.

As he walked over, his pitch-black eyes gradually turned blood-red. That was the unique symbol of the devil.

He was still wearing black gloves on his hands. His suit was perfectly straight, but countless mandala bloomed under his feet. As he stepped down in the air, it was as if this place was not the human world, but the Devil World!

In the chaos, regardless of whether he was a devil, there has been unprecedented surrender from the ghosts with the presence of his aura.

Their king… had finally returned!

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