The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1372 - Family Reunion

Chapter 1372: Family Reunion

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In the next second!

Something that puzzled the Japanese Yin-yang master happened!

A slender figure walked over from the clouds formed by hundreds of ghosts.

Even though the ghosts were extremely ferocious, none of them dared to approach him.

It was as if someone was singing the distance.

If one listened carefully, they would realize that it was a chant that only appeared when a high-level demon appeared.

Mermaids never opened their mouths easily. The moment they opened their mouths, it was a heart-wrenching beauty.

Some people said that the mermaids singing was unlucky and represented death, so there were only a few people who heard it.

But people did not know why the Mermaids’singing represented death.

It was because they were using the god of songs to welcome the king of the demon world.

The mermaids who were swimming by the river on the other side all raised their heads and looked at the three realms. Black feathers were falling slowly, and the blood-red Datura was blooming with its most beautiful prosperity.

Compared to the surrounding ghosts, the figure was clean and looked out of place. He was wearing black gloves and looked so noble and cold. Just by walking over, some ghosts could not withstand the temperature, and they turned into puddles of black water.

“Who, who are you!”

The tone of the Japanese Yin Yang master started to tremble, and his eyes shook violently.

He had never seen anyone who could move freely among hundreds of ghosts as if there was no one there.

The man’s exquisite face appeared from the mist. He remained handsome and cold. He mocked, “You don’t deserve to know my name.”

‘His name?’

The Japanese Yin Yang Master gripped the staff in his hand tightly when he heard that. No matter who the other party was, he would always be the victor. Even if he was not afraid of ghosts, thousands of them would be able to subdue him!

Just as the Japanese Yin Yang Master was thinking about this.., a chuckle suddenly sounded beside his ear. “If I knew you were here, I wouldn’t have come up. Great Demon, hurry up and fight. After you finish fighting and maintain the peace of the three realms, I can go find my wife. Ah, you should also bring that sky-devouring fellow back to the demon world. If you let him out and let him slip away to eat, you should at least keep an eye on him. Do you know that he has almost eaten up all the fish in the Dragon River? That’s a place for carp to jump through the Dragon Gate. Now, the fish don’t even dare to come this way…”

What carp jumping over the Dragon’s Gate, what maintaining the peace of the three realms, the more the Japanese Yin Yang masters listened to those words, the more the cold sweat appeared on his foreheads. . How come he was coming alone, but two appeared all of a sudden?

Moreover, both of them were not afraid of ghosts!

Indeed, there were two people, one was Little Yama, the other was Baili Jiajue…

Ajiu was a bit stunned, her small face was cute. “Father…”

Baili Jiajue glanced at her, stretched out his hand to rub his own daughter’s head, his voice was very indifferent. “Bai Zhun and the others are behind me.”

AJIU acknowledged and took the opportunity to complain. “This person bullied mother just now.”

Baili Jiajue’s deep and calm eyes suddenly rose with a cold when he heard this. Even the ground under his feet seemed to have been frozen, emitting a faint mist.

That kind of vicious aura made the Japanese Yin Yang master increase the resentment in his hands. “To all the ghosts in the world, show up yourself! Come and devour this group of living people! You will obtain eternal rebirth only by this way!”

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