The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1368 - Weiwei's Power (1)

Chapter 1368: Weiwei’s Power (1)

The lady was still wearing the military uniform of the Chinese special forces.

The first reaction of the criminals was to shoot!

However, just as the fish that fell from the sky dropped the guns from their hands.

There were fish all around, and their bodies were piled up in there, making it difficult for them to even move!

Most importantly, this behemoth was too scary!

Could there be such a large animal in the world?

Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock and fear. If they had guns in their hands, they could still shoot at the vital parts of the behemoth, but now…

Although these desperadoes were more aggressive and were not afraid of floods and beasts, they were still scared of the tuntian.

When the tuntian stood there, not to mention humans, even other animals would run away.

The criminals were so scared that their legs became stiff. The first person to react was the person closest to the cave. He struggled desperately in the fish pile, trying to return to the cave!

That scene was like a disaster of the apocalypse!

Ajiu was already about to enter.

At this moment, the Yinyang Master in the cave suddenly narrowed his eyes. “There’s movement outside!”

The reason why this group of criminals arrived at the cave safely and did not die at the border of the three realms was that there was the Yinyang Master, who helped them guide the way.

In fact, this master’s identity was not simple. He was a Japanese. When they invaded China, they knew about this ancient tomb.

The secrets of the ancient tomb were hidden in a black scroll. It was his ancestor who brought it back to Japan. Over the years, he wanted to fulfil the wishes of his ancestors and found many professionals to solve the secrets.

Finally, he figured out the specific location of the ancient tomb.

Since he was a Yinyang Master, he believed in Yinyang firmly.

It was said that there were not only huge diamond treasures here, but also the secrets of immortality.

In order to obtain these and strengthen his country of Japan, the Yinyang Master found a group of well-known international criminal organizations.

In his heart, the Chinese people would always be the sick men of East Asia, and the criminals would even call them dogs.

In fact, he also thought that it was true. He was very famous in the Yinyang World, and he had come into contact with many rich Chinese people. In front of him, some people would act like a dog that wagged its tail.

Of course, when he had come to this cemetery, someone had advised him.

The Chinese masters that he had invited over to study this cemetery all said that this place was off-limits.


Why was it so?

Wasn’t it just a mechanism created by some Chinese people?

The Yinyang Master had never taken these things seriously, and he had even killed all the Chinese masters who had known about this secret.

He had been able to successfully enter the border because he had invested in an archaeology professor, so he had been able to easily avoid some inspections.

As such, as long as he gave the Chinese a bit of benefit, they would be willing to sell a lot of secrets for him.

He had seen too many Chinese people living in China. They despised China for being weak in all aspects. Therefore, they were always jealous of other countries and would curse their country on the Internet. They always felt that their country was inferior to others in every aspect.

When the Yinyang Master realized this, he knew that he had to use Chinese people to enter this cemetery, so he followed the archeological team into the region.

Of course, apart from those archeologists, his friends had also warned him that Chinese soldiers were not to be trifled with, and he had to be careful.

Chinese soldiers?

Were the Chinese soldiers stronger than he was?

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