The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1367 - The Attack

Chapter 1367: The Attack

If this matter was known by the Huo Qilin, he would definitely complain.

How could the tuntian always shake the mountain to look for food?

They were both divine beats, so could the tuntian show some of its dignity?

It only thought about food all the time in spite of its royal status.

In fact, the beast would even ate the goldfish in the fish pond if it wanted to. Therefore, it was perfectly possible for it to shake the mountain just to look for food.

Ajiu and her beast glanced at each other for a long time.

The tuntian was thinking of shaking the people inside out for Ajiu to eat.

On the other hand, Ajiu was thinking of rescuing the professors.

Although the ultimate goal of the two foodies was different, they still had to get the people out first.

Ajiu chanted Amitabha, hoping that her Ghost Slayers would appear.

But what she did not expect was that three minutes had passed, and the two ghosts had disappeared without a trace.

She thus frowned and chanted Amitabha again, but there were still no ghosts.

These two ghosts were caught by her brother, and they had signed contracts with her brother.

No ghost dared to resist her brother’s demonic nature.

Unless there was a greater demonic being than her brother…

Could it be that because this was the boundary of the three realms, she couldn’t summon the ghosts if she was far away?

Ajiu then shook her Buddhist beads. It seemed that she could only think of another way.

Without those two ghosts as a catalyst, the other ghosts wouldn’t come over…

She couldn’t let the tuntian go out. Although those bullets couldn’t affect it, the weapons could still hurt it.

Therefore, she had to remove their weapons first.

Narrowing her round eyes, she suddenly thought of an idea!

Although she did not carry a backpack or a gun, the tuntian had brought a pile of fish over.

She could let tuntian bury the humans with the fish, just like how she had been buried by leaves.

With this thought in mind, Ajiu turned her head to the tuntian and said, “Put all the fish on their heads.”

All of them?

The beast usually wouldn’t share its food with others.

Especially those despicable people standing outside the mountain.

However, it still agreed because it was Ajiu’s request.

In any case, the fish caught this time were all for her. Since she wanted to throw the fish at the humans, then it could only follow her order.

It then exerted force with its right claw and lifted the pile of fish before throwing them over.

A large number of fish thus suddenly fell from the top of the drug dealers’ heads like a violent storm.

The ten foreign criminals guarding outside the cave did not know what had happened. Shocked, they raised their heads and looked at the top of their heads with their mouths wide open.

Well, their reactions were expected. Even if they were foreigners, they would only see hail falling from the sky. Never had they expected to see fish falling from the sky!

As the fish were raised wild in the deep pool of the spring, they were much fatter than the fish at home. They were long and big, and they were all alive and kicking. Even one big fish would be able to cover their faces, not to mention when a huge pile of fish was falling on the drug dealers.

To be honest, a few criminals fainted before they even had the chance to shoot. With a few loud bangs, they were buried under the fish. While struggling with their hands stretched out, they saw a huge monster carrying a young girl slowly walking over…

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