The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1302 - Revenge

Chapter 1302: Revenge

As the wind blew past, Vice Commander Zhang clearly saw the face of that figure.

Handsome, noble, incomparable.

It was Bai Zhun!

How could this be?

How could his speed be so fast?

Vice Commander Zhang’s eyes were still flickering. On the other side, Bai Zhun did not give him any extra time to think. He slid sideways and used the impact of his own body to drill into the sand net. Then, with a sweep of his long gun, the muzzle was aimed at the bull’s-eye in the distance.

Be it the posture or the strength of holding the gun, it was so handsome that all the teachers and students widened their eyes. Such a scene could really make people blush and their hearts beat.

“Cool! Ajiu, Instructor Bai is too cool!”

When she heard this, she nodded in agreement, for she had always known how handsome her little brother was.

Although her shooting was also very fast and accurate, it was still different from the little brother’s.

Not only was Bai Zhun fast and accurate, but he was also agile enough to quickly deliver a fatal blow to the enemy!

It was perfect without any flaws.

Almost everyone present had an illusion as if there was always a line emitted from Bai Zhun’s eyes. No matter whether he had a gun or not, that line of sight would always exist, as if it was real.

He did not need to think so much before he fired his shot!


The bullet pierced through the target ring and hit the bull’s eye!

This was the first shot.


The second shot followed!

He was lying on the spot with his shoulder pressed against the long spear. No matter where the target stood or what position it changed, he could hit the bull’s eye directly!

“Ten points!”

“Ten points!”

“Ten points!”

The ring counter shouted until the end. His voice was trembling, and there was a sense of worship in his hoarse voice. “All ten points, full points!”

It was the same five consecutive shots.

However, Bai Zhun’s five consecutive shots were faster than Ajiu’s, and he could always shoot accurately no matter where the target was.

Because there were two targets moving back and forth inside.

Even so, his movements were completed in one go from the beginning to the end. It was so beautiful that it could not be described with words.

At that moment, other than the voice of the ring member, almost everyone held their breaths.

Seeing Bai Zhun stand up from the ground with a spear in his hand, everyone’s heart skipped a beat. His military uniform was fluttering in the north wind, and his light-colored thin lips was curving slightly.

So many teachers and students only thought of one sentence: “With a sweep of the gun, no one would dare to step within 100 meters of our war zone!”

It was not as simple as just being handsome. That kind of action seemed to be able to ignite the blood in one’s body.

Such a proud soul!

So, this was our Chinese soldier.

Unyielding and heroic!


Without anyone leading the way, it was all the students’spontaneous applause!

Bai Zhun stood there with a long gun in his hand. His eyes were clear and bright. Those deep ocean-like eyes and that familiar scene instantly turned on the switch in Li Yanfeng’s memory!

Two years ago, the border was on a rescue mission.

Just when he thought that the hostages would definitely not be rescued, a bullet fell from the sky and blew up two gangsters’ heads in a row. Only then did they have enough time to move.

That kind of tricky angle was not something that any sniper could do. At that time, the only places that could be ambushed were trees.

Moreover, in order to prevent them from having a sniper, the gangster used a hostage to block in front of him. It was impossible to shoot him.

However, the person who fired the shot used the rebound angle of the wall to pierce through the gangster’s temple!

The most admirable thing was that he had been standing on the tree for more than an hour without anyone noticing it.

Be it the criminals or the army.

If it wasn’t for this shot, Li Yanfeng’s people wouldn’t have known that such a special forces unit was there.

Each of them was very fast. They wore huge black masks on their faces. With a flash, they charged in and dealt with them.

“Here you go.”

That person only said two words to him.

It was when the hostage was pushed into his hands.

Li Yanfeng could not see the person’s appearance clearly, but he knew that the person was very young. He could not imagine how young he was.

In his mind, only the gaze and shooting actions of that person remained. It was exactly the same as the instructor in front of him now!

But how was it possible?

Would he appear here?

Li Yanfeng shook his head. Could it be that he was thinking too much.

That person’s identity was different from that of an ordinary soldier.

He came from a prestigious family, a warlord family.

Would he disguise himself as an ordinary soldier to give military training to the university?

Not to mention him, even their chief would not believe it when he heard the news.

But his eyes and the way he held the gun were so similar!

The students on this side were all in an uproar!

It was not just because Bai Zhun’s performance was so cool, but it was because that achievement was shocking.

There were also those soldiers whom they had always thought were ordinary beings. Surprisingly, every single one of their actions and shots were unbelievably beautiful.

Compared to Bai Zhun’s outstanding performance, they were more orderly. They fired almost at the same time and aimed at the same time.

Even if they did not have 10 points, they were all up to 9.8 points each.

The most important thing was that their speed was also very fast!

Without a doubt, they were kings!

After they finished shooting, just the way they held their guns made people feel cool!

Behind Bai Zhun, there were five people. Each of them had long legs and wide shoulders. Their figures were too good to be true, and they were too young and handsome. One could imagine the visual impact they gave!

The army could no longer win. With such a result, even the most powerful soldier in their unit could not hit five 10s, and it was even when the bull’s-eye was moving!

Vice Commander Zhang had bragged so much, but In the end, when he hit the fifth target, he had just scored seven points.

This was the gap!

The glaring gap was in front of him.

Vice Commander Zhang felt like he had been slapped in the face in public. He thus gripped the gun in his hand tightly, and the anger in his chest rushed straight to his head!

“My hand slipped on the last shot. There’s a problem. Captain Li, I request to fight one-on-one. I want to fight Bai Zhun!”

If that was the case, it could be said that he was shameless. Even the students hissed, “What’s wrong with this Acting Department’s Instructor? Is he unwilling to accept the outcome? His hand slipped? I’m really specchehehe, what an excuse!”

“Why didn’t he say that he deliberately kicked the ground when he started running? The other students couldn’t see it, but we, who train in sports, clearly know what kind of move he just used. It was clearly to harm instructor Bai’s and the others’eyes!”

“F * ck! Such a person, thank God it wasn’t our instructor!”

Vice Captain Zhang didn’t expect that his words would have such a big reaction. His face flushed red and then white, however, he was very persistent with his mystifying self-confidence. “Regiment Li, please give the order! The army can not lose so indecently. Everyone knows that our army’s most trespassing is not long-range shooting, but close combat!”

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