The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1301 - Master Bai's Cool!

Chapter 1301: Master Bai’s Cool!

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The Archaeology Department did not look at them. Instead, they hugged Ajiu who was walking back. Their voices were filled with joy. “Ajiu, you are indeed the cute pet of our department. That’s great!”

“You are so manly! Come and give me a siss!”

The girls were really kissing. They gave Ajiu’s big head a peck.

As she reached out and touched her head, she looked up and smiled. Her face became even more beautiful.

Liu Zitong was so angry that she did not even care about the rules. She waved her hand and did not even bother with her good friends. Apart from not queuing up properly, she was throwing a tantrum.

As a result, the Acting Department students had to comfort her, “This is nothing serious. Our total score is only slightly lower than that theirs. When the instructor goes up the stage, we will be able to catch up immediately!”

When Liu Zitong heard this, she felt a little better.

When she thought about what her uncle Li had said earlier, her gaze regained its previous arrogance.

Li Yanfeng laughed out loud, “Prof. Liang, there are really a lot of talents in University A! This little girl isn’t simple. She fired five shots in a row. It’s rare to see her in our unit.” As he said this, he turned his gaze toward the instructors. “You guys have to work hard. If you can’t get good results later, you won’t even be able to compete with the students. That would be embarrassing.”

These words were a knock on the head. Of course, Vice Commander Zhang understood and immediately said, “Definitely!”

“Alright, you guys go too.”

As Li Yanfeng gave the order, the whistle sounded. More than 30 gun targets retreated another meter at the same time.

The range of the instructors was originally longer than that of the students. This had been decided from the very beginning.

But Ajiu did not know that. Seeing the targets retreat a meter, she lowered her head and muttered, “I was wondering why it was strange. It turns out that the distance was too close.”

That’s right. The reason why Ajiu did not get five ten-ringed rings was that this shooting range was different from her usual shooting habits. She was sizing up the targets at the beginning to adjust herself.

Probably no one, other than Bai Zhun, could see this, which was why he showed a meaningful doting expression.

The roommates standing next to Ajiu thought that they had heard wrong. “Are you saying that the distance just now was too close?”

“Yes,” Ajiu said with a serious expression. “A heavy gun like this is suitable for a longer range. At such a close distance, a light gun like a K4 is more suitable for aiming.”

The roommates were really confused. But from what Ajiu said, she probably meant that she would shoot more accurately if the target was farther away.

Suddenly, everyone felt their knees go soft.

They only knew that Ajiu was strong in the past, but now they realized that she was hiding a lot of things that they did not know.

For example, the adoption relationship between her and instructor Bai was very rare.

Moreover, from the time she entered the school until now, no one had seen Ajiu’s parents. Other than her surname, it seemed that they did not know anything about Ajiu.

For example, where was she from?

There were some seniors who knew her, but when those seniors saw her, their faces blushed and their hearts beat faster.

It was as if they saw their idol.

So, what was it that they did not know about Ajiu?

“Tsk.” Liu Zitong sneered. “It’s easier said than done. The further away you are, the more difficult it is to shoot. You even talk about heavy guns and light guns. Who are you trying to fool?”

As soon as she said this, Ajiu’s roommates immediately retaliated. “I really don’t understand how a loser has the right to criticize our Ajiu. Isn’t her face swollen enough?”

“You!” Liu Zitong was so angry that her face turned a little darker. Then, she saw the instructors standing there and checking their guns. The corners of her lips curled up. “What defeated opponent? It’s not certain who will win or lose. Don’t think that you can do anything by relying on luck. The instructors haven’t even made a move yet.”

The instructors’ shooting competition was a few points more than the students’. One of them had to carry guns and crawl forward. There were three obstacles in front of them.

Prof. Liang’s design was to let the students truly experience how soldiers trained in the army, so that they could learn what it meant to work hard.

It had to be said that the teaching tradition of a university was indeed good, and the method was right.

However, with Vice Commander Zhang among them, what was supposed to be a demonstration was filled with the smell of gunpowder.

“Listen up!” The sentry raised his left hand and the whistle sounded, “Let’s go!”


Everyone picked up the long spears on the right side.

Vice Commander Zhang had the best position and the best angle to rush out.

The first obstacle was to climb over the fake wall. His strength was not bad. He held the gun in his right hand and used his left hand to lean against the wall. With two kicks, he flipped over.

Vice Commander Zhang was a person with a lot of thoughts. In addition, the weather in the capital was very dry. It had not rained for a few days, so the dust on the field was very easy to raise.

Therefore, when he set off, taking advantage of the fact that others were not paying attention, he deliberately exerted strength on the soles of his feet and kicked the sand to the left.

The ones who set off from that position were none other than the problematic legions of the archaeology department.

With Bai Zhun leading the way, in order to protect his eyes, there would definitely be a momentary pause.

Thus, the instructors on the other side had already touched the wall, but the problem corps on this side was still standing at the same spot.

“Damn it, he actually used a trick!” Someone from the problem corps was really fooled and rubbed his eyes hard.

Just because of this action, Bai Zhun was completely enraged!

Everyone could see that the person who had been indifferent since he entered the school had a vicious look in his eyes. It was as if he had suddenly been touched by a poisonous snake or a fierce tiger. In an instant, he sprinted forward at a speed that no one could imagine!

Only the problem corps knew why Bai Zhun was like this. Every time he went out to carry out a mission, even if Master Bai himself was injured, he had to try his best to ensure the safety of all of them.

To him, when he was trying complete a mission, he would make sure that everyone in his team was safe and sound. Only then would he be able to execute his obligations as expected of him by those who had handed him his teammates.

But now, because of such a small competition, the other party actually made one of their eyes turn red.

Didn’t Vice Commander Zhang know the importance of the eyes to a soldier?

Obviously, people like Vice Commander Zhang would not feel guilty. At this moment, he was feeling confident that he could take the lead to climb over the wall.

However, at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared on his left!

That person was like a agile cheetah. A normal human had to use all his strength to grab onto the fake wall, but he took a step to the center. Then, he held the gun in his left hand and used his right arm as support. With a long leg, he flipped over the fake wall and landed beautifully and handsomely. His movements are astonishingly fast!

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