The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1299 - Handsome Ajiu 2

Chapter 1299: Handsome Ajiu 2

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Bai Zhun took the military cap beside him and stood up as well. He only asked the few people behind him to leave together.

The soldiers no longer felt sad about what they had heard. The shooting competition was about to begin, so what else could they be worried about? All of them wore military caps and left.

As the assembly horn sounded, every class queued up at their highest speed.

The students were all wearing camouflage uniforms. No matter if they were boys or girls, they all looked as tough as they should be.

Ajiu was also standing in the middle of the team. Her waist-length black hair was tied into a ponytail by her, and there was no gravity buckle on her wrist. Instead, she was wearing a black wrist guard, which made her indescribably handsome!

“Everyone should have heard that we have a competition today.” Bai Zhun faced the square team of his class and stood tall. “A shooting competition.”

Everyone knew this, but no one had expected it to come so quickly.

“Instructor Bai, we can’t even hold our guns properly.”

“The students from the Acting Department learned it yesterday; their instructor let them touch the guns. What should we do now?”

“There are more girls in our department this year than in their department. It’s probably going to be difficult.”

Nonetheless, Bai Zhun’s expression did not change at all when he heard the students’ worries.

At that time, Li Yanfeng and the others had already walked over. They were all from the leadership team and had specially come down to take a look.

Liu Xian’an was also there. He was wearing a suit, which was enough to tell that he had a business aura.

When he walked to the Acting Department, he paused and looked at Liu Zitong.

Liu Zitong had always been standing in the front row. She wasn’t tall, but because she was good-looking, people ignored her height.

Li Yanfeng also stopped walking and specially helped Liu Zitong adjust her military hat. He laughed and said, “Perform well, okay?”

“Yes, Uncle Li!” Liu Zitong’s face lit up instantly. It was nothing to be rejected in the cafeteria just now, for she was now gaining the attenion of all the teachers and students in the university.

“Liu Xian ‘an instructed again, “Remember, don’t embarrass your uncle Li.”

In response, Liu zitong smiled and said, “I got it, Dad. You’d better leave quickly.”

Liu Xian ‘an shook his head and turned his face to talk to Prof. Liang.

After they left, the Acting Department exploded!

“Zitong, that’s the regiment commander of the Army. You know him? Your background is too powerful!”

As Liu Zitong curled her lips, she enjoyed the envy coming from all directions. She did not speak.

This scene made the Acting Department feel even more confident!

“Now, the Archaeology Department will definitely be shocked.”

“Previously, I thought that their instructor was handsome and felt uncomfortable. Now, it seems that no matter how handsome he is, his ability is not enough. Our instructor Zhang is the one who has the most experience in actual combat among the army troops. His shooting skills are also excellent. We have asked about Bai’s background. It turns out that he is not from the Army at all. We don’t know which random troops he is from, but he suddenly interfered. He doesn’t have any ability at all!”! “…”

Because the two departments were strong teams, they were now standing next to each other.

As they spoke, the people from the Archaeology Department could also hear them.

Each of them was extremely angry. After all, this was how it was during military training. No one was willing to hear others say that their instructors were bad.

However, when they turned around, they saw that Bai Zhun didn’t have any emotional fluctuations at all, which was quite baffling.

At this moment, a whistle was blown from above, signaling to them to queue up.

Ajiu’s roommates coughed a few times and quickly asked, “Instructor Bai, the competition is about to start. Don’t you have anything to tell us?”

Bai Zhun curled his thin lips and picked up the gun by his feet with one hand. “Just do your best. I will win for the team.”

Just a few words.

His tall and straight back was like an ancient god of war.

Especially the moment he picked up the gun.

Everyone was shocked by his last few words about winning.

He was indeed handsome.

No instructor would treat his students like that.

It felt like they were being protected.

In fact, in Bai Zhun’s and the soldiers’ hearts, their students were supposed to be protected.

Guarding the border, risking their lives. The did these to enable the people in the country to lead a simpler and happier life.

It was precisely because of this that they could not bear to see some people using their family background to oppress others on campus or someone using military training as an excuse to seek their own future.

They could not care about what they could not see.

Since they had seen it, they would fight to their heart’s content!

The military officers had gathered. There were a total of six classes in the Archaeology Department, and all of them were people from Bai Zhun’s side.

There were also several other departments, and nearly seventeen classes were led by soldiers from the army.

Since time was limited, each class would send out five students for the competition. The students would compete before the instructors. They would shoot according to the ranking of the points. The judges would choose the most outstanding department and the best shooting class. The class with the highest points will get an extra ten marks in the end.

From this, it could be seen how important the shooting competition was.

Moreover, at this point, it was no longer just a score, but a competition of face.

The student competition also had rules to show that it was fair. There were two girls and three boys in each class.

Ajiu was naturally in the competition team. After all, the Archaeology Department students still had confidence in her strength.

It was not easy for a girl to pick up a gun, so they did not expect her to really hit the target. As long as she did not lose too badly, it would be fine.

On the other side, Liu Zitong was one of the representatives. She had just stood up, and someone on the other side said, “Zitong just said that Captain Li usually teaches her how to hold a gun. The winner of this competition is quite obvious. I advise some people not to overestimate their abilities. Do they think that shooting is wrestling? Do they think they can win just by relying on brute force? How is that any different from a farmer?”

When the Archaeology Department heard this, they went ballistic. The opponents were clearly referring to Ajiu!

That mocking tone was extremely unpleasant.

Ajiu also raised her eyes and looked over there indifferently.

They did not know if it was their misconception, but they felt that those originally round eyes actually emitted a sense of coldness that could not be ignored.

They must have seen it wrong?

The girls from the Acting Department were stunned.

Before they could figure it out, the whistle sounded again.

“Students participating in the shooting competition, please step out now!”

In an instant, rows of people stepped out.

The officer then gave another order, “Turn left, step forward!”

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