The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1298 - The Handsome Ajiu

Chapter 1298: The Handsome Ajiu

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“Mm, it’s no longer shy.”

He said those words very calmly without any shame at all!


Little Ala was speechless.

It wondered why Bai Zhun made this decision.

He should not have bulled his dog like this.

After reading the reply, Ajiu held the dog’s face and rubbed it hard!

Little Ala was no longer in the mood to say anything. It stretched out its claws a like a bear.


Ajiu squatted beside it and realized that it seemed to be hungry. Very quickly, she prepared a plate of dog food for it. Then, she filled the basin next to it with water. In the end, it was satisfied with its food and began to rub against the ground.

To be honest, other than being a little stronger, the Hercules was very domesticated.

Compared to the women who only cared about its master, Ajiu was much better.


“Little Ala, if you’re thirsty, drink the water over there. Also, you can’t pick up dog food. When Little Brother and I come back in the afternoon, we’ll bring you ham sausage,” Ajiu instructed Little Ala as she went to change her shoes.

Little Ala’s ears perked up when it heard the phrase ‘ham sausage’.

Although its master was a good master, he did not care much about food. They had already made their stomachs rough stomachs in the army. It was fine as long as they had something to eat. Only when Little Ala barked at the ham sausage would his master be merciful enough to buy one or two for him.


There was canned food in the army, but Little Ala personally preferred ham sausage!

Ajiu knew it wanted to eat when she saw it, so she smiled and rubbed her dog face. “Just wait. We’ll be back after training.”

Little Ala was in pain and happiness at the same time. It was better to have a female master at home. It didn’t have to follow her master to eat dry food anymore.

Bai Zhun really didn’t care about food. He used to be such an expensive young master in the military. After he went to the army, he ate a big pot of rice and didn’t say anything.

At that time, Captain Zhao was still surprised for a long time. In the end, he silently watched Bai Zhun swallow the whole place of dry rice. He knew that this kid would have a bright future.

Bai Zhun was flexible and did not make any special moves. He was not just like a member of the Bai Family, but also a member of the Tang Family.

After all, if he proposed to heat up the rice with his identity, this request was not excessive.

With regard to Bai Zhun’s joining the army, Old Master Bai was half happy and half sad.

He already lost a son. How could he bear to let his only grandson go to the border again?

As long as Bai Zhun said no, Old Master Bai could immediately use his connections to get people to come back.

But from the beginning to the end, Bai Zhun’s forbearance and responsibility had already exceeded the imagination of too many people.

One phone call a year. In the content of the phone call, apart from hearing Bai Zhun tell him to pay more attention to his health, he would also also ask for Ajiu’s news.

In the first year, Bai Zhun was seriously injured, and the border was very cold. Old Master Bai also asked, “Why don’t you come back first?”

The other side of the phone was silent for a while before a voice came over, “Grandpa, they need me here.”

The two words ‘grandpa’ made Old Master Bai’s eyes turn red. At that time, Bai Zhun was only eighteen years old.

Eighteen years old. At such an age, he was originally the most youthful and bright, carefree.

However, Bai Zhun was burdened with too many responsibilities.

“Moreover, I can’t run away at the last minute. Only when I become strong enough can I protect the people I want to protect. Grandfather is old, while Ajiu is still young.”

In just a few sentences, Old Master Bai knew that he could not change his grandson’s mind.

As a soldier, Bai Zhun was very professional.

It was because he was too qualified that old master Bai felt sorry for him.

However, he could not tell others where Bai Zhun had ggone.

That was because the mission was too confidential.

They could not tell who they protected, where they went, and what happened to the injuries

Bai Zhun had too many secrets. He had thought about quitting it countless times. Fortunately, he had met Ajiu.

There were some soldiers who were seriously injured and could not continue. When they retreated, they could only seek comfort from a girl.

It was because there were so many things that could not be said.

Even their families were not allowed to know those things.

Bai Zhun had seen his comrades who went on blind dates in their hometown. Sometimes, the ladies did not even know that the blood flowing in the men’s bodies had once saved this country. They would only ask if they had a house in the school district.

Of course, this was only a part of it. Bai Zhun was not cynical. He was only grateful that he had met such a person since he was young. ‘

No matter what he become, no matter how long he had disappeared, she would not change. She would only wait for him at the same place.

Thinking of this, Bai Zhun lowered his head to look at the WeChat photo sent to him on his phone. The corners of his mouth could not help but curve upwards.

Vice Commander Zhang’s eyes caught his smile. He snorted disdainfully, “Just you wait. You won’t be able to smile in the afternoon!”

His voice was lowered, but his provocation was real.

When the soldiers heard this, they all wanted to throw down their bowls and chopsticks and stand up, giving him a good show on the spot!

Nevertheless, Bai Zhun blocked them with his arms, his expression very calm.

The soldiers thus looked at each other. Even though their chests were heaving up and down, they still listened to orders and immediately sat back down in their original positions.

Damn it, Vice Commander Zhang was simply asking for a beating!

If Master Bai was not around, they would have beat him up first and then decide what to do regardless of the rules. After all, if they got into trouble, Bai Zhun’s father would be there to help them!

The reason why Captain Zhao couldn’t leave Bai Zhun was also because of the weird temperament of these soldiers.

They were good soldiers, who were fearless and obeyed orders. Sometimes, they were like Tibetan Mastiffs. Other than Bai Zhun, no one could tame them.


Li Yanfeng and Prof. Liang also noticed the commotion, so they put down their cups and looked over.

“What’s going on?” asked Li Yanfeng.

Vice Commander Zhang subsequently stood up and said, “Reporting, the people from the Instructor Bai’s team can’t wait any longer. They want to have a good shooting match with our army.”

Hearing this, Li Yanfeng laughed. He pointed at them and said to Prof. Liang, “When I was young, I was just like them. If there was a competition in this unit, it would definitely be full of vigor. No one would give in to anyone.”

Prof. Liang also laughed. “The unit needs people with vigor. By the way, it’s almost time, so tell them to go down and get ready. Change your clothes and bring your guns. Order all the classes to gather now.”

Li Yanfeng also raised his hand to look at the time on his watch. The lunch break had indeed passed. Looking at the soldiers, he said, “Go. Don’t embarrass us as the soldiers!”

“Yes!” Vice Commander Zhang raised his hand and gave the soldiers a proud look.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the group of people actually laughed at this time. They only sat on their seats and laughed casually as if they didn’t care about him at all.


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