The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1273 - The New Recruit (4)

Chapter 1273: The New Recruit (4)

Lin Te regretted it so much that he was about to blow a gasket. He would be sent back by Liren before he joined the army. This would become the biggest joke on him. The original army would not be happy to see him go back. After the other troops heard about this, they would not accept him.

However, it was already too late.

Bai Zhun would not give people like Lin Te the slightest chance to stay.

Liren was an elite who guarded the borders of the motherland. If the people guarding this line of defense were not resolute enough…

What about the people living inside?

Uncle Tang had once said that the reason he picked up the gun was because he did not want the girl he wanted to protect to see any flames of war on our land one day.

It was the same for him. The stronger he was, the more he could protect.

He didn’t allow anyone else to be like this on the national defense line.

That was because his Ajiu lived there.

She was 17.8 million kilometers away from him.

That was why he didn’t allow any catastrophe in this country.

The military hummer sped past the no man’s land. The wind gradually became stronger. East of Nepal, clouds floated past.

The driver was very curious about Bai Zhun and casually asked, “The head of your unit is actually willing to let you come.”

It had always been difficult for the tri-state special forces to recruit people, so how could it be so easy for this guy?

Such a handsome group treasure, and his computer skills would definitely be great. It was said that his education was also good. Shouldn’t this kind of treasure be placed in his own unit?

Bai Zhun listened to his words and thought for a while. The corners of his mouth curled up. “I guess he is celebrating now.”

“Huh?” That person did not understand. He only felt that the expression of the youth now had a kind of unspeakable black belly feeling.

Bai Zhun continued, his voice slow: “To celebrate my departure.”

But… he’d regret it soon enough..

There was a crackling!

A special unit of the military region was, as Bai Zhun said, setting off firecrackers!

Chief Zhao even asked the adjutant beside him, “Are you sure the boy was not sent back by Liren?”

“Chief, this… You forgot about this. The other party took the initiative to invite him, so they probably won’t send him back for us.”

“That’s because they still don’t understand that kid’s character!” Chief Zhao walked around and said.” At any rate, we won’t take that kind of person back. It’s enough to be tricked once. I won’t be tricked a second time. Let’s celebrate more.”


“Yes! That infuriating brat is finally gone. Do you know how happy I am now? I must celebrate!”

Upon listening to that, the adjutant was speechless.

This was the first time he had heard that chief had no power or capability to deal with his subordinates.

Speaking of which, Master Bai was great.

However, thinking about it carefully, if Master Bai were to leave, what would happen to the bunch of rascals here at this unit?

At the thought of this, the adjutant immediately reported to the old chief, “Well, Chief. There’s a concern that I need to let you know.”

“Why are you stammering? Quick, what is it?” Chief Zhao yelled, his voice infused with arrogance.

As the chief spoke, the adjutant a closed his eye. “Chief, once Bai Zhun leaves, who will protect our troop”.

“The people here were too powerful that they were hard to control. Only Master Bai could manage them well. Other leaders had faced great difficulties in managing those people before. Should we ask Liren to send him back?”

When Chief Zhao heard this, he was so angry that his cheeks bulged. “Do you mean that I can’t control my men well?”

“No, I mean, they are difficult to manage,” said the adjutant while wiping offhis sweat.

Chief Zhao was very proud. “I won’t believe it. Without Bai Zhun, how could this old man’s army not work? Wait a minute, go out and take a look. Why isn’t there any sound outside?”

Before the adjutant could make a move, someone came from outside. “Reporting to the Chief!”

“Speak!” Zhao Shouzhang took a sip of tea in satisfaction.

The soldier hurriedly said, “They know that master Bai has left. Now, they are planning to feed all of your favorite canned food to Bo Bo.”

Bo Bo was an Alaskan sled dog that Bai Zhun had brought with him ever since he joined the army. Now, because Bai Zhun wanted to go to Liren, he could only temporarily keep it in his original unit. It was said that a loyal dog followed its master, therefore, this military dog was not to be trifled with.

Chief Zhao was so angry that his head hurt. “Why are you telling me about this? Let their captain take care of them!”

“But, but you also said that those people’s origins are not simple. What if something were to happen? Furthermore, they did not go against the military orders and passed all the criteria. They just bought all the canned food that you like.” The small soldier did not dare to speak loudly. He only hummed like a mosquito, afraid that he would anger their chief.

However, no matter how soft his voice was, Chief Zhao heard it. These little bastards were simply too wicked!

“Adjutant! Dial the phone!”

“Dial where?”

“Call Liren. Tell them to quickly send Bai Zhun back!”

The adjutant coughed lightly. “You were just lighting firecrackers to celebrate his departure.”

“I regret it now, Alright!” Chief Zhao truly felt that he couldn’t be a chief anymore. That Bai Zhun had definitely expected this to happen.

Chief Zhao thought about his last meeting with Bai Zhun, and he gritted his teeth. “No wonder that Brat looked at me with such a meaningful smile when I gloated over his misfortune and handed him the dispatch order. He even told me not to regret recommending him. I was still thinking how happy I would be if he left. Why would I regret it? Quickly ask him back!”

However, to their surprise, the news from the other side was that the Liren refused to let Bai Zhun go back.

In fact, Bai Zhun himself also did not plan to go back within a short period of time.

Just like that, time passed by in a hurry. In the blink of an eye, the new grass had grown, and the birds had flown back.

Three years passed by. It was now early autumn in September.

This was the month when all the universities began their new academic years, which meant they would welcome their new students.

Be it the airport or the train station, especially the latter, one could see the signs of the various universities welcoming the new students as soon as they exited.

The campus was bustling with activity. Every senior was looking forward to having beautiful juniors, whom them hoped to be their girlfriends.

Therefore, most of the male students still liked to do the job of welcoming the new students.

The gate of the long-standing a university was filled with people just like all the other universities.

Some people were sent to school by their parents, while others took trains from south to north. They had endured for more than ten hours just for the sake of this dream school.

Most of the girls who were dragging their luggage were already drenched in sweat when they reached the school gate. They heaved a sigh of relief when they saw their senior brothers and sisters coming over to pick them up.

However, there was one person who was different among the crowd. Not only was she carrying her own suitcase, but she also picked up the suitcase of the person next to her…

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