The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1272 - The New Recruit (3)

Chapter 1272: The New Recruit (3)

The cannoneer was really angered by Lin Te’s words.

Liren was a Chinese special forces unit.

Their every action would not be recorded.

That was to say, even if some of them bled or even died, no one would know.

When they were protecting their country, all they needed was a little bit of trust.

They picked up their guns and opened their eyes. The first thing they thought about was this territory.

Those special forces soldiers that they saw on TV were not them.

This was the combat style of the Chinese special forces was that they would not show themselves in front of the media; they were quite mysterious.

When everyone came here, they had to forget their true selves and only remember one sentence at all times: Protect their country from invasion.

They could not reveal their identities for missions that required them to go overseas. Once the information was leaked, the problem they would face was not as simple as merely failing the mission.

Therefore, even if they were captured, they could not leave any traces that belonged to the army.

They had to sacrifice themselves to keep the secret.

This might sound incredible.

However, everyone in Liren did the same thing.

However, every question asked by the arrogant Lin Te touched the bottom line of the cannoneer’s heart.

Therefore, he reached out and pulled Lin Te’s clothes over. His face was close to Lin Te’s. “Either endure it or get lost.”

“You!” Lin Te sneered, then, he pushed the cannoneer’s arm away. “Fine, I won’t stay with Liren that admits new recruits based on their familial background and power. What’s the difference between this and the other troops? The officer who accepted the new recruits is so biased. You want to talk about patriotism? I think that’s just mere empty talk!”

The cannoneer’s eyes darkened as he stared at Lin Te.

Lin Te’s expression suggested that the cannoneer had accepted the youth’s benefits. Even if he returned to his original unit, that was his intention. He felt that he was not chased away by his superior. That made him look at least strong and perseverant.

The cannoneer was so angry that he clenched his left hand, but he didn’t move.

There was then a loud bang!

A bullet flew past the left side of Lin Te’s face!

The shooting method was extremely accurate. If there was even the slightest deviation…

Lin Te would definitely be injured.

But it was obvious that the other party was just warning him.

Lin Te’s gaze immediately changed, and he was completely stunned!

The youth took his gun and walked over, his voice very indifferent. “First, who told you that I came in because of my family’s power? Second of all, haven’t you been speculating that there’s someone in my house? I can answer that right now. I do have a powerful family, but I don’t need a powerful family to beat someone like you. ”

“You! “Lin Te was almost choked by the arrogance of the youth. He wanted to curse and mocke the youth.

At this moment, an off-road hummer drove over fiercely from afar, interrupting the words that were about to come out of his mouth!

There was only one word written on the car, “Tang”!

Not to mention the cannoneers who came to welcome the new recruits, even Lin Te knew what this ‘Tang’ meant.

The Tang sect was established with the purpose of solving special incidents outside the country. Unless one was a rare talent of the country, even if one’s parents were first-class military officers of the country, it would be difficult for one to enter this group.

However, what caught people’s attention was that Liren had not conducted an internal selection yet. How did they end up here?

The cannoneer was still puzzled when he saw a person walk out of the car. His face was calm, and he was not handsome, but his morale was absolutely intimidating. “Bai Zhun, a recruit for the land force, the sea force, and the air force. Step forward now!”


Who was so great?

When had the local government been able to train such an all-rounded talent?

Just as everyone was still in shock…

The youth with the gun took a heavy step forward with his military shoes. He was dressed in a military uniform that was well-ironed. “Here.”

That’s right. This youth was none other than Bai Zhun, who had joined the army.

Compared to the time when he first joined the army, his complexion was a little darker now. However, all of this only made him more angular. Under the reflection of the military uniform, his pair of deep eyes seemed to be able to hold all the mountains and rivers in the world. Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

“We’ve been waiting for you for a long time! I heard from Young Master Tang that your computer skills are very good, right? Do you know how to hack the website?” The person looked at Bai Zhun as if he had been saved. “We have all the equipment you need here!”

Bai Zhun’s voice still did not change much. “Yes, I’ve learned it.”

“Don’t be humble. Before you came, the commander of your original army gave me a phone call. At such a young age, in a jungle battle, you single-handedly turned defeat into victory and directly destroyed the other party’s regiment commander. Such a grand feat is rarely seen in the army. I heard that the other party’s commander in charge of the battle was so angry at you that he couldn’t take it anymore,” The person also patted Bai Zhun’s shoulder in a very forthright manner. “What we need is a comrade like you, who is brave enough to execute your mission.”

Bai Zhun’s expression was indifferent. “I am flattered. It’s just that Chief Zhao’s temper is a bit hot-tempered.”

No wonder the other party’s chief was so angry. This soldier was not afraid of anyone.

That person seemed to have obtained a treasure as he laughed out loud again. “Quickly get in the hummer. I’ll give you a mission now.”

“Okay.” Bai Zhun propped himself up with one hand and jumped into the hummer. His actions were very swift.

After getting onto the hummer, he told the cannoneer, “Some of you are not suitable to stay here. Don’t talk so much to him. Just let him leave. Liren don’t care about people who hold grudges.”

This last sentence was like a slap to Lin Te’s face.

“Yes, sir.”The cannoneer stood up respectfully and saluted the man.

Lin Te was still watching this scene. His eyes were wide open and filled with disbelief.

Bai Zhun did not even look at him. He just sat on the front passenger seat of the Hummer with a cool posture. His young side profile was like a blade.

Then, the Hummer flew away, leaving only a thin layer of dust for everyone.

For a moment, the other five people, including the veterans who came to welcome the new recruits, had a different feeling in their hearts. Because they all knew that those who could get on that car meant that the other party had become the top soldier in the country.

“Lin Te.” The cannoneer opened his mouth again, his voice was neither flat nor indifferent. “Now you see, he didn’t rely on his family’s power, but relied on his strength to enter Liren. I believe that you should also know that there are at most three people in the country who can be recruited as the tri-state Special Forces. He is one of them. Think about his strength before you speak. He doesn’t want to fight. If he wants to fight, you can’t even beat one out of ten people, and you always think that you’re so powerful. Alright, the Commander has just spoken. You just wait here. In three minutes, a car will come to fetch you back to your original unit.” As he spoke, he walked over, “Remember, don’t talk so much in the future.”

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