The 99th Divorce

Chapter 872 - We’ll Live Together.

Chapter 872: We’ll Live Together.

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[The Second Li’s wife is pregnant, and they are twins. He always shows off, and we must have twins in the future because we cannot lose at the starting line! ]

Ou Ming’s words seemed to be heard. There were still a lot of hopes and longing, and Yu Lili still remembered those words clearly even now. Every time she thought of it, she felt that she was completely guilty.

Now… Ou Ming found out what was going on himself, which made her feel even more ashamed. She moved her hands from his chest to hug his neck. She choked back a sob and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…”

Hearing what she said, his heart hurt and he hugged her tightly and whispered, “Promise me, no matter what will happen, you must tell me, okay? Just tell me, and we will solve it together. Never hide anything from me, okay?” Only in this way, I can make no mistakes. Only in this way, I am able to stay with her forever. He wanted to be with her. He wanted it so, so much.

Yu Lili stopped crying, and after having crying hiccups, she wiped her tears with her sleeves. Gently pushing him away, her eyes were already swelling up from crying and became red as she looked up at him.

Ou Ming’s eyes were also reddish, and looking at her, he stroked her cheeks tenderly, wiped her tears and whispered, “Promise me, okay?”

( NovelFull )  Yu Lili was almost cried out, and while wiping her tears she nodded without saying a word.

Ou Ming smiled with a tender look and said in a low voice, “Let’s go, don’t live here, I will take you to the apartment at Yanjing Gardens.”

“Why?” Yu Lili looked up at him and asked.

Ou Ming glanced at her and said, “It will be more comfortable there.”

Yu Lili looked at him and nodded with no more questions. After arriving at the place, Yu Lili found that it was one of the buildings newly opened by the Li Group in recent years, and its location was good and the price was expensive. On the 28th floor, it was a full-floor luxury apartment.

She saw him entering the password and walking inside. When he opened the door, she clearly found that it was an unusual place. It could be told that there was someone living here because the living room was cleaned up, and there was a faint aroma in the air.

Ou Ming dragged her suitcase to the bedroom, and when Yu Lili walked in, she found that the ironed suits and shirts were all neatly folded, and everything was very neat and orderly. Everywhere had an unparalleled taste and comfort. Undoubtedly, Ou Ming was living here.

“I… I’m living here?” Yu Lili stood at the door of the bedroom. She looked at Ou Ming hesitantly and asked, “Isn’t this your room?”

“Yes, we’ll live together.” He helped her open the box and take out things one by one. “We will live together later.”

That brought tears to her eyes and she looked at him. In the past, they had always lived in the villa of Xishan. Now that the villa of Xishan had been changed so greatly, he took her here…

Living together… So, what is the relationship between us in the future? Am I his lover or mistress?

Yu Lili lowered her head and tried to ask him, but she was afraid of being self-sentimental. Going forward, she hung up the rest of the clothes with Ou Ming, and her movements were much faster than his. Obviously, Ou Ming had not done anything similar for a long time.

Chapter 890 – Frigid

Yu Lili finished unpacking her things quickly and put the suitcase in the corner. By the time she finished, she was sore and tired. Ou Ming hugged her around the waist. He couldn’t keep the pity out of his voice when he said, “You are too thin.”

In the past, she had been slim and weighed only 90 grams. Now she weighed no more than 80 grams, so yes, she knew she was too thin.

Yu Lili looked at Ou Ming sideways and saw the pity on his face. She was surprised and did not like that he pitied her. She moved closer to him, stretched up onto her tiptoes, and kissed him gently on his lips.

Ou Ming looked at her, his eyes dark with desire. Yu Lili put a hand on his neck and, still on the tips of her toes, kissed him on the cheek. She closed her eyes and kissed him on the lips. Slowly, she slipped her small tongue into his mouth and kissed him deeply.

Ou Ming lowered his head and pulled her body tight against his. He held onto her slender waist as he picked her up and carried her across the room. He set her down gently on the bed and climbed on top of her. Ou Ming’s movements were slow and deliberate, as though he was handling a great treasure. He kissed her lips, her neck, then moved lower, making his way all the way down her body.

Although she felt a little strange, Yu Lili held onto Ou Ming’s neck and tried to respond to him in her usual way, softly and gently…

Ou Ming could feel his desire growing stronger by the minute. He was trying to be gentle, but his movements became rougher and more urgent. He took off her coat and let his hands wander underneath her thick top. His big, strong hands were soft at first, but they soon became violent as they rubbed against her skin.

Yu Lili squinted her eyes in pain, but she didn’t cry out. When faced with his enthusiasm, she knew it was best to keep still and quiet.

His movements became even ruder than before. He took off Yu Lili’s clothes one by one and savored the feel of her body. She knew by his rough actions that he was very eager now. When Ou Ming removed the last piece of her clothing, a cold shiver ran down her spine. She reached out for the quilt, but Ou Ming pulled her back quickly and held her tightly in his arms.

There was a tense atmosphere in the room, but Yu Lili didn’t feel emotion or desire.

I don’t feel anything.

Ou Ming noticed her calmness and was determined to set her on fire. He pushed her down and kissed her body inch by inch.

After being together for so many years, Ou Ming knew Yu Lili’s body like the back of his hand. He kissed her all over, relishing the feel of her underneath him. He undid his belt and was about to enter her when Yu Lili stopped him.

Yu Lili felt disgusted and couldn’t help but dislike what Ou Ming was doing. She had no feeling of desire, no sense of fire, nothing at all. She crossed her legs, pushed him away with some difficulty, and pulled the quilt over herself.

Ou Ming was angry that she had stopped him at such a crucial moment, but when he saw discomfort in her eyes, he softened. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

Yu Lili pulled the quilt up higher and shook her head. She looked at Ou Ming pleadingly and said, “Ou Ming, I don’t want to.”

Ou Ming could not keep the anger from his face. He reached out to pull Yu Lili closer and said, “Why don’t you want to? Are you still thinking about that other man?”

“No…” She looked at him sadly and said, “I just don’t want to.”

“We were in the middle of making love, and you just told me to stop for no reason?” Ou Ming grabbed Yu Lili’s wrist and held his dick with the other. He squinted down at her and whispered, “Try it.”

His voice was deceptively sweet. As he spoke, he reached between Yu Lili’s legs and caressed her sensitive area.

Still, Yu Lili felt nothing. She did not feel desire, nor did she have any reaction to his.

Ou Ming was frustrated at Yu Lili’s lack of response. He kissed her again, starting at her lips, then neck, down to her chest and abdomen. When Yu Lili still didn’t respond, he became angry and uncomfortable. Since she had come back, Yu Lili acted like a dead fish in bed.

She was not like that before…

Ou Ming could think of only one word to describe her now: Frigid.

Chapter 891 – A heartless woman!

Yu Lili was a little sleepy, which was similar to the night before.

When Ou Ming was trying to set her on fire, he found that Yu Lili was already asleep.

That was undoubtedly the most stressful thing for a man.

His movement was gentle, and then he looked at her, trying to find out a little movement or feeling from her face.

It won’t because this woman wants to punish me, so, she lies to me?

Yu Lili shrank, touched his gaze, and hugged his neck.

Ou Ming wanted to do that but was afraid of hurting her, so his movement was kind and did not dare to be powerful.

She pushed him away and said, “I really don’t want to, it hurts…”

However, Ou Ming entered in immediately, and Yu Lili exclaimed and hugged his neck.

Her tears came out, and she shouted, “It’s so painful!”

Ou Ming had basically been able to confirm that she had no man in the past four years.

Yu Lili hugged his neck and tried to relax herself, but immediately shouted like a pig, and she roared, “Don’t move, it hurts!”

Yu Lili lifted her legs to kick him, then she turned to touch her belly.

Little Ou Ming was still in a state of excitement, but seeing her reaction, even if he wanted to do that, he couldn’t bear it.

Going forward, he patted her gently, and whispered with a sad voice, “Is it really painful?”

Yu Lili bowed her body, nodded, raised her eyes and answered, “It hurts.”

Ou Ming felt a little annoyed, took her hand away and said, “Where is the pain, let me check.”

“It is you, and I said that I didn’t want to, but you were still so powerful…” Yu Lili said and looked like being almost cry.

Ou Ming felt pity , picked her up and said, “Let me see.”

“No, you have to solve your own problems first.” Yu Lili twisted her body, pushed him away and said. “It shouldn’t hurt after a while.”

Just because she was topped by Ou Ming, so…

Ou Ming felt a little bit annoyed, patted his head and turned into the bathroom.

When he came out, Yu Lili had already put on a dress for herself and fell asleep.


This woman is really broad-minded!

A heartless woman!

He felt extremely annoyed, open his own computer, open a Baidu page and typed: Why is a woman frigid?

Unpleasant sexual experience, sexual behavior, sexual injury…

Ou Ming subconsciously thought of what happened in the bar of Capital where he made something that made her feel shameful.

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