The 99th Divorce

Chapter 871 - I’m Worse Than Pigs Or Dogs!

Chapter 871: I’m Worse Than Pigs Or Dogs!

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“I will definitely work hard to make money and pay back all the debt, but those medical expenses…”

“What if I don’t give let you?” Ou Ming suddenly said, straightening up and looking at her face. His expression was serious, and he looked at her with his beautiful peach-colored eyes.

“Yu Lili, tell me the truth, the babies… Why did you do that?” Ou Ming gazed deeply at her, making her feel sad.

She looked at the ground and said, “Stop asking because you won’t believe it… Or you will think that I’m trying to lie to you and make an excuse.” It has always been like that. In the four years since we met, he has had deep doubts about every sentence I said. He has already completely lost trust in me. What is the use of asking that now? He won’t believe it at all…

However, when Ou Ming heard what she said, he felt like his heart was being smashed to pieces. “The doctor said that the babies might be malformed, so you just did the abortion, right?” Ou Ming pinched her shoulders, stared at her as if he wanted to see through her, and said, “Tell me honestly.”

( NovelFull )  Hearing what he said, Yu Lili looked at him in shock. Ou Ming saw her expression and knew the answer at once. It is true… Yeah, for such reasons, how can I believe it! Did… she write about it in that diary? She has always been concerned about that diary because she wrote about that in it, right? If Yu Lili told me herself or I saw the contents of the diary, I might not be completely convinced. However, Xu Cheng is my staff, so the results he found would certainly not have been falsified. It turns out that… She has hidden such a big secret…

Tears suddenly rolled down her calm face. Seeing Ou Ming’s face, the small umbrella that had been supported in her heart for four years immediately collapsed after noticing his pitiful and earnest expression. Yu Lili’s breath became rapid, and then she cried.

Ou Ming’s heart felt like it was pricked by a steel needle and sharply punctured, dripping with blood. Taking her into his arms, Ou Ming choked back sobs, his eyes full of tears. He hugged her and whispered, “Why didn’t you tell me? Why have you always hidden it from me? Yu, you are too selfish.” He began sobbing and rubbed her short hair, and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about your pregnancy, about the malformation of the babies and the reason for the abortion? Why didn’t you tell me anything? You just waited for me to find out and ask you…”

What a big secret. After all the things that happened one after another, how did she get through that alone? Besides… I have gone too far. I’m worse than pigs or dogs!

“Sorry, sorry, sorry…” Yu Lili leaned on his shoulder, cried with the fragile helplessness that was difficult to see at ordinary times, and her hands rested on his chest. “I didn’t know there were two children, I didn’t know they were twins…”

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