The 99th Divorce

Chapter 48: Lift Your Dress

Chapter 48: Lift Your Dress

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Seeing that his wife had become obedient, Li Sicheng had a subtle smile on his face. He looked down and saw Su Qianci's lips slightly parted as if she was frightened by him.


Li Sicheng held down the desire that was initiated by Su Qianci and whispered satisfactorily, "That's right. Be a good girl." His voice sounded mesmerizing. Su Qianci felt a feather was tickling her ears, giving her goosebumps.

This man is such a tease!

Li Sicheng stood up, gazing at the woman forced into the corner of the sofa by him. He looked down and slowly took out the ointment for burns, "Lift it."

Su Qianci suddenly felt dizzy, blushed, and then quickly got up. She reached for the ointment in his hand and cried, "I can do it myself."

Li Sicheng was more than 6 feet tall, while Su Qianci was only 5'4", so there was no way she could win. Li Sicheng dodged back and Su Qianci failed to even touch his hand, throwing herself between his arm. "So warm," was the first thought that Su Qianci had. And then she felt the pain. Rubbing her nose that had knocked on his chest, Su Qianci was almost in tears.

What she did not see was that Li Sicheng slightly curled his lips upward. The smile was so slight that it disappeared instantaneously. He looked down with his eyes dark, "Offering yourself, huh?"

Su Qianci suddenly backed off. For God's sake, she did not mean to do that.

Looking at her stomach again, Li Sicheng repeated, "Lift it!"


"I will put the ointment on you."


Su Qianci's face was burning red like the bottom of a monkey. As she was thinking about what she should say to refuse him, his hand was in front of her eyes.

Lifting her slip dress, Li Sicheng would take no argument. Su Qianci cried and held her dress down, but her hands were removed by him forcefully.

"Let go. Let me put the ointment on you."

"I can do it myself…"

"You cooked for me, and I will do this for you. I am fair."

"There is no need. Just go and eat."

"Let go." Li Sicheng sounded a bit displeased. "Do not test my patience."

Su Qianci paused and eventually let go. Alright. It was just the ointment. He had seen whatever there was, so it was probably fine. This man was so stubborn, and it was just impossible to change his mind. Su Qianci knew his character well, pursed her lips, and slightly lifted her dress up.

Wetting a Q-tip with water, Li Sicheng slowly cleaned her skin. His movements were quite gentle, so Su Qianci did not feel any pain. However, it tickled. Su Qianci cringed and bit her lips, afraid that she was going to laugh out loud. After cleaning her skin, Li Sicheng then started to put ointment on her.

Feeling the coolness on her skin, Su Qianci narrowed her eyes and tried not to move. But it really tickled. Also, a strange feeling started to burn from down there and slowly drowned her. Li Sicheng clearly noticed the change in her body. His eyes became darker as he recalled what she tasted like the other night, and he licked his lips unconsciously.

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