The 99th Divorce

Chapter 47: Nanny Rong

Chapter 47: Nanny Rong

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Su Qianci yelped and stepped back. The soup was still poured on her. The steaming soup wetted her silk dress, leaving a large wet mark. It hurt so much that Su Qianci puffed in and out, holding the tray further from her body.

Li Sicheng did not expect her to be holding something. He was first dazed and quickly reacted to take over the tray. Li Sicheng looked at her wet dress. It was summertime, so Su Qianci was wearing a silk slip dress. The wet mark was near her lower stomach, clearly showing the color of her panties. They were baby blue. Li Sicheng glanced at it, suddenly felt a bit disturbed, and asked in a hoarse voice, "Are you okay?"

Su Qianci's eyes were red. She stared at him and said, "Try getting burned by a bowl of noodle soup yourself."

Looking at the bowl of noodle soup with half of the soup gone, Li Sicheng slightly relaxed his expression and asked, "You cooked for me?"

"Nanny Rong asked me to." Su Qianci lifted the slip dress, felt the burn on her skin and said, "She specifically called to ask me to make sure you do not starve."

Li Sicheng heard her and smiled slightly. His voice was steady and low. "You sure that's what she meant?"

Su Qianci was dazed and then blushed, "You…"

For some reason, Li Sicheng was pleased by her look. Holding the tray with one hand, he grabbed her arm with the other and said, "Let's go dress your wound."

Dress her wound? Su Qianci glanced at where it burned. It still felt terrible, but… She was wearing a dress! Not to mention a super thin silk slip dress. If he were to treat her wound, doesn't it mean that the dress had to be lifted? Thinking that, Su Qianci was suddenly reminded of the bulge she had seen the other morning and blushed even more.

Su Qianci took back her arm and said, "No, thanks. Just eat the noodles. Only some soup's missing. I will just go wash up."

"No," Li Sicheng said resolutely. "It was my fault, so I will get it right."

He sounded serious. For some reason, Su Qianci did not speak again and let him take her to the sofa in the living room. Li Sicheng placed the noodles on the table and brought a first aid kit.

Su Qianci suddenly blushed and stood up, trying to take the kit in her hand. She said, "It is okay. I can do it myself. Go eat. Do not starve."

"Sit down!" His voice was authoritative, not taking any objection from her.

Su Qianci wanted to say something, but Li Sicheng suddenly caught her hand. His hand was rough and hot. Li Sicheng's other hand was placed on her shoulder, pushing her back on the sofa and covering her body with his. Seeing the handsome face approaching her, Su Qianci held her breath.

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