The 99th Divorce

Chapter 38: I Will Replace You

Chapter 38: I Will Replace You

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At midnight, Li Sicheng was stirred from his sleep by Su Qianci's cry. It was easy for him to be aroused. As she cried, he immediately opened his eyes.

"Li Sicheng!"

His brows knitted, Li Sicheng looked at her. She had curled herself into a ball, seizing the blanket with both hands. Covered in sweat, her eyes were tightly shut and yet her breath was rapid.

"It wasn't me. It was not…"

I did not drug you. I did not set the fire. I did not murder grandpa. It wasn't me…

In Su Qianci's dream, Tang Mengying was pushing Su Qianci, holding Li Sicheng's hand, laughing contently, and yelling, "I will replace you to be his wife! Su Qianci, rot in hell!"

Li Sicheng was standing coldly next to Tang Mengying, saying, "Su Qianci and dogs are not allowed inside." Every word was like a bullet, piercing her ruthlessly. It hurt so much, so so much. She was suddenly surrounded by water.

"Help, help me…"

Su Qianci was trying to breathe, struggling with her hands like someone drowning, trying to grab something. So desperate and sad… Seeing her movements, Li Sicheng was about to wake her. When his hand approached her, Su Qianci suddenly grabbed it. All of a sudden, she looked relieved, as if she had been through life and death. Li Sicheng was dazed. Su Qianci was soaked in sweat. As she grabbed his hand, she wrapped her arms around him. Li Sicheng frowned. When he thought she was doing that deliberately, he suddenly heard her breathing evenly.

She was sound asleep again…Li Sicheng was embarrassed, trying to push her away. However, the unconscious hug from Su Qianci was extremely tight. He pushed her and she hugged him even tighter.

"It wasn't me…" She whispered.

Li Sicheng stopped moving. He could see her frightened look, like a deer in front of a hunter.

That's right. It is not you. It cannot be you.

That morning, Su Qianci felt that it was the best sleep she had had in a long time. Stretching her arms, she suddenly saw Li Sicheng coming back from the restroom. Incredibly handsome, dark circles have formed around his eyes. Seeing him, Su Qianci felt a bit awkward. Last night…

However, Li Sicheng did not even glance at her before he left. Being ignored, Su Qianci felt relieved. After cleaning up, she took her suitcase and left. Li Sicheng never took his parents words seriously. But with his grandpa, he was obedient and reverent. Since his grandfather asked him to stay in the old house the first three days after the wedding, Li Sicheng did. However, in her previous lifetime, three days later, he had moved back immediately to his own house, which was the beginning of their separation.

And today was the day that Li Sicheng had moved back in her previous lifetime. As she had expected, Li Sicheng's chauffeur Yang was waiting at the gate. After saying their goodbyes, Su Qianci went directly into the car. Her cell phone immediately rang. It was an unfamiliar number from Kingstown.


"Mrs. Li, this is the police station. Liu Anan has been in custody for fifteen hours. The Tang family are trying to bail her out. Do you have anything to add?"

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