The 99th Divorce

Chapter 37: Giving Up

Chapter 37: Giving Up

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Trembling, Su Qianci felt her heart was sinking. It was clear that the man on top of her was able to get her to burn for him. However, her heart was cold like ice. Tears fell from her eyes. Su Qianci felt she was almost unable to breathe. Closing her eyes, she was still trying to struggle.

The cell phone suddenly started to vibrate on the nightstand. Li Sicheng paused, released her, and gazed at her. At some point, tears had already covered Su Qianci's face. He could taste her salty tears, which drowned his passion. His cold eyes looked like they were hidden in fog.

She meant it… She was not willing.

The phone kept vibrating, as Li Sicheng felt irritated. He left the bed and reached for the phone. Su Qianci glanced at it and saw a name. Tang Mengying.

"What is it?" Li Sicheng's voice sounded ice cold.

Tang Mengying was startled, while feeling thrilled. Since he sounded like this at this hour, he must have fought with Su Qianci. Excited, Tang Mengying used her sweetest voice and said, "Brother Sicheng, I wanted to say good night to you."

Li Sicheng was upset. The temperature around him seemed to drop as well. "Just that?"

Tang Mengying had never heard Li Sicheng being so cold before. She gathered her courage and answered yes, and the call was immediately terminated by Li Sicheng. Holding the phone, Tang Mengying suddenly felt incredibly pleased with herself. She thought she had just accomplished something incredible.

Throwing the phone away, Li Sicheng looked back and found Su Qianci hiding herself in the blanket, huddled up away from him, looking at him like a frightened deer. He suddenly felt suffocated. She was really turning him down.

However, last night…

No matter what it was, Li Sicheng knew that he could not force it.

He just thought she was playing hard to get. But at this moment… He was not so despicable as to rape her! Gazing at her, Li Sicheng quickly walked into the shower and shut the door. Cold water soaked his body immediately…

After he came out of the cold shower, Su Qianci had already put her pajamas on and fell asleep. Huddling up in the corner, Su Qianci crossed her arms in front of her like a fetus, indicating her lack of sense of security. Her position was so different from two days ago. Seeing that she was sound asleep, Li Sicheng felt very upset. This woman! She teased him like that and then fell asleep!

Having spent many years doing business, Li Sicheng had gained a poker face. However, at this moment, he felt like he was about to blow up. Li Sicheng lay down and wrapped himself up with the blanket in her hands. Su Qianci frowned but was still asleep. This woman was sleeping as deep as a piglet!

However, at midnight, Li Sicheng found that he was wrong.

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