The 99th Divorce

Chapter 34: Su Qianci And Dogs Are Not Allowed Inside

Chapter 34: Su Qianci And Dogs Are Not Allowed Inside

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Having paid reluctantly, Tang Mengying found that Su Qianci kept winning in the next few rounds. And most importantly, Su Qianci had chosen Tang Mengying to beat specifically.

"I'm done. Qianci keeps winning when her husband's here. There is no way I can keep up," The woman said.

"That's right. I quit. I'll go gossip with Shuhua," said another woman.

As the game ended, Su Qianci found that she had won back the majority of the money that she had lost. Feeling relieved, she was happy that she did not lose too much. Turning around, she suddenly saw Li Sicheng's eyes. Su Qianci had never seen a pair of eyes like these. There were dark like the blackest ink, but they were also so bright.

It was late. He looked extremely handsome with the indoor lighting. No matter how many times she had seen him, she could hardly look away from his face. However, all of a sudden, she thought of the last words he left her in her previous lifetime: Su Qianci and dogs are not allowed inside. She suddenly looked down and said quickly, "I will give the money to mother." After she said that, she left. Seeing her running away, Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes again.

Mrs. Li never liked to make a big deal on her birthday. The day passed with just a few friends coming over to play mah-jongg and chat. After sending the guests away with Mrs. Li, Su Qianci felt she was so tired that she was about to faint.

After returning to her room, she went to take a shower immediately. Taking her clothes off, she was reminded of the previous night, seeing the marks on her neck and collarbone. She could still feel slight pain in her slit. Su Qianci rubbed her skin hard, trying to make the marks on her neck go away. However, her effort was in vain, as the marks did not show any less.

In her previous lifetime, Li Sicheng had been convinced that she had drugged him. He would rather sleep in the guest room than spend the night with her. And on the morrow, he had returned to his own place, living without her ever since. All that had been planned by Tang Mengying. However, Su Qianci had had no idea of anything. Accepting Tang Mengying's "help," Su Qianci had even tried to win Li Sicheng's heart back, without knowing that each "tip" Tang Mengying gave her pushed her farther from Li Sicheng. As the misunderstanding snowballed, Li Sicheng had disliked Su Qianci more and more. When Su Qianci had finally understood what had happened, it had been too late.

Taking a deep breath, Su Qianci dried herself but found that she did not bring any clothes to change in the shower. Feeling regretful, she briefly covered herself with the clothes she had taken off and wanted to go out. Although Li Sicheng was not around, she felt embarrassed to be naked. Just as she opened the door of the shower, she heard some noise. Su Qianci paused and became alert. Someone was around! It was impossible for Li Sicheng to appear here, so who is the intruder at the general's place?

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